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Mount Nun Expedition (7135 M) Day 1: Arrive Delhi Arrive Delhi Airport Welcome to India- a country where hospitality is a way of life; to a culture steeped in tradition, a land where history lives in music and dance. You will be received at the airport in a traditional manner with garlands and & overnight stay at Hotel. Day 2: Delhi Proceed to IMF for clearance and briefing with Liaison Officer. Meals: Breakfast Day 3: Delhi - Leh (3,524 M) Morning after an early breakfast, we will transfer you to the airport to board flight to Leh. Meals: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Day 04: Leh (3,524 M) Morning after breakfast, we will take you to a guided tour of the Monasteries of the Indus Valley. Built on a green hillside surrounded by spectacular mountains, Hemis is the biggest and the most important monastery in Ladakh.

Thiksey,one of the most imposing monasteries belonging to the 15th century, stands on a crag overlooking the flood plain on the east bank of the Indus. Return to your hotel by the later part of the afternoon. Why Should You Plan a Char Dham Yatra in 2018? Char Dham Yatra has a special significance in Hinduism. Char Dham refers to four sacred abodes that are said to be holy owing to their religious significance and mentions in the Hindu scriptures. The Himalayan Char Dham pilgrimage circuit or the Chota Char Dham consists of four holy spots in the state of Uttarakhand namely, Gangotri, Yamnotri, Kedarnath & Badrinath. While Yamnotri and Gangotri are both Shakta sites, Badrinath is Vaishnava and Kedarnath is a Shaiva site. All these are particularly considered holy by the four sects of Hinduism. All the Char Dhams are located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, specifically in Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Badrinath and Chamoli districts. With the massive improvement in transportation infrastructure, it has become easier for pilgrims to complete the whole journey in just 15 days.

Considered as one of the most beautiful and pious areas in the world, the Char Dhams are known for their spiritual aura. Yamunotri Gangotri Kedarnath Dham Badrinath Dham. North East India Tour: Tea Gardens, Kaziranga National Park and Majuli Island. India is incomplete even if one its provinces are taken away. And it truly is incomplete without the great Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters or the North Eastern states of Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur with an addition of the state of Sikkim are integral to the diversity and sovereignty of India as a nation. Over time, the Seven Sisters have stood for their land, their forests and have been a rich source of cultural diversity. Before air travel was opened by India for North-East, it had mostly been undiscovered territory. There really is a lot to see and do in the North-East since there are so many state and so many places to cover. Breathing in the clean air North-East really is an exotic place to visit.

It actually is a much underrated place and has not been given its due. For a family holiday, North-East can be really great; since all of it will be something your kids might have never seen. For more information email us: Winter Treks in Himachal Pradesh. No matter what hill station we visit; we all have had mental peace at that juncture, a sense of contentment and tranquillity. That is what hill stations are ought to be.

And what better than the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh, or Himachal; as it is popularly called, is characteristically hilly terrain that receives moderate to heavy snowfall in the latter parts of the year. Typically lined with coniferous trees, laden with pines, the state is absolute paradise for those residing in Delhi, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Jaipur or even Agra- a few hours of drive and there you are! Not only does the state have different hill stations for people seeking different purposes; the hills are beautiful, and give a respite from the heat of the plains. Holidaying in the Hills One of the most popular hill stations in Himachal is Shimla, which once used to be the capital of the British during the British Raj. Trekking to the Rescue Triund trek Beas Kund Trek Tosh Valley Trek. Tours Archive - India Travel.

Rajasthan Tours: Pushkar Fair, Camel Safari, Sand and Dunes | Shikhar Blog. If there is the Gobi Desert and Arabian Desert in the Middle East, it’s the Thar Desert in India. Located in the north-western state of Rajasthan, the desert is famous for its sand dunes and the plethora of festivals that take place in the latter part of the year amidst sun and sand. Rajasthan is the appropriate place for anyone to visit who likes to explore a deep and rich history and for someone who wants to be treated like a king in the land where hundreds of great kings once ruled.

Colourful, full of zest & zeal and flocked by people from different parts of the world; Rajasthan is a place you must visit if you are into all things classic. The state proudly houses Udaipur, the city of Lakes; sometimes also called the Venice of East. The regal palaces and fort, that have now been converted to heritage hotels and resorts call out to all those willing to experience the life of Maharajas and Maharanis back in the days.

For more information email us: The Ice Walk – Chadar Trek in Zanskar | Shikhar Blog. Get ready for the most challenging trek of your lifetime – an ice walk on the frozen Zanskar River, an experience for the brave-hearted and thrill-seekers while you trek the Himalayas, its beauty leaving your breathless & gasping for more! Why Zanskar? Find yourself experiencing the adrenaline rush in one of the most sought-after treks in the world, brilliantly beautiful yet extremely challenging, one of a kind, once in a lifetime adventure, soon becoming a fad among travellers & adventure lovers from country & the world alike. The trek is all about persistence & survival – of learning to survive in the harsh terrains at sub-zero temperatures, interacting with the locals & understanding their way of living, especially in one of the most inhabitable regions in the world, while you trek across a dramatic gorge with frozen waterfalls on the frozen trail of Zanskar spanned out like a “Chadar” (hence the name) that acts like a mirror for the sky.

Dos & Don’ts. Travel Diaries of the North India: The Family Gateway | Shikhar Blog. A family holiday is a fulfilling trip in itself – one of the most awaited experiences of the year when one takes a break from the mad rush of life & discovers the world with the closest of our family & friends and indulges in some happy travel making memories for a lifetime! While travel knows no age, family adventures & getaways are the perfect occasion to bond with your folks & indulge in some carefree fun while you can get to experience the beauty of the north India of our own land like never before! NATURE’S RETREAT What can be better than a holiday in the lap of nature, where one gets to relish in the beauty & serenity of nature – exquisite views pleasing to the eyes, away from the urban chaos and enjoy a peaceful time with your family!

Planning a heritage tour gives you the opportunity to explore the wondrous realms of the historic cities, majestic monuments, temples & palaces, the local food – the stories of the past & what it has come to be today… The Adventures of Rajasthan Cycling | Shikhar Blog. Take up to brewing some thrilling escapades to recount & recollect for the ultimate joyride on 2 wheels, exploring the realms of the land of royalty & kingship – the landscapes of Rajasthan – cycling tours to satiate your call for some adventure & travel along with exploring the vibrant culture & grand heritage.

With the abundance of things to do & spaces of discover, the “2 wheel Rajasthan Safari” taking you on a ride through the rural scapes, cuisines, cultural extravaganzas, natural bounty & so much more, drawing travellers from all over. Here are a few tours taking you on the ultimate exploration of the state as suited to your needs, reaching out to the nooks & corners of the land starting at an easy pace and moving through tougher trails, riding along on 2 wheels or so to say “Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel…” Forget Stress at the Beaches of Goa | Shikhar Blog.

Goa, just the mere mention of the name, fills the mind with imagery of vast ocean, sunny beaches, sunbathing, beach parties, and ancient churches and the historical era that allures every traveller to relax and forget the stress. Heavily influenced by Portuguese culture, architecture and Christianity, Goa is blessed with amazing and serene shorelines that make it a perfect place. Being a small state, Goa amazes its tourists with architectural buildings built ages ago but still stands firmly with its beauty intact. Tourists from different pockets of the world visit Goa to enjoy its serene beauty that never fades away. A fantastic blend of Portuguese and Konkani food, an extensive range of party places and some virgin beaches, makes Goa an ideal location to pamper yourself.

Candolim Beach: A neighbour to the famous Baga Beach, Candolim is considered as one of the most relaxing beaches in Goa. Varca Beach: This 10 km stretched white sand beach is blessed with deep blue sea water. Royalty at its Finest: Luxury Train Travel in India | Shikhar Blog. What would be better than exploring our “Incredible India” by way of experiencing all of the country’s age old heritage & luxury over the house on wheels?! I bet you found yourself wondering about the “Palace on Wheels” or the “Maharaja Express” as such, two of the total of the 7 famed luxury trains – the perfect opportunity for all you travel enthusiasts to relish in the magnificence & opulence of royalty that stands class apart, while you get on the exquisite journey of the royal Pan-Indian tour, the once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience… Palace on WheelsPalace on wheels has been acclaimed as the 4st best luxury train in the world, spanning through a significant stretch of the Rajwadas of Rajasthan, just as the name goes – it is a magnificent reflection of the grandeur of the Rajputana in all its glory.

For more information email us: Trekking in India | Walking & Trekking Tours in Indian Himalayas. Palaces and Forts of Rajasthan: Epitome of Indian Heritage | Shikhar Blog. One of the proudest things of being an Indian is that the country is blessed with royal palaces and forts in India that attract countless tourists and also makes it to the list of world heritage site. These palaces and forts are the prime examples of everlasting cultural significance and architectural brilliance by medieval architects and Maharajas.

Each fort is uniquely designed to fulfil the needs of people of ruling period. Amongst all the states in India, Rajasthan tops the list of the best, and royal looking palaces turned into hotels. Rajasthan is not only about endlessly stretched desert, heavy silver ornaments, lavish and colourful festivals or vibrant culture, but also for the beautiful set-up of forts. Built centuries ago, these forts still held high in terms of strong architectural work. These marvels built in hilltops give a panoramic view of the respective city. In 2013, six extensive and majestic hill forts made it to the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Conclusion: Royal Expedition to the Royal Rajasthan | Shikhar Blog. Rajasthan is a colourful land of sand set amidst the inviting landscape and known for its massive forts, stunning palaces, rich culture, sumptuous cuisines and warm people. Anyone who is looking for days of eternal peace can come and surrender himself to the magnificent place, away from the bustling city life. Here is a wonderfully curated 7-day tour package for Rajasthan: 7-Day Rajasthan Tour Package – Walk into the unforgettable embrace of royalty Rajasthan is an exemplary state that unfolds the Nature’s palette with different hues – red sands, pink cities, amber sunset and royalty in blue. The landscape and the atmosphere are so breathtaking that anyone who visits this place for once will not be able to wait to visit it again. The tour begins from seeing some famous sights in Delhi such as the tomb of the famous Mughal Emperor, Humayun (Humayun’s tomb), which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Your next destination should be Jaipur via Kothun. Hiking in Sikkim – Explore Yourself Amidst the Alluring Beauty of Sikkim | Shikhar Blog. Sikkim, a tiny state in India with an area of 7096 famous for its high mountain ranges and its biodiversity. It is situated in the eastern Himalayas. Kanchendzonga, the guardian deity of Sikkimese people is the third highest peak in the world. Variation in altitude range in 200 to 8598 meters provides an opportunity to any visitors to have a dramatic experience of the climate as well as flora and fauna of crossing over sub-tropical to temperate zones followed by alpine and high altitude areas in a short span of time. The Climate The freshness in breeze and silence in the wilderness which the trekker experiences while trekking in Sikkim is worth cherishing.

Spring is the best season to experience blooming flowers and if you have an interest in botany and love flowers, then spring season (march-may) is the perfect time to visit. Festivals in SikkimSaga Dawa is a very important festival for the Buddhists and is celebrated around the end of May and early of June. Top Ten Mountaineering Expedition in India 2017-18 | Shikhar Blog. Looking for best mountaineering expedition in 2017-18? Here we have curated a list of top ten climbing expedition in India. Have a glance and decide for yourself: Mount Stok Kangri Mount Stok Kangri is one of the best peaks for beginners to start with. Mount Kamet Mount Kamet has many credits to its name. Mount Kedar Dome Mount Kedar Dome peak, as its name suggests, is a dome-shaped mountain in the Garhwal region in the Himalayan region. Mount Kalindi Khal Those who are adventure freaks would love Mount Kalindi Khal as it is one of the most adventurous and rewarding peaks in North India.

Mount Deo Tibba An exceptionally excellent and celebrated pinnacle which is a bit of fascination for the youthful mountain climbers is the Mount Deo Tibba, which being 6001m in stature is the second most elevated peak after the Indarasan in the Pir Panjal Range. Best time to plan for the Mount Deo Tibba expedition is June and September. Mount Menthosa Mount Mulkila Mount Shivling Mount Kun Mount Nun. The Gastronomic Affair – Food Trails of India | Shikhar Blog. A foodie’s “dream come true” you can call it, the unexplained delight of indulging in the plethora of foods from all over the country, Culinary tours in India are a much sought after travel experience, with the never-ending range of foods to choose from! What can be better than relishing in the distinctive flavours of Indian cuisine, if not the culture & locale of the land with centuries of overlapping ethos?!

A shout out to all you food lovers, pack your bags, grab your checklist & embark upon a journey of exploring the Food trails of India… THE DAWAT-E-SHAHI What can be better than a Royal extravaganza to take pleasure in, in the land of the Maharajas, with the essence of its deep-rooted culture, experiencing an array of Royal Indian cuisines from all over the country! EK ANAAR SAU BEEMAR This one is an interesting take into the food trails of one particular region, known for its distinctive cuisines having come to be with ages of cultural accumulation & exchange. Wander-Women’s Galore – Women Only Travel! | Shikhar Blog. The Tea Experience – Best Tea Plantations in India | Shikhar Blog. Exploring the Unexplored: Tribal Tours in North-East India | Shikhar Blog. Gobi Desert Explorer.

Touring Cardamom Hills – The Pride of Kerala | Shikhar Blog. Mt. Satopanth Expedition (7075 M) Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro Expedition 2017. Mt. Kamet Expedition (7756 M) Sailing Down the Ganges. Gujarat Textile Tribal and Safari Tour. Golden Triangle with Udaipur. Rajasthan Tours | Rajasthan Tour Packages | Holidays Packages in Rajasthan Tour | Shikhar Travels India. Palace on Wheels. U. S. Space and Rocket Centre Orlando. Delhi Tour by Local Transport. Tribes and Culture of Orissa. Education Tours Tours | Education Tours Tour Packages | Holidays Packages in India | Shikhar Travels India. Mt. Kedar Dome Expedition (6831 M) Mt. Mulkila Expedition (6517 M) GOLDEN TRIANGLE WITH SHIMLA. Wildlife Tours Tours | Wildlife Tours Tour Packages | Holidays Packages in India | Shikhar Travels India. Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2015. Camping in India: One Chance to be Unified with Nature | Shikhar Blog.

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