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ScriptableObject Factory - Create any ScriptableObject type. ScriptableObjects are serializable Unity objects that are not attached to a GameObject (like MonoBehaviours are). Their typical use is for storing data, and they can also be saved as an asset in you project, just like any other texture or audio clip. If you’re not familiar with them- be sure to check out this video: Introduction to Scriptable Objects. The helper script in this post is available as a .unitypackage here: UnityPackage Creating a ScriptableObject Most code samples that describe how to create a new Scriptable object repeat the same boring, boilerplate code that looks something along the lines of: Unfortunately, there’s no built-in option to create one from the editor… The little recipe here actually performs the same code as above, including adding a menu item to the editor, but it only works for a single class type, so you’d have to append it with more code for every new type you’d like to instantiate.

ScriptableObjectFactory Create a ScriptableObject Enjoy Resources Like this: [Scripts] Useful 4.6 Scripts Collection. Tip of the day. May 2013 Tip #67 – Get and set build order of scenes You can get access to the build order for scenes in your editor scripts by calling EditorBuildSettings.scenes. This allows you to control what scenes are included with the build through your editor code. public class SceneDump { [MenuItem("Codefarts/Dump Scenes")] public static void Dump() { var parts = from part in EditorBuildSettings.scenes select string.Format("{0} - {1}", part.enabled, part.path); Debug.Log(string.Join("\r\n", parts.ToArray())); }} Tip #66 - QueueGameViewInputEvent Need to send simulated user input to the game window?

Tip #65 – Get asset path of UnityEngine.Object Below is a simple bit of code that will attempt to retrieve the asset path of the prefab stored on disk. /// <summary>/// Gets the source path to a prefab if any./// </summary>/// <param name="prefab">The prefab reference to get the asset path for. April 2013 Tip #64 – Detect when unity compiles scripts Tip #63 – Right click “Open with Unity” March 2013. Releases · Syphon/Unity3D.

Kinect. Leap Motion Developer | Leap Motion Examples for Unity3D < SDK Documentation. Procedural Content Generation Wiki. 2D ColliderGen | PIXELCLOUD GAMES. Buy Now on the Unity Asset Store An Extension for the Unity GameEngine NEW: Animated Colliders for Unity 4.3 Sprite Animations. Support for Unity 4.3 Sprites and PolygonCollider2D. Supports Windows Phone 8 target platform. Supports infinite holes and islands within a single image. Integrates with SmoothMoves, 2D Toolkit and Orthello (Free, Elements and Pro). Simple parameters for optimal results – specify the vertex count you want. Links to Supported 2D Frameworks Links to the websites of the great 2D packages we officially support. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q Does 2D ColliderGen work with other 2D frameworks? A Yes – just attach an AlphaMeshCollider to your object. Then by default, the main texture of the object is used. Q Does 2D ColliderGen have any impact on the game’s framerate?

A No – it does nothing but add a MeshCollider or PolygonCollider2D. Q Can I use 2D ColliderGen to update colliders during runtime? A Yes – Unity4.3 Sprite Animations are supported out of the box. Export HTML5 content from Unity editor | Unity Community. Android - Vuforia SDK v3.0.