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Self Defense

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Martial Arts Fighting Techniques and Training - How to Defend Yourself. Steps Part 1 of 4: Maintaining a Defensive Posture 1Guard your face.

How to Defend Yourself

If the attacker is trying to punch you or grab you from the front, put your hands on your forehead in a "Not in the face! " Combat strategies. Combat Strategy & Tactics By Stefan Verstappen Most sorts of diversion in men, children and other animals, are in imitation of fighting.

combat strategies

Jonathan Swift The first rule of survival and self-defense is to have a plan. Chaîne de humanweapontv. HumanBodyWeapon. Bujinkan on Transmeet.Tv. Exercises for Strengthening Internal Organs. Learn how to throw lethal playing cards. If you watch the following video, you will be able to see one of the world’s leading card-throwing experts practicing his craft.

Learn how to throw lethal playing cards

With a business card and a flick of his wrist he can pop balloons, extinguish candles, hit targets, etc.: Around the 50-second point, you will also see him impale a tomato with a business card. How to make a POWERFULL blowgun WITHIN 5 MINUITES.