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Early literacy

Skillswise - Homepage. Search Results. Reader's Theater Editions (Readers Theatre, Free Scripts, Short Children's Plays) Reading Enriches Learning - REL home. The Reading Enriches Learning website aims to stimulate and motivate all students to become confident readers.

Reading Enriches Learning - REL home

Each themed collection highlights a topical issue (i.e. Values, History, Sustainability) that is critical to Australian schooling today. These themes act as a springboard for learning as students actively make connections between literature and the world in which they live. Imagine, program, share. Museum Box Homepage. Collaborative storytelling. Patterns in Mathematics. Here's what others have said about the Syntax Store. ---------------------------- After I made my first sentence I could tell what had to happen to make my next sentence a sentence.

Patterns in Mathematics

It was just a need to rearrange the colors so that verbs and nouns were in the right order. This is a really interesting thing to do and students would be able to learn how word order makes a difference in writing. ---------------------------- I tried to make a sentence using all the same color and found out that that won't work. Tobias%20Blow. Winners 2011 - CBCA. Award-winning Children's Books and the Major Children's Book Awards. Storyline Online. The Heart of Doodles and Sketches.