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Real-Time Cameras - Navigation and Occlusion. Real-Time Cameras - Navigation and Occlusion By Mark Haigh-Hutchinson [Gamasutra is proud to present an excerpt from the book Real-Time Cameras by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, a veteran Retro Studios staffer who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008 and passed away in 2009.

Real-Time Cameras - Navigation and Occlusion

The book, published posthumously with help from his colleagues and friends, is available now. For more information on the book's creation, please read this blog post.] In many ways, the problems presented by camera navigation have parallels within the domain of artificial intelligence (AI). The camera may be able to move more freely than many types of AI characters, however, since it is typically floating rather than being constrained to moving on surfaces or under the influence of a physical simulation. There are many interesting areas of AI navigation research, such as robotics, that may be applied to cameras.

Dynamic navigation techniques Ray casting Technical. TouchScript. Unity3D: Heavily modified version of Jeremy Hollingsworth's DebugConsole script. Unity-3D-Debug-console-with-color./ at fe22a3c5f516acb27aa70ea73be847130085f7da · kreso22/Unity-3D-Debug-console-with-color. Pathfinding and Local Avoidance for RPG/RTS Games using Unity. If you are making an RPG or RTS game, chances are that you will need to use some kind of pathfinding and/or local avoidance solution for the behaviour of the mobs.

Pathfinding and Local Avoidance for RPG/RTS Games using Unity

They will need to get around obstacles, avoid each other, find the shortest path to their target and properly surround it. They also need to do all of this without bouncing around, getting stuck in random places and behave as any good crowd of cows would: In this blog post I want to share my experience on how to achieve a result that is by no means perfect, but still really good, even for release. We'll talk about why I chose to use Unity's built in NavMesh system over other solutions and we will create an example scene, step by step. I will also show you a couple of tricks that I learned while doing this for my game.

A few words about my experiences with some of the pathfinding libraries out there. Aron Granberg's A* Project This is the first library that I tried to use, and it was good. Scene loading. UnitySteer The Good. TweenMax. TweenMax extends the extremely lightweight, fast TweenLite engine, adding many useful features like AS3 event dispatching, updateTo(), yoyo(), repeat(), repeatDelay(), rounding, and more.


It also activates many extra plugins by default, making it extremely full-featured. Since TweenMax extends TweenLite, it can do anything TweenLite can do plus much more. The syntax is identical. Plugins Plugins allow you to expand the capabilities of TweenLite/Max by handling specific properties in unique ways. If the FrameLabelPlugin wasn't activated, TweenMax would act as though you were trying to literally tween the mc.frameLabel property (and there is no such thing). Activating a plugin requires a single line of code and you only need to do it ONCE in your application, so it's pretty easy. TweenPlugin.activate([FrameLabelPlugin, ColorTransformPlugin]); Unity: make your lists functional with ReorderableList. In Unity 4.5 we got a nice (undocumented) built-in tool to visualize lists in IDE.

Unity: make your lists functional with ReorderableList

It's called ReorderableList, it's located in UnityEditorInternal namespace and looks like this: Let's see how to code this beautiful interface in Unity IDE using ReorderableList. Note: Though UnityEditorInternal namespace is public, it seems to be intended for Unity Team internal use (hence the name), it is not documented and might change in future versions of Unity. If you notice an API change please post it in comments section below. Sources: Project sources are on GitHub. Setting up the project. Unity3d « DIZGID. Unity3d / GRAVITY DAZE Unity3dでGRAVITY DAZEのような重力変化ものをつくってみました。

unity3d « DIZGID

[DEMO] 矢印キー:キャラ移動 スペース:ジャンプ Gキー:自キャラ無重力 マウスで対象オブジェクトクリックで、その方向へ重力発生。 Continue reading… Polygonal Map Generation for Games. I wanted to generate interesting game maps that weren’t constrained to be realistic, and I wanted to try some techniques I hadn’t tried before.

Polygonal Map Generation for Games

I usually make tile maps but instead used a different structure. What could I do with 1,000 polygons instead of 1,000,000 tiles? Red Blob Games. Connect to the sql database. Well, the question is still pretty unclear - but here's how to connect to an MS SQL Database: In the editor and standalones, this approach should be working fine ...

connect to the sql database

I'm not sure if it also works with Web players - but even if it should work, I'd definitely not recommend letting Web players connect to your database (unless you got everything in a local network). I also wouldn't let any clients connect directly to a database unless you have a secure environment. You need System.Data.dll from the folder (I think under Frameworks). Do not use System.Data.dll from any Mono installation (I had very ugly crashes with that, and it took me almost forever to find what the problem was because the crashes occured when closing my game server / closing Unity after I had started the game server inside Unity - so there was no hint that it was the database connection which was causing the crashes).

Unity networking tutorial. Procedural Audio Generator for Unity3D. Embedding HTML5 Games into Unity - Unity3D Mobile Tutorials. On 12.20.13, In iOS, Medium, UIKit, by vitapoly Did you know that Unity supports HTML5?

Embedding HTML5 Games into Unity - Unity3D Mobile Tutorials

Well, not out of the box, but with U3DXT’s iOS SDK plugin, you will have access to UIWebView from within Unity. Since UIWebView is HTML5 compliant, we can do a bunch of fancy things with it, such as embedding the popular Bomberman MMO, Bombermine! Granted, you can already [...] Did you know that Unity supports HTML5? Video [youtube= HTML5GameController.cs. Export HTML5 content from Unity editor. IOS UNITY MOVIE MOV/MP4 TEXTURE WITH SOUND. Universal Video Texture. Prime[31] - the best Unity native code plugins.