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Self Defense

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Martial Arts Fighting Techniques and Training - How to Defend Yourself. Steps Part 1 of 4: Maintaining a Defensive Posture 1Guard your face.

How to Defend Yourself

If the attacker is trying to punch you or grab you from the front, put your hands on your forehead in a "Not in the face! " sort of gesture and your arms tight on your body. This may look like a weak defensive position, but that is to your advantage since it brings your opponent's guard down. 4Take the defensive posture of running. Part 2 of 4: Defending Yourself from the Front 1Go for the eyes and nose. 6If an attacker attacks with a weapon, know where the weapon is effective. Part 3 of 4: Defending Your Back 1Deflect the hold. 3Get dirty. Part 4 of 4: Avoiding Confrontation 1Understand the stages of a fight. 3Avoid walking alone. Tips Stay cool. Ad Warnings Threatening an assailant with a weapon like a knife or firearm is a bad idea unless you fear for your life. Combat strategies. Combat Strategy & Tactics By Stefan Verstappen Most sorts of diversion in men, children and other animals, are in imitation of fighting.

combat strategies

Jonathan Swift The first rule of survival and self-defense is to have a plan. Without a plan of action, confusion and panic will result. In combat, a plan is a strategy, an outline of possible responses to a situation. The following ten strategies can be universally applied and are especially applicable to hand to hand combat. Narrow passes and mountain forests are the means by which a few can attack a large force. The Six Secret Teachings of the Tai Kung Time and Place The first strategy to employ in combat is to, when possible, choose the time and place of the combat. The First Attack You quietly assume the position from which to initiate the attack and then swiftly make the attack with no hesitation. To attack first, before the opponent has readied himself for battle, have several advantages. To Destroy Intercepting. Chaîne de humanweapontv. HumanBodyWeapon. Bujinkan on Transmeet.Tv.

Exercises for Strengthening Internal Organs. Form 1Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Heart Form 2Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Lungs Form 3Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Liver Form 4Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Kidneys Form 5Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Gallbladder Form 6Sitting Exercise for Strengthening the Spleen All Images ©1992 Shelter Publications, Inc.

Exercises for Strengthening Internal Organs

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Learn how to throw lethal playing cards

With a business card and a flick of his wrist he can pop balloons, extinguish candles, hit targets, etc.: Around the 50-second point, you will also see him impale a tomato with a business card. This is where the lethality comes in. Around 3:15, Rick Smith demonstrates his technique very quickly. How to throw cards fast and effectively !!!!!

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