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Free Pattern – A Rose by Any Other Name Brooch. Gevlochten Bal / Braided Ball pattern by Marleen Hartog. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download This is a great pattern for leftovers of not too thin (or too thick) yarn.

Gevlochten Bal / Braided Ball pattern by Marleen Hartog

I stumbled upon this ball a few years back, but never found a pattern for it, so I decided to find out how it was made myself, from just a photo. Quinn: Cabled Bag Knitting Pattern » CogKnition. Collana Cordoncino pattern by Alez Zoppelli. Fig Leaf pattern by Karen S. Lauger. Beaded Wedding Purse pattern by Susan Rainey. Moutarde tas pattern by Puk Vossen. Cherries pattern by Amanda Berry.

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download You can knit these cherries as play food, or make into jewellery.

Cherries pattern by Amanda Berry

THE PATTERN INCLUDES: Row numbers for each step so you don’t lose your place, instructions for making the cherries, photos, a list of abbreviations and explanation of some techniques, a materials list and recommended yarns. The pattern is 3 pages and written in English. TECHNIQUES: The cherry and leaves are knitted flat on straight knitting needles, and the stalks are i-cord pieces knitted on two DPNs. You will need to cast on and off, knit, purl, increase, decrease, knit i-cord and sew seams. Medicine Pouch – Tolt Yarn and Wool. Band Cuffs pattern by Star Athena. Knitting pattern for Japanese Knot Bag. This is a knitting pattern for a bag inspired by the Japanese knot bag.

Knitting pattern for Japanese Knot Bag

It is a clever bag design that requires no extra accessories for closure. A Japanese knot bag is a small roundish bag with 2 handles. It is frequently made with recycled kimono fabric. Circlet pattern by Dani Sunshine. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download This little crown is the perfect project for last minute gifts, fancy dress outfits, or just to knit for fun in between projects.

Circlet pattern by Dani Sunshine

Gauge isn’t crucial; with a fine yarn and small needles you can make a delicate circlet, use thicker yarn and bigger needles for a more robust, stately piece. The desirable fabric should be firm but flexible. The circlet is designed to fit the head sizes listed above with 2 - 3 inches of negative ease. ICord Friendship Bracelet Pattern. I loved making friendship bracelets when I was younger.

ICord Friendship Bracelet Pattern

They came around at the perfect time; right before high school when crafting was lame and right after I became super sick of needlepoint. Daria Bracelet pattern by Kala Hotakainen. Knitted Quarter Sized Bead Bag - Beadwork. There are two ways to knit with beads, the first and easier one is the one I'm covering here.

Knitted Quarter Sized Bead Bag - Beadwork

It's beaded knitting. BagLady Press has a great discussion of the two methods here. You can also order all the supplies you need from them. I designed and knit this bag in an evening watching tv with my daughter. A friend of mine who is an amazing knitter told me she hadn't yet tried making one of these because of the size of the needles and the time stringing the beads, I told her if I could do it, anyone could.

It's done in simple garter stitch. Supplies needed: Size 0000 dp knitting needles, I got mine at my local beadstore. size 8 perle cotton hank of size 11 seed beads, a hank is important unless you have a bead spinner. Cast on 14 stitches, and leave a long enough tail to sew up one side later. 10 inches should be plenty. and do the first row in plain knit stitch. Pretty Twisted pattern by Cat Wong. This trio of linen stitch bracelets is the perfect way to use the remainders of your most beautiful yarns--little works of art for your wrist. ______ This pattern, and items made from it, are for personal use only.

Pretty Twisted pattern by Cat Wong

While I cannot stop anyone from doing so, if you feel somehow entitled to personally profit from selling items made using my designs: acknowledge me as the designer. knit the item properly (no one likes sloppy seconds). make a donation from each sale (yes, every single one) to your local food bank. iKNITSonYouTube's Knitted Bracelets. F184 Small Felted Purse pattern by JoAnne Turcotte.

Free Pattern. Strozzi, knit in Suede Deluxe, is a lariat type necklace with garter stitch leaf shapes.

Free Pattern

PDF Instructions (If you can’t open this PDF file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it here.) Approximately 40” long 1 Ball BERROCO SUEDE DELUXE (50 grs), #3904 Hopalong Gold 2 Double pointed knitting needles, size 6 There are no gauge requirements for this necklace With double pointed needles, cast on 2 sts and work I-Cord as follows: ** Row 1: * K2, do not turn work. Leaf: Row 1 (RS): K1, yo, k1 – 3 sts. Row 2: K1, (k1, yo, k1, yo, k1) all in yo, k1 – 7 sts. Dec Row (RS): SSK, k to last 2 sts, k2 tog – 5 sts.

Next Row (RS): SSK, k1 – 2 sts. Purse with Leaves pattern by Kristiina Temin. Circlet pattern by Dani Sunshine. Pretty Twisted pattern by Cat Wong. Pretty Twisted cuffs: Knitty First Fall 2011. CUFFED Using the cable cast-on method, cast on 25 stitches.

Pretty Twisted cuffs: Knitty First Fall 2011

Row 1 [RS]: K. Row 2 [WS]: Work Row 2 of the Linen Stitch pattern Row 3: Work Row 1 of Linen Stitch. Row 4: Work Row 2 of Linen Stitch. Work Row 3 and 4 until piece measures .5 inch longer than wrist measurement, ending with Row 2 of the pattern. K 1 row. Buttonhole Loops: Bind off 4 sts. 21 stitches rem. Sl 1 st over the other (1 st rem on right needle. 20 sts in total). Bind off 6 sts. (14 sts rem). Bind off 6 sts. (7 sts) K next st onto right needle and work a 4-inch section of I-cord. RETRO Using the cable cast-on method, cast on 11 sts. Note: Linen stitch is worked on the 9 sts between slipped stitch edges, to create an elegant edge. Setup row [RS]: Sl 1 knitwise, k9, p1.

Continuing with slipped stitch edge, work Rows 1 and 2 of Linen Stitch until piece measures 1 inch longer than wrist length, ending with a Row 1. Bind off 5 stitches. Slip st back onto left needle and bind off all rem sts. VIXX – VOODOO DOLL – Dance tutorial by J-Dan-Pro. Crochet motif de girafe. Amended on 22/06/13 Here is my pattern for my little Giraffe.

Crochet motif de girafe

This is the first crochet pattern I’ve written, so I hope that it’s ok. I’m the master of dropping or gaining stitches, so don’t worry if you do too. Also, I’m sorry if any of the final quantities of stitches aren’t quite right, I wouldn’t worry too much if it’s 24 not 26 etc.


Tuto vetements. Tuto réalisation. Tutoriel tricot. Tuto gratuit ring box -boîte à bague- au tricot - Plouf !... dans l'herbe. Une tricopine m'a demandé si je pouvais faire un tuto de tricot pour une ring box (boîte à bague en français dans le texte... nettement moins joli à mon goût !). Autant en faire profiter tout le monde... J'ai pris une laine qui se tricote avec du 3.5, donc vous pouvez ajuster les aiguilles en fonction de la taille finale que vous souhaitez. Là la taille convient, mais on eput aussi la faire un petite peu plus petite.

A titre indicatif, j'ai mis environ 2h30 à la faire hier soir, en faisant autre chose en même temps... Matériel : 2 aiguilles simple pointe n°3.5 ; 5 aiguilles double pointe n°3 ; bouton, fils à tricoter de 2 couleurs, ciseaux, etc. La Boîte : Monter souplement 10 mailles. Passer les 10 mailles restantes sur une aiguille double pointe n°3, et reprendre, avec les autres aiguilles double pointe n°3, les mailles de chacun des 3 autres côtés (une aiguille par côté).

Faire une seconde pièce identique. L'Intérieur : 1-2. Tuto balle au tricot, balle tricotée (2 aiguilles) - Elodie. Bonjour ! J'avais dans l'idée de faire un jeu de boules "d'appartement" pour ma fille... Je ne sais pas crocheter donc je part à la recherche d'un tuto de balle au tricot ! La quasie totalité des patrons se tricotent en rond.... sauf que je ne sais pas le faire ! Après plusieurs essais pas toujours concluants (balle pas très ronde, trop petite, trop grosse...) voilà LE modèle que je vais garder très précieusement !