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Facebook Twitter Crafts Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Kristen Swain Decorating a teen room is not the easiest thing to do.

Several years ago, I was inspired by a Hannah Montana CD that had all these CDs hanging around her. I thought they were really cute, colorful and totally fun for a teen. I created a small teen room CD hanging for my minion’s room, and since then we’ve added on to the hanging a few times, because, you know, it’s pretty rad and all, and bigger is better. I honestly think this is a universal decor, both for boys and girls, maybe for a man cave if your man is into music. An amazing method for making a rug without using a knitting needle.

String art. Jak si na stěnu namalovat oblíbenou filmovou scénu pomocí tohoto triku - Čarujeme. Jednoduchý návod, jak si na stěnu namalovat vaši oblíbenou fotografii nebo filmovou scénu pomocí projektoru a tohoto jednoduchého triku.

Jak si na stěnu namalovat oblíbenou filmovou scénu pomocí tohoto triku - Čarujeme

Podrobný návod s fotografiemi všech kroků najdete v článku. Potřebujete černou barvumalý válečekprojektorobrázekmalířské štětce různých velikostí Postup. Návod na krásnou keramickou mísu se vzorkem - Čarujeme. Připravte se na situace, kdy nebudete mít po ruce všelijaké vymoženosti.

Trápí Vás holé zdi? Máme 21 skvělých nápadů, které je oživí - Čarujeme. Jaye's First Birthday: Jute Wrapped Cake Stand - Real Life Notes. After making the Burlap Banner Wreath, I started thinking about food.

Jaye's First Birthday: Jute Wrapped Cake Stand - Real Life Notes

And how to display it. I think a food table looks much better and more interesting with food at different heights. So I decided to make two cake stands. I’d pinned a couple of different ideas, but the one I ended up following most closely was a random link from some Linky Party somewhere that stuck in my head even though I never pinned it. Sorry not to be able to give credit! Your supplies: two cheap plates–mine were 2 bucks each at Walmart, Mainstay brandtwo cheap bases–these could be candlesticks, cups, etc. mine were ice cream sundae cups, also 2 bucks each at WalmartE-6000 glue stuffJute twineHot glue gun. Finish.jpg (JPEG Image, 1100 × 733 pixels) - Scaled (93%) Little Things Bring Smiles: *Rustic Snowflake Tutorial*

I have a few requests for a "How-To" on the Rustic Snowflakes I posted a couple of days ago so here it is!

Little Things Bring Smiles: *Rustic Snowflake Tutorial*

This DIY Craft is great because there is no "correct" way of doing it--you can add what you want as you go! The Rustic Snowflakes can be as simple or complex as YOU want! I enjoyed making all 8 of mine completely different to add more visual interest and to keep my creativity flowing! Materials needed to create Rustic Snowflakes: We’ve started a tradition of having our kids make a new Christmas tree ornament every year.

I like having our tree decorated with meaningful bits of child craftiness from Christmas gone by. This year I was searching the web for ornaments ideas that we could make, and that also had the following characteristics: 1. kid friendly (as in they would enjoy making them), 2. would allow the ability (i.e. surface area) to write our names and the year on the ornament, and 3. something that might also get us outside in order to collect our ornament making supplies.

I found several options, so I thought I would share. 1. Peanut Snowmen. And don’t forget to use that Queen Anne’s Lace you collected last summer… You probably know how much we LOVE making Christmas crafts here in my home daycare.

We LOVE making homemade Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations. We also like making stuff that doesn’t cost a lot of money. We try to use basic craft supplies, and items you already have around the house whenever we’re crafting. These cool reindeer crafts make perfect tree ornaments, stocking stuffers or gifts for friends, classmates and coworkers.

They can also help your kids pass the time during the holidays by making some crafts revolving around Santa’s reindeer. Create your very own adorable reindeer to keep you company throughout the holiday season. They are easy to make and fun to give. Create the adorable Reindeer gift tags with peanut shells. Karácsonyi ajtódísz festett faágakból. Notable Nest: Foldable Snowflake Ornament. I've got a really fun 3D Christmas ornament to show you!

Notable Nest: Foldable Snowflake Ornament

It's very inexpensive to make (paper, ribbon and a bead) and is so interactive for the recipient. Plus it stores easily since it folds up, so you can use it for years and years! It starts off as a tag for a present ... and when you slide the bead back, it explodes into a 3D paper snowflake ornament ... It's based on a folding technique that my friends Helen and Rene used at an ornament exchange last month. 1. 2. Happy Holidays Everyone!

I absolutely love this time of year, especially in New York City. There are lights and decorations everywhere, plus I love when the Christmas tree vendors fill the streets with evergreens. In honor of the season I wanted to share a few ornaments I’ve been working on with you guys. (And while I’ve been using them for my Christmas tree, they would also make perfect New Year’s Eve decorations!) Snowy Balloon Ornaments.

Make a Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament. Home » $1 and Free, cheap crafts, Headline, Holiday Crafts, Kids 25 November 2012 12,125 views 8 Comments. Možno z cesta? :) Christmas is one of my favorite holidays for crafting with my kids. I like projects that are cute, easy to make, and often involve supplies we have on hand already. Most homes have long forgotten puzzles that can be used for this craft! 95bd5065589ed4a15e92ade1fdd2f665.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 2100 pixels) - Scaled (47%) For What It's Worth...or Not.: Rudolph, What's so Puzzling? Ever since I was a freshman in college, I started making homemade ornaments.

This began as a necessity at first, since I didn't have ornaments of my own to decorate my little tree. Now that Samantha is around, they have become a gift that she gives to the special people in her life, i.e. Grandparents, Godparents, Babysitters, etc. This year I wanted to make them with what we had spending as little money as possible. Google Translate. Country Ornament DIY. This Country Ornament DIY a fun and festive way to decorate for Christmas. This is also a simple project to make with kids. Coffee sacks or burlap fabricStencils – I used Martha Stewart Crafts stencilsGlitterBakers Twine or threadPaintFabric glueScissorsBrush for the paintPaper to make a pattern for your ornament shape step 1 Take your paper and make a pattern for your ornament shape. I made a star and a heart. Once you have your pattern trace around it on your coffee sacks. Snowman of cups.

How to Make a Table Centerpiece. Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri ©2009-2014. All rights reserved. The blog. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2011 | Comments: 51 Inexpensive stemware from IKEA are easily converted into interesting snow globes… Holiday DIY - Part 1: Using Plastic Straws - Something on Everything. Ako si vyrobiť svietnik z plechovky. Pridal admin dňa June 5, 2014, 18 663 zobrazení S týmto návodom si môžete vyrobiť vlastný svietnik z obyčajnej plechovky. Diy-projects-with-jute-glass-jar-decorated-with-jute8.jpg (JPEG Image, 554 × 371 pixels) 6a011570601a80970b0148c7800558970c-pi (JPEG Image, 640 × 537 pixels) Photo by Linnell Chang “Sorry kids, but Grandma can’t knit and Grandma can’t crochet.” This is my apology to my future grandchildren. Unless a miracle happens, they won’t be receiving lovely knitted sweaters or soft crocheted blankets from me.

f986a14f9464e73df682cff1f06aa4db.jpg (JPEG Image, 236 × 356 pixels) Pridal admin dňa October 16, 2014, 37 421 zobrazení. Korkové zátky sú skvelým zdrojom pre "Urob si sám" projekty vďaka svojej štruktúre, tvaru, veľkosti a dostupnosti. Ľudia sa radi obklopujú prírodnými materiálmi, akým drevo prirodzene je. Pridal admin dňa January 23, 2015, 27 668 zobrazení. Pridal admin dňa January 21, 2015, 48 918 zobrazení Palety sú skvelým recyklačným materiálom pre domácich kutilov. So správnym ošetrením dreva môžu akékoľvek palety vyzerať dobre. Stačí už len pridať matrac, vankúše a posteľ je hotová.

Handmade nápad s návodom. Čarujeme s odtlačkami z listov (17 inšpirácií) Originálne drevené umývadlá s keramickou mozaikou. Betónová kuchynská linka. Stolík z debničiek. Jute%2520wrapped%2520table%2520lamp%2520base%255B5%255D.jpg (JPEG Image, 370 × 554 pixels) Action Figure Lamp. Kreatívne úložné riešenie na topánky. Geniálny nápad, ako využiť staré detské hračky. Bambusová misa na vlnu. DIY nápad: Sedačka vyrobená z betónových tvárnic.