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FMCG CRM | Supply Chain CRM | Supply Automation Software. In three words, being a supply chain manager sounds simplistic. But it’s a genuine misnomer considering the varied application and circumstances involving multiple distribution reports, overseeing inventory levels, storage levels, retail management, etc. Here, an FMCG CRM gives you a unified tool for managing multiple activities, deliberately and actively combining various facets of supply management. With an FMCG CRM, you could streamline decision making through a single platform.

This enables you to take faster decisions, allocating and streamlining goods to multiple locations through a single interface. Here’s a short guide for supply managers for CRM chain management. Role of Supply Chain Manager By its definition, a supply chain manager needs to be present at the point of intersection between multiple distribution and retail chain network. Within a nose-to-nose competition scenario, a supply chain manager needs to ensure that goods are smartly procured and made easily available. Cloud Crm | cloud based crm | best crm | crm services. For an organization undergoing phases of technological transition, choosing between a CRM-based cloud services and organization file network remains a hard choice. Some organizations consider a local file network to be adequately secure and malleable for managing data.

But most agree to the point that cloud servers are progressively adapted with modern circumstances. When looking forward to large-scale cloud investment, there should be a better incentive than technological advancement. In this article, we uncover various facets concerning the modern businesses. How a Local File Network handles Data? First-of-all, let’s get a rewind into office file network and data sharing. This was similar to a virtual equivalent of documents changing hands, but only sealed with prior digital permission.

Needs to be Present within Same Roof For sharing documents through local servers, you need to be present under the same roof. Instant Scalability and Data Management Diversify and Manage Security Risks. Why my small business needs customer service software. Love ice-creams? Even if you don’t, imagine that you do, and assume that you enter an ice-cream shop. The AC does not work; you go up to the guy who lets you taste some flavours and ask him about a few choices you’ve made. He answers back with 3-word sentences. You will definitely have your ice-cream and go, since we’ve asked you to imagine that you love it. Now consider that you enter another ice-cream shop another day. This time though, the AC is great, there’s special seating arrangement and peppy music to enjoy your scoop and the guy at the counter answers all your questions attentively with a smile on his face along with detailed information about each flavour.

This shop has impressed you. Customer experience is everything The bottom line of this entire mind game was to make you realize the importance of keeping customers happy. Here’s what the biggies say! The challenge Today when the world is taken over by digital boom, you can’t just sit there and hope for some magic to happen. Top 10 reasons you lose customers.

A happy business banks totally on keeping its customers happy. Better said than done, it is a mighty task to accomplish in his highly competitive global market, where small businesses spring up like mustard, to eat up your space. In testing times like these, losing a customer can pinch you even more. Here’s a list of top 10 reasons which pisses off a customer to no end! You’re too late to respond Customers behave just like your partner. You don’t give them easy access If you are assuming that you are the chosen-one and your customers are just your source of revenue, then you are living in a pseudo world. Query resolution process is cumbersome Imagine you buy a product from your favourite brand and notice later that it is a faulty one. Lengthy turnaround time for resolution Outdated systems don’t have the functionality to segregate queries based on their type, due to which closing them takes a lot of time.

You hardly send personalized messages Your business is not on mobile. Customer service is not expensive. Losing customers is. Some investments in life can prove to be a blessing. On the other hand, some crucial investments that you ignore or don’t value can be a disaster. That’s the case with customer service. You just can’t go wrong with this one if you are dreaming to go big!

Let’s find out why: Acquiring customers is costlier than retaining them A lot of time and effort goes into convincing a new customer to buy your product or service. That’s mostly because they’ve been currently opting for your competitor-brand from a long time, who had managed to gain their confidence. Loyal customers contribute to most of your business’s revenue There is a reason why some customers are loyal towards your brand. Repeat customers spend more than new ones Every time a client comes back to you to buy your service or product, he/she is a bit more confident and even more impressed by you. Referrals work better with repeat customers Up-selling and cross-selling drives more business. Get a reality check. Know your “contemporary” customers! Considering the 360-degree paradigm shift of ways in which businesses function today, there is a need to relook closely at how customers behave in a competitive and technologically friendly market. Let’s find out what is it that improves customer-loyalty and helps you retain them for a long long time.

Customers prefer companies who are approachable You could be involved in the biggest of goof-ups that has pissed your customer to no end, but you can easily get away by not running away from the situation, staying cool, smiling and allowing customers to reach you to get their concerns resolved the best way possible. As a brand or a company you should ideally have multiple listening ports through which customers can reach you. Chat, phone, email (Read more on Chat, phone and email) is what they look for to address their issue or shoot their queries. They expect… or should we say “demand” quick responses They like to be pampered with a personal touch. Forget Daily Reports Clutter: Get Live Work Updates and Share every Working Moment. How Kapture CRM Live Work updates keeps you close to every working moment?

Have you noticed, how strangely the words ‘managers & migraines’ rhymes together? It sounds like one invented the other. Doesn’t it? Kapture Team has conclusively proved that a daily accumulation of cluttered reports at one’s inbox could be directly related to these severe headaches. According to some mid-level to high-level managers we consulted, process of segregating and consolidating reports could take anywhere between 90 -120 minutes. When you try to solve the issue through setting-up complex hotmail hierarchies, it makes the problem rather more complex, fails to provide clear distinction. While work reports are an integral part of organizations, making them easy is important for both employee and employers. With an aim to achieve optimal employee productivity within limited working hours, one needs a facility to produce clearly structured and easily understandable reports. First, make it Easier to Report Work. CRM Marketing Edge: How CRM Marketers came to rule the Digital World?

Present day marketing is about connecting and impressing audience for long-standing relationship. A digital CRM combines multiple essential tools for connecting with a modern audience. Why you need CRM Guidance? In a digital space, data and swiftness creates most important part of your marketing equation. As users are constantly bombarded with marketing messages at every new page visit, having effective message at earliest is way to go forward….

Modern campaign involves integrating various skills and tools. A well-optimized campaign requires combination of multiple skills and personalities. How CRM Delivers Marketing Edge With speed and information becoming part of marketing equation, marketers across globe are constantly looking at improving tools and acquiring new ones. Juggling Different Social Channels For an active marketer, social media marketing is a process of juggling between various social channels. Judge and Throttle your Market Expenditure Collecting Report and Analytics. Chat, email and phone: three ways your customers should be allowed to reach you. Over the decades communication channels and mediums have seen a mighty transformation. From sending across your message via pigeons to saying “hello” to someone on the other side of the world via chats, technology has ruled the ways in which people stay connected.

Similarly businesses today can’t just sit at the fence and function the way they used to, a few years back. They need to be more dynamic, here’s why: Need for Brands to “listen more” and “talk less” Some of the biggest brands today have felt the pinch when they only keep boasting about their offerings or products, imagining their audience will love them for that. The more accessible you are the more your customers will love you Keeping customers happy is the new mantra. Call With the increasing number of call-centers in India you can only imagine how important it is for any growing business to have a TOLL FREE number or a call-center support. Email Chat. 5 CRM Field Management Tricks Instilling Intelligent Team Operations? Most employers’ finds it hard to keep employees’ productive right under their finger point, managing outside activity much more hard.

Here CRM Field Management transforms into a much conflicting challenge. Taking field employee input as only source of information could instantly put your business under stress and threat of under performance. Henceforth, managing field teams becomes a hard challenge. Still, Field Teams are Quintessential. But Why? Most IT and software vendors still depend on direct client interaction as their central revenue source. In short, a firm Hand Shake could still beat a perfectly optimized landing pages at completing a Deal. Even when you are handling hardware products, you may have to attend individual dealers or distributors. All these processes require maintaining a complete on-field team.

Transit Paths and Guidance Problems Every employer having a field team is concerned about two central issues. 1. Passing Information at Cross roads Being Behind Meeting Schedules. How affordable CRM Software saves money directly and indirectly? For an individual buyer, deciding on affordability of software is easy. He takes the decision based on utility, price and features of available free version. When it comes to a CRM, deciding on its software affordability becomes much more intricate and complex. How to understand CRM pricing? CRM is usually adapted on an organizational or team scale. As a result, your management could decide on CRM adaptation purely on a financial standpoint. In these situations considering per head/investment, cost of a license may appear too steep.

In this situation, one need see CRM as a pure business investment. Under these circumstances, one needs to consider various aspects of CRM benefits. Understanding a CRM Quotation For any software variant, there is practically infinite number of free versions. When you are looking at CRM software, you’re not just buying CRM software. It provides an optimal strategy to finishing jobs, requiring totally optimized CRM system. Direct Savings through CRM. How to Manage your Sales Pitch Turning into a Big Empty Air Bun? Have you ever attended a sales meeting and wondered to yourself whether you are trying to a sell a big empty air Bun? Most sales professionals are constantly worrying whether their sales pitch carries enough calories to last an entire sales meeting.

And if it doesn’t you can try to sell hard, but your sales pitch will still end-up sounding hollow and non-beneficial. Now, your client could abruptly become uninterested or may simply tell you that they have better things to do! Usually, most sales people takes this as a confidence shattering experience. They may turn introspective about their careers and think about existing client relationships. While this sharp turn could be definitely caused due to bad sales person demeanor, it can also be attributed to a dead sales pitch. A dead is sales pitch is a selling quotient which has already lost all its selling appeal to your core customers.

Although it may appear elusive, a dead sales pitch can be easily identified by its beat. Let’s face it! CRM Database System: How CRM Data Analysis Trumps 3rd Party Tools? All Large and small business needs readily actionable client -informative business data for directing their business. A CRM Database system provides a direct peek into your customer database and their collective behavior. Every customer interaction or business move is a potential source of insightful data. But instead of capitalizing on this key information, most business overlooks or looses this data on their day-today operations. Most Businesses Fails to Connect Dots from business Data Businesses regularly fail to collect data or connect the dots required to make sense of collected data. You may attribute this failure to lack of professional expertise at many organizations. All collected data is segmented or spread over multiple sources or large time window or unreserved for a particular source.

Your customer data also has multiple entry points – lead data, sales representative feedback, customer Service information, customer issues. Structure your Business Data on a Clear Hierarchy. How CRM Software takes FMCG distribution from being a barrier to becoming your USP? In its multiple distribution centers and hard time-constraints, managing multiple point FMCG distribution system is a formidable challenge. Through a CRM software you can add your constantly growing number of retailers and consequent distributors, equipping you to create a completely plotted picture of your FMCG channel. FMCG Tolerates Low Error Margins Arguably, among all B2C industries FMCG tolerates lowest margin of error. Most of the times, your product could be categorized into a common category, meaning that your product could be easily substituted with your competitor and likewise… With consumers growing penance for experimentation, FMCG products enjoy a low level of consumer loyalty.

As its name indicates, FMCG products enjoy low shelf life. Every product list needs to be consistently updated and consistently followed-up for meeting adequate standards. FMCG also happens to be one of most strictly regulated industry, with government oversight over every facet of your business. Three SMB CRM Benefits that you could Turn your Business on its Head? With a new dawn of e-commerce, CRM for small businesses have become an indispensable tool for modern businesses. Why CRM is an important part of Small Businesses? Today SMB industry is at middle of an irretrievable change; even a few years ago, all small and medium businesses were focused locally. As customers purchased locally, they were assured of a regular source of income. At an online E-commerce Era, every business needs to be simultaneously geared towards local and national requirement.

As a result a common businessman is exposed to unprecedented amount of complexity and task-handling requirement. This is a list of primary task a small business has to handle on a daily basis. 1. keep a steady inventory of Products 2. maintain an updated Order List 3. While these tasks could take majority working hours of a business owner, a CRM system could directly sideline it your partial activity. These five SMB CRM benefits augments and opens-up new ways for a business to conduct its operations. How CRM Facebook marketing Increases your Campaign ROI and Success? How can you boost your sales team’s productivity with CRM analytic tools?

Marketing CRM: Unite all your marketing channels to better engage with your customers. How to zero-in on the right number of follow-ups for the best conversions? Three Sign of Proof’s that will make you integrate Social CRM Platform. How Positive Customer Experience starts with a Motivated Sales Team? How to approach CRM from a marketing perspective?

How is data visualization an important support pillar for decision-making? Why is building customer relationships extremely important in the digital age? What are the 3 most important lessons of CRM?