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Pretty Twisted cuffs: Knitty First Fall 2011. CUFFED Using the cable cast-on method, cast on 25 stitches.

Pretty Twisted cuffs: Knitty First Fall 2011

Row 1 [RS]: K. Row 2 [WS]: Work Row 2 of the Linen Stitch pattern Row 3: Work Row 1 of Linen Stitch. Row 4: Work Row 2 of Linen Stitch. Work Row 3 and 4 until piece measures .5 inch longer than wrist measurement, ending with Row 2 of the pattern. K 1 row. Buttonhole Loops: Bind off 4 sts. 21 stitches rem. Sl 1 st over the other (1 st rem on right needle. 20 sts in total). Bind off 6 sts. (14 sts rem). Bind off 6 sts. (7 sts) K next st onto right needle and work a 4-inch section of I-cord.

RETRO Using the cable cast-on method, cast on 11 sts. Note: Linen stitch is worked on the 9 sts between slipped stitch edges, to create an elegant edge. Setup row [RS]: Sl 1 knitwise, k9, p1. Continuing with slipped stitch edge, work Rows 1 and 2 of Linen Stitch until piece measures 1 inch longer than wrist length, ending with a Row 1. Bind off 5 stitches. Slip st back onto left needle and bind off all rem sts. Work 5 rows in garter st. Tricot magic loop accessoires. Tuto Boucles d'oreille bonbon de alittlemercerie -

Broches mini-tricot - K-Thys Créations. Addict de tricot comme vous le savez, j'ai confectionné des broches mini-tricot à accrocher où vous le souhaitez !

Broches mini-tricot - K-Thys Créations

Affichez votre passion ! Un merveilleux cadeau à offrir à toutes les mamans tricoteuses !!! Disponible dans 15 teintes unies (jusqu'à épuisement de stock) dans mes boutiques ALM et Dawanda J'ai aussi eu l'idée d'autre petites choses telles que boucles d'oreilles tricot et crochet, barrette cheveux et broche différente, mais sans plus, je vais mijoter tout ça dans ma ptit tête.... Ou pour faire dans l'extrême, en version déco.... 2 trouvailles parmis tant d'autres sur le net.... Phoenix United Craft Society » Blog Archive » Mini Felted Fascinator Hats. In my search for a cute head covering to wear to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah, I came up with two bases to make some little felted fascinator hats from.

Phoenix United Craft Society » Blog Archive » Mini Felted Fascinator Hats

The “Fedora” style has a little more brim and a smaller dome than the “Bowler” style, which, conversely has a narrower brim and wider potential dome. Both are very malleable, depending on the amount of felting and shaping that you do to the fabric, you can use these two basic shapes to pull out many styles of tiny hat.

Finished hats will be around 4 inches in diameter. Phoenix United Craft Society » Blog Archive » Mini Felted Fascinator Hats. Crochet Mini Top Hat Pattern- boys and girls. My knitted wool top hat - The Steampunk Empire. I was asked how I made my hat and I figured I should do a write up.

My knitted wool top hat - The Steampunk Empire

It started when I found this site and a pattern for a tricorn hat: I recommend thoroughly reading that article site and getting comfortable with the process. I modified the plan itself but the overall procedure is the same for most of it. My directions will make a little more sense if you directly compare to those instruction as they are written slightly better. So this may not be the best way, but it's how I did it. Start: Cast on 108 placing stitch markers after 10, 10, 14, 10, 10, 10, 10, 14, 10, 10. Free pattern: good night irene victorian choker. Tricorn Hat - Knit Like A Pirate. To make the pirate hats pictured above, you will need: 1 29-inch size 13 circular needle 600 yards worsted-weight wool (feltable) 10 stitch markers, one unique 3 medium stainless steel safety pins (quilting pins are best) tapestry needle Nice but not necessary: Size 13 double-pointed needles Carrying-weight eyelash yarn Dyed ostrich plume Knitting: This hat is knit with two strands of wool held together.

Tricorn Hat - Knit Like A Pirate

Getting started: Using the cabled cast-on, cast on 150 stitches. Put the unique stitch marker on one of your needles.Joint work in the round, being damn sure not to twist. There are a lot of stitches, so it would be fatally easy.If you are using eyelash, do not use it in the cast-on. Zero the Ghostly Dog. Free Zero Dog Toy Knitting Pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

Zero the Ghostly Dog

Here is a little free pattern I've created for any knitting fan of Tim Burtons cult film 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', it's Zero the ghostly dog Jack Skellingtons faithful little pooch. Materials *DK/worsted weight/4ply yarn, 1 ball white & small amount of black, orange and red for detail. *3.25mm needles (UK size 10, US size 3) *Toy stuffing *Yarn needleSuggested yarn : Bernat Glow in the dark worm white (available here) Yarn weight and needle size are open to your own interpretation, basically increase/decrease the sizes for a bigger or smaller Zero. Gauge also isn't important but for the head and ears make sure the stitches are tight enough so the stuffing doesnt show through. Body. 1001 doudous à tricoter.


Voodoo dolls.