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Pure Design Solution is one of the best service provider of Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Online Advertising, and Social Media Optimization in India, Delhi/NCR, and Gurgaon. Visit @

Top 20 Digital Marketing Company 2018 in India. Receiving a recognition is always inspiring, especially when it is given to recognize your contribution to the industry and for being an innovation leader in your field.

Top 20 Digital Marketing Company 2018 in India

We are proud to announce that Pure Design Solution has been recognized as Top 20 Most Promising Digital Marketing companies by Silicon India in July 2018. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Silicon India Team for nominating PDS for this recognition. Undoubtedly this wouldn’t have happened without the hard work and team effort of PDS team. Working together and growing together! Read the complete article here. Top Responsive Web Design and Development Company. Social Media Marketing Services. Digital Marketing, Social Media Company in Gurgaon. Social Media Optimization Service, SMO Company. Best Search Engine Optimization Services, Company in India.

Social Media Marketing Services. Digital Marketing, Web Designing Company in India. How to Report Fake Business Profile On LinkedIn. Imagine someone owning a LinkedIn page in your company’s name and trying to take your visitors to a fake site or give information that’s incorrect.

How to Report Fake Business Profile On LinkedIn

It can be one the worst blow to your brand credibility and surprisingly this is getting very common. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks in the world, and clearly, it has large number of credibility businesses on it today. Having an official LinkedIn page adds to your brand’s value and in most cases leaves a positive mark in the mind of your visitors. So I am sure you wouldn’t want someone else to own your company’s Linkedin page. We recently faced a similar situation with one of our clients whose LinkedIn company page was stolen by an unknown person, taking the visitors to a fake business site. One of the most common ways to perform large-scale data harvesting attack is the use of fake profiles, where the malicious user presents himself as an important person in profile or public eyes.

Report The Fake Profile. Best Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon. How to Tackle Negative or Fake Google Reviews? Are you exhausted of seeing yet another negative review on your Google My Business Account?

How to Tackle Negative or Fake Google Reviews?

You are not the only one! In the current digital world, anyone can create a fake account and leave a positive or negative review regardless of any security check or prior approval. And the worse part is that these reviews directly reflect your company’s ranking. According to a survey report, conducted by Dimensional Research, stats indicate that 90% of respondent’s buying decisions are influenced by ‘Google Reviews’. For Email Marketing Campaign- Choose MailChimp. We are a boutique size company, based in India, and very determined to give maximum output to our clients through email marketing.

For Email Marketing Campaign- Choose MailChimp

To make our email marketing more interesting, visually engaging and highly converting, we put more focus on creating high-quality content that can achieve a very high open and click-through rate that is unheard off. And to do this, it’s crucial for us to have an email marketing partner that provides deep insights into the results and gives tools to experiment with our campaigns. Struggling through the maze of software out there today, we found MailChimp as the perfect choice for any small-mid size company. It is not too costly and has the right group of features that are handy and useful. Best Search Engine Optimization Services, Company in India. Chatbot & Artificial Intelligence Services. Top Responsive Web Design and Development Company. Social Media Optimization Service, SMO Company. Unique, Innovative Online Marketing Strategy for Small to Mid. Content Marketing Service Providers, Strategy, Storytelling.

3 Marketing Assets Every SMBs Should Have. Important Google Updates You Need to Know in 2018. Google is on a road rolling spree with major changes to its search algorithm, all in first 50 days of 2018.

Important Google Updates You Need to Know in 2018

No wonder businesses and marketers are experiencing its effect in their search ranking position. Major Change that has already been implemented in Google Algorithm: Google removes “View Image” From Search Results: As part of their settlement with Getty Images, Google has removed ‘View Image’ button that appeared when you clicked on a picture. This button was extremely useful for users searching pictures for their own. Social Media Optimization Service, SMO Company. Digital Marketing, Web Designing Company in India. 4-Step Marketing Formula For Your Startup Success. Do you know nine out of 10 start-ups fail?

4-Step Marketing Formula For Your Startup Success

And the most common reason for this failure is their inability to establish trust and attract customers to their new brand. Even though their product or service offering may be revolutionary or one of a kind, they may not able to break into the market because of their wrong approach. 4-Step Marketing Formula to Startup Success - Pure Design Solution. What Your Competitor Is Doing -Get Clues from Twitter Advanced Search. With hundreds of millions of Tweets a day, Twitter offers a massive amount of exciting content.

What Your Competitor Is Doing -Get Clues from Twitter Advanced Search

So, how you filter the relevant content? Take another situation, you want to track the activities of your competitor on Twitter and all of sudden you planned to access his previous year Twitter posts having specific keyword/list of keywords. How will you filter the search results or dig into each post to find out what you need? Twitter’s regular search feature cannot help you find any highly specific information. Luckily, Twitter’s advanced search comes to rescue.

Twitter Advanced Search Guidelines: Step 1: On Twitter account, enter specific keyword into the search bar. Step 2: On the left hand side Click on “Search Filters” and then “Advanced Search” Step 3: Click on “Advanced Search” and fill the details Step 4: Click the “Search” and see the results. Top 5 Free Email Marketing Channels to Boost Your Business in 2018.

Finding a good and worthwhile ‘Email Marketing’ software is absolutely necessary to bring more engagement, boost the conversion, increase traffic, improve delivery rate, lower the bounce rate, and get a good click-through rate.

Top 5 Free Email Marketing Channels to Boost Your Business in 2018

For a successful email marketing, you need to follow a complete strategic process. But getting a right email marketing channel is the first step to head towards the most engaging and the most fruitful channel of marketing till now i.e. ‘Email Marketing Campaigns’ Currently, there are dozens of EM software packed with head-turning features that grab the attention of your audience. Mobile Marketing – An Emerging Marketing Trend To Watch In 2018. The rapid use of Mobiles or smartphones, across all sections of our society, has given rise to a new world of possibilities for all business.

Mobile Marketing – An Emerging Marketing Trend To Watch In 2018

Now ‘Mobiles’ are more powerful than any other device in our lives. Smartphones have shrunk the world into your palms. Now users have direct access to all important information 24*7 in their hands. You can imagine its significance from the fact that you may be reading this article from a mobile device. Business Growth Plans in 2018 with Pure Design Solution. Are you looking for a fresh and innovative digital marketing approach for your business that makes it highly popular among your target audience?

Business Growth Plans in 2018 with Pure Design Solution

If you are following the same tactics for SEO, SMO or digital advertising you might be ignoring the most important element to boost your organisation. Digital Marketing, Web Designing Company in India. Social Media Marketing Services. Email Marketing Service with Higher ROI in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Email Marketing Services What you should look for? EDM or Email Marketing has been the highest converting medium over the last decade. So there must be a sound strategy that makes it more interesting, more appealing and the most important higher ROI driving. Best Search Engine Optimization Services, Company in India. Social Media Optimization Service, SMO Company. Pay Per Click, PPC Advertising in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. We are Problem Solvers…. You may have a question – why hire an outside agency for Pay Per Click advertising when you can do it in-house.

It’s just because, only an expert can invest your advertising budget in a smarter way so that you can get maximum output in minimum budget. We hightly focus on initial research and ground work, strong messaging, and all the necessary stuff required for a specific business to outshine his competitors and big players in the market. As we are passionate to earn 100% client satisfaction, we always follow the correct way of Pay Per Click advertising starting from the very basic to the most advanced approaches. Not an Agency, But a Valued Partner Our Google Ads certified Experts make sure that the traffic that’s coming to your website is converting and doing what it is supposed to do.

Digital Marketing, Web Designing Company in India. Digital Marketing Service, Company in Gurgaon - PDS. Over the last decade there has been a dramatic shift in marketing strategies. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Advertising has changed the landscape of marketing world. Today, when deciding marketing budgets, organizations allocate close to 25% of the spend for digital media. The reason is simple – your audience is getting influenced and is making decisions based on mobile and online advertisements more than TV or print. If you are still operating under old conventional ways, it’s time to break away and reap the potential of digital marketing.

At PDS, we will be happy to guide you through understanding this new medium and planning a strategy around it. Video Marketing, Livestreaming - Ground Breaking Marketing Strategy 2017. You may have heard about Video Marketing which is a popular trend, but must be thinking ‘I will have to hire a professional to do it’. Surprisingly if approached correctly, you can make a powerful video inhouse for your next marketing campaign.

New Update from Google AdWords of Campaign Level. The new feature launched by Google AdWords will save your time and effort to target the audience at a campaign level. Finally, Google AdWords comes with a feature of adding a list of the audience to a specified campaign level by the advertisers. Prior from this features, it was a lengthy process. Pure Design Solution: Stop Using Link Command! Google has officially Declined it in 2017. The process of optimizing a website according to the latest Google’s SEO algorithm so that it can be ranked up in organic search is termed as Search Engine Optimization.

Pure Design Solution — 5 Facts You Should Know About Responsive Web... Don’t just use social media, use social branding!!! Don’t just use social media, use social branding for your upcoming exhibition! Exhibition season is always hot in first three months of the New Year with global conferences happening around the world like Cisco Live, Mobile World Congress, and local ones like Auto Expo. Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency. Pure Design Solution: What will be the SEO Requirements for 2017? Pure Design Solution — 21st Century: The Era of Digital Marketing... Digital Marketing Company India. Automotive Lubricant Manufacturers. Raaj Unocal Lubricants Limited Is the flagship company of the Rajgarhia Group of Enterprises that has diversified interests in Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Abrasives, Automobiles, Paper, Finance & leasing and Warehousing.

The company is the OEM to Hindustan Motor Limited the flagship company of the C.K Birla group which manufacturers the iconic Ambassador car at their Uttarpara facility , which was recently voted as the “World’s Best Taxi” by Top Gear. It was the first Private Player in the lubricant Industry and was established in the year 1990 under a technical collaboration with The Union Oil Company of California (USA) a Fortune 500 company at the time. The production plant is located at the Faridabad Industrial Area and is spread over an area of 10 acres. The plant has a blending capacity of over 40,000MT per annum. Lubricant Manufacturers India. The following machinery and Equipments and the expertise of our Lab Technicians ensures the quality of the product being supplied in the market.

Synthetic Engine Oil.