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Stay Hydrated with Hydro Flask – A Review by SWB. Now I know that you came to Shit Women Buy to get recommendations…for shit…to buy.

Stay Hydrated with Hydro Flask – A Review by SWB

And I promise I’m going to get there in this article. But first I need to tell you about something you should absolutely STOP purchasing: Single-use plastic water bottles. Environmental Reasons Plastic water bottles are incredibly bad for the environment. About 13% of these bottles reach recycling centers, and the rest will take centuries to decompose. Health Reasons Leaving single-use plastic water bottles in your car during hot summer weather can also pose a risk to your health. Have Fun Tailgating with Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill. I love grilling – doesn’t matter what season it is.

Have Fun Tailgating with Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill

Tailgating parties with the smell of grilling meat hanging in the air is the absolute best. Camping, picnics, parties, or even grilling on my back deck makes dinner time a delight. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on the Smoke Hollow Portable Gas Grill . Best Gifts for Grads. Every spring, I look forward to celebrating graduation.

Best Gifts for Grads

The cap and gown, the Graduation March, the exciting buzz of the unknown future ahead of the students, it can be an emotional time for anyone. My favorite part is the sense of accomplishment I see of the faces of the graduates. They know they’ve done well and it shows in their stride, their demeanor, their outlook. Top Must-Haves for Your Roadside Emergency Kit. I am someone who likes to be prepared for emergencies.

Top Must-Haves for Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Earthquakes, severe weather, power outages… you name it. Emergencies can happen anywhere. While you are at home, at work, or guess what…even in your car. 8 Accessories for the Wine Connoisseur. It’s officially the holiday season, and that means wine.

8 Accessories for the Wine Connoisseur

And lots of it. Wine Connoisseurs tend to load up on wine before office parties, family gatherings, or holiday parties with friends. Thankfully, there are a variety of wine accessories any wine connoisseur would be thrilled to own and use throughout the seasons. And quite frankly, who needs a season, break out the wine anytime! Kings Brand Metal Wine Rack with Marble Top.

You Need The Best Dog Vest On The Market. Are walks with your dog an all out battle?

You Need The Best Dog Vest On The Market

12 Emergency Essentials for your Home. Keeping your home well-stocked with emergency essentials is critical to being ready for any situation.

12 Emergency Essentials for your Home

Whether a natural disaster, zombie apocalypse, or power outage, having the right tools and gear will help make challenging situations more manageable. 5 Elite Adjustable Bed Frames. Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to being able to function the next day.

5 Elite Adjustable Bed Frames

Whether you’re a busy mom with a baby who can’t sleep through the night or someone that suffers from aches and pains, restful sleep is essential. When you get in bed at night, you want your head to hit that pillow and to drift off to sleep. However, if you have trouble getting comfortable, an adjustable bed frame is the perfect way to change your bedtime misfortune. 7 Rockin’ Gifts for Father’s Day 2019. Are you considering giving a gift other than a tie for Father’s Day 2019?

7 Rockin’ Gifts for Father’s Day 2019

While surely your dad loves getting a tie every year, perhaps it’s time to mix things up a little bit. Your dad deserves the very best but coming up with unique ideas every Father’s Day can be a challenge. Father’s Day gifts are not just for your father. They can be for dads, husbands, father-to-be, or any other special person in your life. 7 Hot Gifts for Mother’s Day 2019. A Gift for Mom?

7 Hot Gifts for Mother’s Day 2019

No more mugs! She has a shelf full of “best mom ever” cups. Chocolate and flowers are …… last year? How to Ditch Your Cable Provider? Watching TV is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Whether you enjoy watching as a family, with your significant other, or alone binge-watching the latest drama, TV gives us an escape from our busy lives. While TV is an enjoyable activity, sometimes the cost feels prohibitive. The cost of your cable bill each month might be a justified expense in your budget but is still frustrating. Your cable provider may hit you with unexpected price hikes, changes in programming, or poor customer service.

Mandalas for Stress Relief – Adult Coloring Pages. Feeling stressed? Some people go for a long walk, others drink a glass of wine. A few work out, and many turn to meditation. While there are lots of ways to relieve stress, a newer, and exciting tool many people add to their toolbox for stress relief is coloring mandalas. Why Use Stress Relief Coloring Pages? Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring – Fresh Spring Décor. Winter is on its way out, thankfully. While cozying up to a fire during the colder months sounds nice, after several months of that it’s nice to see spring on its way. And as spring approaches, it’s time to pull out the spring decor. Welcoming spring with new Easter decorations, flowers, and all things spring is a perfect way to get ready for the upcoming season. If you can’t wait for sunshine, gardening, and backyard fun, check out these fantastic ideas for spring decor. Fresh and Cold! Avalon Water Dispenser Review.

Dreamin’ about the Best Dog Beds for 2019. 9 Cool Dog Training Tools. One of the most enjoyable things to do is spend time with our four-legged best friends. A dog can provide love, laughs, support and companionship. They enrich our lives in so many ways, but it is our responsibility to ensure that they are trained to have manners and be obedient. A dog that’s well trained will make taking your dog places easier, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone. 10 Great Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast. We all have that special someone in our lives who isn’t the easiest person to buy gifts for.

If you have an outdoor enthusiast in your life, this could easily be the case. It may seem as if they already have every gadget, tool, and accessory. These items are intended to make their time spent in the great outdoors a little easier and more enjoyable. British Gifts for Your Favorite Anglophile. Best Gardening Books for Beginners. 9 Fantastic Doctor Who Gifts and Games. Best Personal Safety Devices. Our Favorite Spa Gift Baskets & Supplies. Amazing Gifts for Coffee Lovers. Do you have that one person in your life that is a coffee snob?

The one that will only buy certain brands of coffee or beans from specific regions. Best Gifts for Grandma. Give the Gift of Cookies! It’s that time of year again! Everything is merry and bright, and you’re ready to celebrate the holidays this season. Even though the holidays are about so much more than gifts, giving to others is a huge part, and can also be very enjoyable. Awesome Gifts for Your Walking Dead Fan. A Review of Breville Compact Juicer. Let’s get one thing settled right away. Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her. “If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?” ~ Anonymous. Best of Patagonia – A Review of Down Jackets for Women. My first experience with Patagonia products was with a pair of awesome trail pants, and a women’s down jacket that I stumbled across in a hiking, climbing store in Joshua Tree, California. We were spending the winter around Joshua Tree National Park and quickly discovered that the denim and fleece we were accustomed to wearing for casual wear back in MN and WI were not going to work in the desert.

8 Copper Pans A’ Cooking! Recently I took a close inventory of the pans in my kitchen and realized that I still had more than my fair share of old, yucky frying pans, skillets, and kettles without lids. I did a bold thing and got rid of most of them, and now I think the only way to go is to replace at least some of them with copper pans. 11 Unique Musical Instruments. Bed in a Box: Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress Review. Bed in a Box Review - Ashley Signature Design. Bed-in-a-Box Review: Lucid Gel Memory Foam. Bed in a Box: Live and Sleep Cool Memory Foam Review. Bed-in-a-Box: Sealy Adaptive Comfort Layers Review. Pizzaz Pizza Oven Review: Best Pizza Oven Ever! Super Duper Super food Smoothies. Bed-in-a-Box Review: Tuft and Needle: Not Too Firm, Not Too Soft.

Best Skincare Products and Tools. 9 Swanky Small Kitchen Appliances. 11 Gifts for Dog Lovers. 10 Cool Gifts for the Techie. 7 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers. Silicone Rings for Active People. Top 7 Superhero Costumes. Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2018. 7 Fun Halloween Yard Decorations. Top Toys for Your Kids to Open at Your Ex’s House on Christmas 2018.