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The #mmorpg Daily. [Guides] TERA Online : Présentation - Tera. TERA [Guide], le 03/05/2012 13:05:39 MMORPG : Découvrez The exilded Realms of Telara La sortie en magasin de TERA Online se fait aujourd'hui, même si un grand nombre de joueurs écument le monde d'Arun et Shara depuis près d'une semaine.

[Guides] TERA Online : Présentation - Tera

Les joueurs ayant pré-commandé le jeu vont maintenant être rejoints par le reste de la communauté. Si vous ne savez pas encore quelle race, ou classe vous voulez jouer, ou si vous ne connaissez pas le jeu, nous vous invitons à découvrir nos présentations sur les classes, races et les différents aspects de ce MMO. TERA est un MMORPG basé sur un univers d'heroic fantasy. Vous pourrez influencer le monde en participant aux élections des gouverneurs de région, que ce soit en électeur ou comme candidat. Le gameplay lui est novateur. Pour finir, vous pourrez retrouver Millenium sur TERA, avec notre guilde présente sur le serveur Callida (PvP) X Fermer la vidé En savoir plus sur l'auteur. World of Darkness is CCP's bid for the MMO mainstream. CCP Games, the Reykjavik, Iceland-headquartered developer of the space-faring MMO EVE Online, has rooted its success in a clear game design goal: to provide full sandbox gameplay designed to empower players to create emergent situations.

World of Darkness is CCP's bid for the MMO mainstream

Now the company will use that design principle with its upcoming World of Darkness MMO. In development in its Atlanta, GA studio, and based on the White Wolf tabletop role playing IP of the same name, the game is headed up by creative director Reynir Hardarson (pictured). While MMOs typically promise players virtually limitless possibilities to explore and interact, there's a streak of linearity and hand-holding that is prevalent in MMO design. China's Changyou reviving once-shuttered MMO Shadowbane. It's been nearly three years since Ubisoft shut down the Wolpack Studios-created MMO Shadowbane, but Chinese game developer and operator Changyou wants to bring back the hardcore fantasy game with a new version built for Asian markets.

China's Changyou reviving once-shuttered MMO Shadowbane

China-focused game site reports that Changyou has acquired the intellectual property rights and source code to the Shadowbane name and universe, and is using these resources to create a new title dubbed World of Shadowbane. Changyou has released few details regarding the game itself, but online game blog MMO Culture reports that it has been working on this new Shadowbane title for roughly a year.


Age of Conan. Rift. World of Midgard MMORPG to come to Android soon. Made with Unity3D. Details Published on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 13:44 Written by {ga=andrew-huff-aka-extremet} In case you don't have enough MMORPGs to play, not that there is a whole lot of them available for Android, there is another one making the journey to Android soon.

World of Midgard MMORPG to come to Android soon. Made with Unity3D.

World of Midgard is an MMORPG developed using the Unity3D game engine (that is becoming a common phrase these days) and features some pretty impressive content and graphics. Josh Bycer's Blog - The Tricky Transition of Payment Models in MMOs. The Tricky Transition of Payment Models in MMOs.

Josh Bycer's Blog - The Tricky Transition of Payment Models in MMOs.

The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. As the popularity of Free-To-Play games continues to grow,developers are left with the challenge of designing around the new model,or altering their original vision. However, there are elements of F2P design that must be considered when making the change. Sony Online's EverQuest II Goes Entirely Free-To-Play. Following last year's experiment to run a concurrent freemium service, Sony Online Entertainment's fantasy-themed MMORPG EverQuest II is switching to an entirely free-to-play model.

Sony Online's EverQuest II Goes Entirely Free-To-Play

The switch will occur in early December, according to the company, to coincide with its latest expansion pack, Age of Discovery. The game, which recently celebrated its seven-year anniversary, will no longer require an upfront fee to download and play. Memberships will now be split into three classes: a Free class that offers basic functionality with some limitations, a Silver class that removes many restrictions, and a subscription-based Gold service that offers several premium-tier options for ease of play. Dave Toulouse's Blog - From Indies To Indies: Neil Yates From Indie MMO Dead Frontier. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Dave Toulouse's Blog - From Indies To Indies: Neil Yates From Indie MMO Dead Frontier

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Features - Ambitious Plans: The Marriage of EVE and Dust. CCP is trying something ambitious -- but that doesn't seem to be making quite the waves it ought to.

Features - Ambitious Plans: The Marriage of EVE and Dust

It is linking its successful MMO, EVE Online, directly and fundamentally into its next game, Dust 514, a console shooter. Players in EVE and Dust will interact directly. If you play the sci-fi shooter, which will launch on the PlayStation Network as a downloadable game, you will be able to accept mercenary jobs from EVE players, or even join EVE's player-driven corporations. The economies of the games are unified, and the battles fought in Dust will have consequences for the players of EVE who run the corporations that sponsor them. In this interview, producer Thomas Farrer, who works out of CCP's Shanghai studio, where Dust is being developed, answers questions about the tight integration of the two titles, why the company chose to go with PlayStation 3 and not Xbox 360, and how the company has been planning for this as far back as 2008. TF: I was thinking about this.

TF: Yeah. Features - The F-Words Of MMOs: Free-To-Play. Features - The F-Words of MMORPGs: Fairness. [In this, the first part of a three-part series, MMO economy expert Simon Ludgate examines the concept of fairness -- how the economy of a game, and the way items function, can keep the player base convinced that the game is fair, and thus, satisfying to play -- and how some games have either maintained or destroyed this delicate and abstract concept through their designs.]

Features - The F-Words of MMORPGs: Fairness

Late last year, I wrote an article about Virtual Economic Theory. It was fairly broad, covering a number of basics and a few specific case studies. This series of articles go beyond the basics and examine major current issues in MMORPG economies, with the help of some of the people who brought those systems into existence. If you haven't read the original article, give it a skim over; I'll try not to duplicate much of that material in the pages that follow. Joining me are a few of the legends in MMORPG history (listed are the games which we discussed): E3 2011: Nival announces Facebook-integrated MMO Prime World. Nival may be a new player in the MMOsphere, but Prime World, its first big push into the fray, is looking to turn a few heads.

E3 2011: Nival announces Facebook-integrated MMO Prime World

Developed in the Unity 3D engine and promising an intense PvP experience inspired by Defense of the Ancients, Prime World hopes to break from other, similar games by integrating itself into Facebook. News Tagged With "MakingAnMMO" "What makes a good MMORPG? " I've decided to devote a bit of my time and a few articles to exploring this.

In my last few pieces, I wrote about character progression, followed by gameplay mechanics and combat, and in the one before I spoke of story and premise. Judson Rose's Blog - A Numbers Game: The Narrative Transparency of World of Warcraft. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. I canceled my subscription to World of Warcraft today, and though somewhere inside I feel like I’m leaving behind a part of who I’ve been for the past six or so years, it was a departure I’ve seen coming for some time. Cataclysm may be the biggest thing to happen to World of Warcraft in its expansive run, but for me, it simply isn’t enough.

I’ve said it before, though with luck I won’t have to say it again—I’ve quit World of Warcraft, and I don’t intend to come back. Before I get a shower of “cool story bro” from the zero people who visit my website at this point, let me explain my Warcraft resume in brief: Myst Online goes open source (again) If a dictionary entry for the phrase "long, strange road" existed, it likely would feature an image from Myst Online. The fantasy MMORPG began its checkered life as the multiplayer component of 2003's Uru: Ages Beyond Mist before being scrapped and subsequently revived by GameTap in 2007. Cyan Worlds then acquired the title and released it as a free-to-play MMO, a strange move considering that the company also open-sourced Myst Online assets in 2008 but continued to support a commercial-grade centralized shard.

This morning, Rock, Paper Shotgun tipped us to the fact that Cyan is once again fanning the flames of open source by announcing that the game's MOULA client engine and associated development tools (as well as a MOULA server replacement called MOSS) will be made available and hosted on Features - The Design of Free-To-Play Games: Part 1.

When we talk about free-to-play games, we are not talking of a new genre, but instead of a deep revolution that is affecting most aspects and actors of the game industry: marketing, publishing, hardware manufacturers, and of course, designers and developers. Free-to-play (F2P) is here to stay. That is good news; it is expanding the number of people who play games, it is stimulating the industry after a slow-down, and it gives us the opportunity to create new gaming experiences for players. En Masse delaying TERA launch to 2012 [Updated] En Masse Entertainment has finally broken its silence about TERA's launch window, and there's both good and bad news for fans of the upcoming fantasy game. The bad news is that there's still no definitive launch date.

The good news is that the time window has been narrowed considerably. In a new press release issued this morning, En Masse said that TERA will release sometime in the spring of 2012. That should put to rest months of speculation as to whether the game will reach North American shores in 2011 (as well as whether it will be competing for launch customers with The Old Republic, which BioWare expects to release prior to the end of the year). En Masse publishing vice president Chris Lee commented on the launch delay, indicating that the extra time will result in a more polished product.

Features - The Replay Interviews: Rich Vogel. Gamersfirst-announces-first-unity-3d. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. Salem, le MMORPG de la mort. News Detail. On parle de MMO sur Facebook.