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Needle Crafts

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Granny-basket. We´re exploring new ways to use the Pickles Fat & Happy yarn.


This fun basket is made with the granny-square technique. Works well for storing toys, yarn or winter accessories. We´re tempted to make one in each colours;) It´ll probably also be nice in multiple colours. Yarn500 g Pickles Fat & Happy Crochet hook N/15 Diameterabout 11"Heightabout 12.2" Please note: This pattern uses American terminology. Round 1: 4 chain stitches. Round 2: 2 chain stitches (= the first double crochet), 2 dc into the loop, 1 chain stitch. *3 dc into the loop, 1 chain stitch*. Round 3:2 chain stitches, 2 dc into the hole (made by the chain stitch from the previous round), 1 chain stitch, 3 dc into the same hole, 1 chain stitch. *3 dc into the next hole, 1 chain stitch, 3 dc into the same hole, 1 chain stitch*.

Round 5-12:2 lchain stitches, 2 dc into the hole, 1 chain stitch.*3 dc into the next hole, 1 chain stitch*.Repeat from * to * throughout the round.Finish with a slip stitch into the first dc. Vintage Internet Patterns For Babies. Baby Crochet Patterns - Only The Best Baby Crochet Patterns! Glossary. MADE. Pictures. 1930s farm dress. Sew Mama Sew!

Home Decorating Sewing Projects. Featured Project Quick-Stitch Dog Bed DIYStyle Vodcast Episode 7 Supplies Needed 1 yard of 45" print fabric for the Bed5/8 yard of polar fleece for the PillowMatching threadPolyfill1/2 yard VELCRO® brand sew on fastener 18" square pillow or pillowform Cutting Cut print fabric into two 18" x 45" pieces.Cut polar fleece to 19" wide x 50 Sewing To sew the Bed, place the print fabric's short ends, right sides together and stitch to form one long piece.Turn under 1" hems on each end, press, then stitch.Stitch long seam, right sides together, leaving an opening in the center, about 8" long for stuffing.Stitch each end closed, then apply VELCRO® tape, stitching along each edge of fastener to secure.Stuff tube with polyfill.

Home Decorating Sewing Projects

Now, let sleeping dogs lie (in style). Fabric by Michael Miller Fabrics Download this Project (pdf) for your DIYStyle Notebook. Needle Felting Hooty Owl Tutorial. Needle Felted Hooty Owls There are many different kinds of owls, each cuter than the next.

Needle Felting Hooty Owl Tutorial

(Barn Owl, Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl, Snowy Owl…) 216 species in all! As a needle felting project, these cute birds are easy to make, as a Waldorf style toy, they are fun to play with, find out for yourself! Emili holds the Hooty Owls in nests Materials: Wool-I use coarse wool (like Shetland, New Zealand or Corringdale) whenever possible. beige wool-body, head (base shape), wings grey wool-fluffy body covering, wings, lines around eyes black wool-eyes yellow ochre wool-beak white wool-face, dots in eyes acrilon or core wool-nest mold Tools: Felting needles-medium and heavy gauge Needle felting handles sponge-felting surface Note: I have photographed my hand in most of the steps so that you can more easily estimate the sizes of the shapes and quantities of wool. nest mold 1.