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Camellia Flower Essence - Shanti Kai Hawaiian Flower Essences. Shanti Kai™ Bougainvillea Flower Essence - Discern and Protect. Bougainvillea Flower Essence Beautiful to look at, this plant contains such sharp thorns that it is used in Hawaii in place of barbed wire to prevent trespassing.

Shanti Kai™ Bougainvillea Flower Essence - Discern and Protect

It can morph into a vine, a tree, a hedge or shrub – whatever is needed to foster survival in a given space. Bougainvillea goes to great measure to attract bees by surrounding its tiny little white flower in an embellishment of brightly colored leaves. Bougainvillea flower essence has a similar effect, it’s like wearing barbed wire on the aura. It helps protect against unwanted energies while still appearing beautiful to those you want to attract or be in harmony with. Our Bougainvillea Master Flower Blend contains Coral, Pink, Red, Purple, and White Bougainvillea flower essences. The color variations all have the same attributes as the Master Blend Essence but are slightly accented in the following ways: Bird of Paradise Flower Essence - Shanti Kai Hawaiian Essences. Awapuhi Flower Essence - Shanti Kai™ Hawaiian Flower Essences. African Tulip Tree Flower Essence - Shanti Kai™ Flower Essences. Amethyst Light™: Divine Frequencies of Purple. Amethyst Light™: Divine Frequencies of Purple Shanti Kai™ Amethyst Light™ Essence vibrates on a spectrum of purple wavelengths relating to Worthiness, Devotion, Spirituality, Mysticism, Wisdom, and Transformation.

Amethyst Light™: Divine Frequencies of Purple

It contains gemstones and flowers that, in essence form, emit purple frequencies of light, including 9 varieties of Amethyst , Purple Sapphire, flowers such as Purple Crown, and several key Orchids. Purple is a regal color that has long since been a symbol of wealth and royalty in the material world and a symbol of worthiness and attainment in the spiritual. Use when doing healing, meditation, or prayer work, needing to forgive or move into compassion, or calling on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Mercy and Forgiveness, virtues which enable deep spiritual transformation.

Amethyst Essence - Shanti Kai Gemstone and Mineral Essences. Amethyst Essence Amethyst Essence is a master healer, a catch-all essence for any number of issues.

Amethyst Essence - Shanti Kai Gemstone and Mineral Essences

It is an ideal essence for those new to essences and alternative healing, or spirituality in general. Amethyst gently assists you in opening to experiences that you may have previously been closed to. For example, it may help you move beyond the need for scientific validation or rational analysis and into a space of trusting your own intuition in the absence of outer validation. From this space you can begin to open into the experience of the crown chakra. Our Master Blend contains Green and Purple Amethyst Essences. Green Amethyst Rebirth Spiritual Growth Healing of the Heart Chakra.

Ajna Chakra Spray - Balancing the Third Eye Chakra. Ajna Chakra Spray - Balancing the Third Eye Chakra. Manipura Chakra Spray: Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Jasmine: Love™ Essence Blend. Jasmine: Love™ is for attuning to the enchantment of altruistic unconditional love and agape.

Jasmine: Love™ Essence Blend

Jasmine: Love™ is filled with the jasmine family of flowers, including the magical Tree Jasmine and the fragrant surprise of Night Blooming Jasmine. It’s sweetness is unmatched; and it’s uplifting energy may help open any heart to the magic of love. This Essence has a way of uplifting your soul, even in the darkest of nights. Unfortunately, all too often there is a tendency to go through life on the outskirts of this higher consciousness, unaware that you are made of the very Love that surrounds you. ImmunEase™ - Shanti Kai™ Hawaiian Flower and Mineral Essences. Spray: 3-5 sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired.

ImmunEase™ - Shanti Kai™ Hawaiian Flower and Mineral Essences

May be especially beneficial over lymph nodes, throat, and inside mouth. Shake well to activate.Dropper: 3-5 drops 2x/day or as needed or desired. May add 7 drops to water and sip. Shake well to activate. Imagine Essence: Balancing the effects of Neptune. Imagine™ Essence: Working with Neptune Imagine™ is our premier essence for stimulating (you guessed it!)

Imagine Essence: Balancing the effects of Neptune

Your imagination, enhancing your creative visualization skills, and helping you channel these ideals into your physical experience. What’s more? Imagine™ is our go to essence for all things Neptune. Hope™ - Shanti Kai™ Description Hope™ Essence: For reviving your soul and opening your spirit, soothing away doubts and renewing the belief in infinite possibility.

Hope™ - Shanti Kai™

Hope Essence™ is driven by several types of Gardenia, coupled with gemstones (like Charoite) that help raise your vibration and repattern feelings of despair, doubt, and confusion. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is grieving or having a hard time “seeing the light”. Even if you feels “there’s nothing left for me to do or experience” or “nothing can replace what I’ve lost”, Hope™ Essence helps rekindle within a spark, an inner Light, from which you can keep moving forward.

It could be noted that (though we do not make any claims about its effectiveness or results) several customers have reported good results using Hope™ with injured or traumatized animals. Read more on our blogs: Vibrational Infusions of 8 Flowers, 8 Gemstones, & 1 Essential Oil in 15% Brandy & Purified Water.

Suggestions. Healer Within Essence: Stress Blend - Shanti Kai™ Essence Blends. Harmony™️ Essence: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit. Description Harmony Essence™ seeks to promote physical and emotional well-being through balancing of the body’s major energy centers, especially the heart.

Harmony™️ Essence: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit

A great essence to use when you’re feeling out of sync (or just needing a tune up), this essence seeks to align the 3 wheels of the body – mind, body, and spirit – bringing them back into alignment and rolling in the right direction. Guardian Angel™️ Auric Shielding & Protection Spray. Goddess Power Essence™: Awakening the Goddess Within - Shanti Kai™ Blends. Fairy Dust Essence: Guidance from Sweet Realms of Nature. Description Fairy Dust Essence™: Summon a Flutter of Faeries to your side with Fairy Dust™ an enchanting blend of nature’s magic.

Fairy Dust Essence: Guidance from Sweet Realms of Nature

An infusion of near ethereal Cymbidium Orchids , fairy filled Hawiian Puakenikeni & Jasmine Treeflowers, combine with celestial gemstones, mystical minerals and exotic essential oils to create an enlightening essence that is sure to entice. While there’s no such thing as nature in a bottle, Fairy Dust™ attempts to get pretty close. Evolve™ Essence: Subtle Brain Chakras - Shanti Kai™ Essences. Empower Essence: Cleanse ~ Protect ~ Strengthen. Shanti Kai™ Earth Chakra™ Essence for Grounding Your Energy. Spray: 3-5 sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired, especially over front and back of Root Chakra, legs, ankles, and feet.

Shanti Kai™ Earth Chakra™ Essence for Grounding Your Energy

May also be beneficial as an indoor room spray for offices and homes during winter months. Shake well. Crystal Children™ Essence Blend - Shanti Kai™ Essences. Crystal Children™ Essence Crystal Children, or children of the Crystal vibration, are children who are very sensitive and psychic. They have a very high vibration and embody unconditional love. These children are often diagnosed as autistic, or have autistic-like behaviors and characteristics because they are different than the average child. They are often introverted and are highly sensitive with respect to everything around them – both relating to their physical senses (sound, touch, smell), but also to injustice, violence, and the mistreatment of others due to their strong empathic nature.

They often disconnect or retreat inwards when feeling overwhelmed or upset. Clear My Space: Aura & Room Cleanse. Do you ever feel down or depressed at home or work? Do you find yourself sometimes feeling negative for no apparent reason? Do you feel drained after interacting with certain people? Clear My Crystals for Clearing Gemstones and Crystals. Clear My Crystals™: Crystals and gemstones absorb negativity in the environment, and if they become too overwhelmed, it becomes more difficult to feel their powerful properties. They become “part of the scenery” or filled with the same energy in the rest of the room or person.

Clear My Crystals™ seeks to release negative energy absorbed by crystals so that you can keep working and growing with it. Shanti Kai™ Clarity™ Essence: Knowing in the Heart What to Do. Shanti Kai™ Clarity™ Essence: Knowing in the Heart What to Do. Attract Essence: Manifesting & Abundance. Attract™ Essence: Is there somewhere in your life that could use a little boost? A little help manifesting your needs or desires? In relationships – are you seeking a romantic partner? Financially – could you use a little more money? A better job, more success in your career, a bigger homePerhaps you’re looking to start a familyAttract new friends and draw in more love and support in your life? Or, maybe it’s simpler than that, and you’d just like a little more time to yourself Whatever it is you’re seeking, our Attract™ Essence may just be the ultimate manifestation tool to help you succeed.

How it Works The desire to expand, to become more is not just human nature. Tips. Special Essence Blends - Shanti Kai™ Gemstone and Flower Essences.