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International Association of IT Lawyers International Association of IT Lawyers The 8th International Conference on Legal, Security, and Privacy Issues in IT Law (LSPI), 7th International Law and Trade Conference, 4th International Private Law Conference and the 3rd International Public Law Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand under the auspices of the International Association of IT Lawyers, an organization devoted to promoting research and development in the field of Law and with members throughout the world. The IAITl organised Conference series is the first international conference of its kind, gathering experts from academia, government and industry to discuss key legal issues related to Legal, Security and Privacy Issues in IT, Private and Public Law and the intersection between economics and law. Website:
Justice Department nominee should be praised, not criticized, for death penalty representation, ABA says Jan. 13 - In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, American Bar Association President James R. Silkenat spoke out against recent criticism of Debo Adegbile, nominee for assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, for his efforts to protect the fundamental constitutional rights of his client.Read more of this ABA News Release ... Rep. American Bar Association

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Bluhm Legal Clinic - Northwestern University Law School Housing more than 20 clinics within 14 centers, the Bluhm Legal Clinic is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive and effective clinical programs in the country. Through Northwestern Law's clinical program, students gain direct experience representing clients and fine-tune their skills as advocates. Students also work with clinical faculty and staff to challenge the fairness of our legal institutions and to propose solutions for reform. More... Our Centers Bluhm Legal Clinic - Northwestern University Law School
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