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Zelf Leren Tekenen - Pagina 4 van 4 - Tekenlessen In Stappen. Tekenen: Leer switchen tussen je hersenhelften. Waarom zou een mens willen kunnen switchen tussen zijn hersenhelften?

Tekenen: Leer switchen tussen je hersenhelften

Om ten volle te kunnen profiteren van de specifieke verschillen. Doordat de linkerhersenhelft bij de meeste mensen dominant is, komt de rechter-hersenhelft in de verdrukking en wordt deze nauwelijks aangesproken. Terwijl we daar net zoveel profijt van kunnen trekken! Je rechterhersenhelft zet de tijd stil, velt geen oordeel en biedt alle ruimte voor meditatie. We spreken ook wel van de R-modus en de L-modus.

Beide hersenhelften leveren hun specifieke aandeel aan de ontwikkeling van cognitieve processen. De overgang van Links naar Rechts ervaren Hoe weet je of en wanneer je beide hersenhelften optimaal gebruikt? Tekenen: Een gelijkend portret. Eye drawing. How to Draw - Free Online Drawing Tutorials - DrawingNow. Tutorial: Shading and Blending by Cataclysm-X on deviantART. Tutorial: Shading and Blending by Cataclysm-X on deviantART. 40 Free Tutorials on Advanced Drawing Techniques.

How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes. 9 Comments | August 11, 2011 Eyes… the window into the soul as they say.

How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes

Below is a collection of resources on how to draw eyes to help you make sure your drawings have soul. Have fun! Portrait Tutorial - How to Draw a Face Step by Step. Lady with Long Hair Skin Smoothing with Photoshop CS5.

Portrait Tutorial - How to Draw a Face Step by Step

Skin Texture by Graphite Pencils by chong-yi on deviantART. Over 30 Drawing Tutorials That Show You How to Draw The Human Eye. Visual References. Shading Techniques. How to create and keep an art journal. By aisling d'art ©2006 Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme.

How to create and keep an art journal

An art journal can be a record of your daily thoughts, a travel journal, an exercise or diet diary, a dream journal, a place where you jot down your goals or to-do lists, or... well, almost any record that you'd like to keep in a book or notebook. They become "art journals" when you add any kind of illustration or embellishment to the pages. These pages share ideas and tips for creating and keeping your own illustrated journal. Drawing. Pencil Portrait Lessons.

In the last lesson on eyes we talked about the various problems that artists run into when trying to draw eyes as realistic as possible.

Pencil Portrait Lessons

How to draw the face - Portrait Art Tutorials, lessons on portrait art basics. This book is highly (and frequently) recommended on this site.

How to draw the face - Portrait Art Tutorials, lessons on portrait art basics.

"The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards shows how anyone can learn how to draw, even if they think they have no "talent. " (If you are in the UK, look for this book on One of my favorite art teachers was a student of Betty Edwards, and he taught her method in his class. It was a great class, and everyone saw great improvement in their work. I am firmly convinced of the effectiveness of her methods. This book is groundbreaking in its own way. The Academy of Art university. How to Draw Facial Expressions to Show Emotion. In this Quick Tip I will be showing some useful guidelines you can follow to create the base of a head with facial features, following that up with quick tips on how to shape the facial features to create an expression/show emotion!

How to Draw Facial Expressions to Show Emotion

We will start by creating a base shape of the head before focusing on the expressions. Start by drawing out a simple head shape, an oval for the skull, two ears, a neck and the start of the shoulder. Once you've got a shape that pleases you, we will start placing in the grid that will help us place the facial features. Now draw a vertical line that separates the face in half and make sure either size are about the same width. If one side is obviously wider than the other, adjust them until you are satisfied. FREE Andrew Loomis Art Instruction Downloads. The great Andrew Loomis created several amazing and useful books on Illustration, Drawing, and Painting.

FREE Andrew Loomis Art Instruction Downloads

These rare, out-of-print books are free to distribute, and Illustration Age is honored to offer the following free downloads in pdf format. Please help to spread the word by sharing this post with your fellow artists. Also be sure to browse our own selection of self-published ebooks and audiobooks! Creative Illustration. Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Basics of The Face. Having thoroughly explored the human body, it is time to start looking more closely at its details, starting with the face.

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Basics of The Face

The very first thing the eye looks for, in any setting, is the human face, and this applies also to art: a viewer will first look at the face of your character. Mastering the face, particularly the drawing of lively expressive faces, is therefore well worth the effort. In this tutorial we're learning the basics of the face – proportions, features and foreshortening, and we'll go into the details of facial variations in our next session. The skull is a slightly flattened sphere, to which the jaw is appended so that, seen face-on, it has the shape of an egg, pointy side down. Two perpendicular midlines cut the egg into four quarters. How to Draw the Head From Any Angle. The Basic Forms.

How to Draw the Head From Any Angle

Get inspired. Practice. Improve your drawing skills! Drawing Portraits. Our lesson on drawing portraits is an illustrated step by step tutorial that will teach you the skills and techniques you need to help you draw a convincing pencil portrait. Our section on the Proportions of the Head helps you to measure the size, calculate the shape and position the features of a face in your drawings. If you follow these basic proportions you should notice an improvement in the accuracy of your portraits. 50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing. Advertisement Traditional drawing is certainly way harder than digital and it is true that people are able to progress much faster digitally, but one should learn the traditional type of drawing and painting before starting digital drawing, since it often lays out the foundation for screen design.

This article contains a mixture of traditional drawing tutorials, drawing techniques and some methods for transforming and preparing your creations for screen design. Some are intermediate level and some are advanced tutorials that include general theory, useful tips, comic inspired art, sketch a pencil drawing, coloring processing, character sketching, shapes, proportional, perspective and much more. We hope that drawing tutorials and techniques in this post will be a great help to you.