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7 Actionable Tactics To Get Into The AppStore. Today’s smartphone market resembles a lot to someone who is ready to be a part of any workforce. To be very particular about the apps, it’s the dream of everyone to get their app noticed by Apple or Android. It’s the same scenario as in the case of any job aspirant looking forward to submit his or her resume to a potential organization whom he or she have never met but aspire to work with. You have to follow the standard guidelines laid out by Apple or Android and if you successfully beat the first round and your apps gets featured on their panels, then you would be flooded with revenues.

Below we have mentioned few of the basic tips how to achieve the success in the above mentioned respect. 1. While targeting Apple or Android, ensure you follow each and every guidelines. 2. 3. The smartphone industry lives and swears by the speed and today there is a tug of war between the app makers. 4. Expressing even the slightest kindness for the rivals can cost you a great amount. 5. 6. 7. How To Choose The Best Framework For Your Mobile App? - AppInventiv. Every mobile app has some distinct features that makes them look different from others. The most daunting part of the mobile app development is the selection of the framework. Here are some of the points that you may want to consider while working on your app project. Programming languages The language of a program is very essential and most of the time it is witnessed that the programmers already have an established preference for designs and programs.

Hence, it is advised to choose the framework that your designers and programmers know when you have time constraints. User interface and The themes These two are the considerations that will need your inputs throughout the entire process of designing. Responsiveness Speed is the biggest factor these days and it is accelerating day by day. Documentation You have to look upon all the upgrade and modification possibilities for the application in a future date.

Community development Which framework is best for the mobile app. Obstacles On The Way Of Wearable Revolution - AppInventiv. Wearable technology is gaining prominence these days with the advent of Google glass, Apple watch, USB necklace, and many more. According to A report by IHS electronic & media - By 2018, the wearable device in the U.S. alone would stand at more than $12 billion. It is evident that, wearable technology has a tremendous potential and it still needs to be exploited. This year further contributed to the growth of this segment as it has witnessed the launch of fitness trackers and smart clothing line and it prompted to declare 2015 as the year of wearable technology. Earlier this year, we saw that Google glass was not very successful in terms of sales. Apple Watch, that was expected to bring a new wave in wearable technology, didn’t do very well and after the initial spur, it wasn’t able to grab much attention.

But, there are a few hindrances that are coming in the way of wearable technology. We would discuss the same roadblocks in the following: Dependance on Smartphones. Tips For Successfull Mobile App Launch - AppInventiv. Marketing for your mobile app begins from the day you think to get your idea implemented and put your app idea into production. And, once the app is ready to launch, it becomes really important for you to take the utmost care while launching your app in the App Store. You may have hired the best programmers, marketers or the best tech geeks, but still it takes a lot to hit the floor with a bang.

And, one of the key ingredients for making your app successful is crafting a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Today, we will discuss everything that you need to know about how to launch your app successfully. In-depth Analysis and Research You have to perform a rigorous research on the subjects like what your competitors have done, what is the industry demand, what is your target audience, etc. Keep The Testing Mode On Always It is extremely important that while launching your mobile app, it should run perfectly and should absolutely be flawless. Marketing Is The Key And, the App Launch. 'Outsource Development' Is A Brilliant Tool For The Startups - AppInventiv. Starting up a venture often needs working quickly and efficiently. Even though there are limited resources, your startup must provide with innovation, quality and convenience at any cost, to stay ahead of your competition.

Another important aspect is hiring the proficient talent, but you do have limited funds to manage that. It takes only an idea to be successful when it comes to the business. I have come across many young Turks who have brilliant ideas, but drop their ideas due to the scarcity of resources. For these kinds of startups there is a very good alternative to make their dream come true and that is of ‘Outsource development’. Slack The Company today sits at a valuation of $3 billion, but in its early days, it chose outsourcing to develop its solution. Skype This is a household name for everyone today, but the company took the help of developers in Estonia to build their business. Staff Github This company has numerous people who did the entire work from home. Basecamp Jpay Opera.