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ソニーがCESで披露したコンセプトタブレット. Tablet Shoppers In Mobile Commerce. Tablets draw even with smartphones in retail spending This year will mark a major milestone for tablets and their influence on Internet retailers.

Tablet Shoppers In Mobile Commerce

We believe tablets will draw even with smartphones, and account for 50% of the total value of U.S. retail sales made over mobile devices. How is it that tablets are beginning to overtake the smartphone for retail, despite the fact that there are fewer tablets than smartphones in consumer hands? It turns out tablets are perfect devices for "lean-back," or power shopping sessions. Their large screens make it easy to pinch-to-zoom for detailed product views, browse the Web, and search. In a new report from BI Intelligence, we take stock of the explosion in tablet-based e-commerce, analyze the best data available on tablet shopper behavior and how it's different from the behavior of smartphone owners. Access The Full Report And Data By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today >> The Big Three In Mobile Retail. Amazon, eBay and Wal-Mart have achieved something remarkable.

The Big Three In Mobile Retail

With millions of apps and websites competing for attention, each has carved out a mass audience on mobile and have become the top three mobile commerce properties in the U.S. How have they succeeded? For the three, mobile isn't just a "sales channel," but a thoughtful means of connecting with customers, to draw them in, earn their loyalty, encourage their sharing of useful data, and nudge them toward more lifetime purchases. In a new BI Intelligence report, we look at the statistics behind eBay and Amazon's transition from PC-based e-commerce to the mobile computing era.

Their success wasn't a given. APPL: 3 Reasons Why Apple's Stock Is Falling. Apple’s stock price was down about 8% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the company posted its first revenue decline in 13 years.

APPL: 3 Reasons Why Apple's Stock Is Falling

Everybody knew that revenue drop was upon us — Apple itself warned investors that this quarter wouldn’t be a rosy one. So why the stock dip? Here are three explanations. 1. iPhone sales are down 16%. That’s the product’s first-ever year-over-year drop. There are two clear reasons for declining iPhone sales. Second, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus set a high bar for iPhone sales — shoppers simply went nuts for their larger-than-ever form factors. 2. 3. There are multiple potential reasons for this, some of which are outside Apple’s control. 使ってわかった!スマートフォン・タブレット満足度ランキング - [1:総合ランキング]スマートフォンとタ... [3:スマートフォン分析]全項目でiPhone 5が他機種を圧倒!ドコモの「ツートップ」は? 電話ができる7型タブレット「Fonepad 7」、SIMフリーの3G通話機能を搭載《注目の新製品》 出典:日経パソコン 2013年10月28日号(執筆時の情報に基づいており、現在では異なる場合があります) 「Fonepad 7」は「Nexus 7」を製造するASUS JAPANのAndroidタブレット。

電話ができる7型タブレット「Fonepad 7」、SIMフリーの3G通話機能を搭載《注目の新製品》

スマートフォンと同様に通話ができ、通信事業者を自由に選べるSIMロックフリー方式を採用しているのが特徴だ。 液晶は7型で解像度は初代Nexus 7と同じ1280×800ドット。 視野角の広いIPSパネルを採用し、静電容量式の10点マルチタッチに対応。 表面には指紋や汚れが付きにくい加工が施されている。 側面にmicroSIMカードスロットを搭載し、通信を始めるにはユーザーが任意の通信事業者を選んでSIMカードを用意する必要がある。 ●ステレオスピーカー搭載 液晶は7型のIPSパネルを採用。 ●microSIMが利用可能 SIMフリーのmicroSIMカードスロットを搭載。 携帯純増数、KDDIが87%増 2位ドコモに迫る. iPhone 5 Sales By Area, Around The World. How HTC can fight back. By Richard Nieva, reporter FORTUNE -- Is audio equipment maker Beats Electronics -- popularized by big-name celebrities like Dr.

How HTC can fight back

Dre and Lady Gaga -- on the verge of acquiring music subscription service MOG? Neither company would confirm a tie-up, but rumors to that effect have been gathering steam online all week. Here's why such a deal would make sense -- most of all for Beats parent HTC. All three have strong businesses with break-through brands, but each find itself in crowded markets with fierce competition. The Taiwan-based phone maker HTC, founded in 1997, seemingly came out of nowhere in 2008, breaking out as a formidable presence in the cellular market thanks to its slick handsets based on Google's (GOOG) Android platform. MORE: Rhapsody: Life in a Spotify world But HTC has come back down to earth. MOG is a tough spot too. MORE: Spotify will never turn a profit?

Of the three brands, Beats appears the strongest. iTunes Storeが選出したiPadアプリ「Best of 2011」 CITI: The iPad Business Is Collapsing.