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Facebook rolls out a new look for Messenger. Following this week’s news that Messenger for Android users can now use the app for SMS, Facebook announced this morning a new look for its mobile messaging app that aims to offer more than just a simple list of recent conversations.

Facebook rolls out a new look for Messenger

While those will remain at the top of the screen, they’ll now be followed by new sections showing your Favorite contacts, friends’ birthdays, and an “Active Now” section. This latter area will help you see who’s currently online by placing a green dot next to the friend’s name, as you’re familiar with from the desktop site’s chat sidebar. And you can tap a “See All” link to see everyone available via chat. Meanwhile, the Favorites section will highlight those you message with the most, Facebook says, and is meant to act as a shortcut to starting new conversations with those friends. These two areas seem like helpful additions, but the birthdays section is maybe not as welcome. Lockers, School Lockers, Metal Lockers. The Worlds Most Advanced Skin Micro Needling Device. Welcome to Real Property Management - Orange County. Substance Abuse Treatment. Lockers, School Lockers, Metal Lockers. Stand out from the crowd — Finding Your Tone Of Voice. Advertisement When creating content for the Web, considering tone of voice is important.

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