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Dr Sidharth Sahni. Tips To Invest In a Residential Property.

Shifali Sharma

Common Myths Around PCOS. PCOS, which stands short for polycystic ovarian syndrome, is the most common disorder among young girls and middle age women.

Common Myths Around PCOS

Unfortunately, it is also the most misunderstood health disorder as most people have this misconception that it is a lifelong disease and cannot be treated. PCOS occurs due to the malfunctioning of endocrine gland in body and affects almost ten percent women in the child bearing age. Any woman suffering from this problem goes through a very hard and frustrating time and often find themselves emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. The good news is PCOS can be easily cured with proper medications and few dietary precautions. There are a lot many myths associated with this disorder which are absolutely not true, few of them are mentioned below. A Woman Suffering From PCOS Cannot Become Pregnant This is the most common problem associated with PCOS and it does not carry an iota of truth.

The Problem Of PCOS Runs In The Family Like this: Like Loading... Suhel Seth Open The Magazine. Suhel Seth It’s Not The Economy, Stupid It’s Us. If the taps are dry, blame it on the government; if there’s a callous traffic incident, blame it on the government; if there’s an issue with paying your taxes, blame it on the Government.

Suhel Seth It’s Not The Economy, Stupid It’s Us

In many ways, we are the Republic of Whiners. And the people who whine the most are the ones who have often misused every iota of benefits accorded to them. Suhel Seth Gently Into The Night. By the time this piece appears online, almost everything anyone knows, would have been written about Arun Jaitley.

Suhel Seth Gently Into The Night

From those who thought of him as a friend to those who considered him to be a mentor or for the many who swore by his legal acumen and his political chutzpah. For me none of the above actually defined him: neither individually nor as a composite whole. To me Jaitley was and will remain the quintessential humanist: the man who got off a 15 hour flight from New York and came straight to the prayer ceremony for my late father. Suhel Seth Twitter. Dr. Sidharth Sahni Apollo. Dr. Sidharth Sahni Apollo. Dr. Sidharth Sahni. Hello and thank you for visiting my Lybrate profile!

Dr. Sidharth Sahni

Suhel Seth Penguin. Suhel Seth The Ten Rules for Social Success. Suhel Seth Open The Magazine. Suhel Seth Gently Into The Night. Five Advantages of Carrying Forex Card When Travelling Abroad. 28 Views Are you a traveller going abroad for a business trip or sightseeing?

Five Advantages of Carrying Forex Card When Travelling Abroad

Then you need to start planning about how to carry money for your trip abroad. In this regard, you should consider carrying a forex card. Forex cards have many advantages over cash, traveller’s cheques, credit and debit cards and other conventional modes of payment while travelling abroad. A forex card lets its holder store and transfer money electronically while travelling abroad. Here are the top reasons why it makes complete sense to carrya forex card while travelling abroad: Five Advantages of Carrying Forex Card When Travelling Abroad. Want To Exchange Foreign Currency? Know The Best Options. 16 Views If you are planning a business trip or a vacation abroad, you may want to carry some of the local currency in addition to your prepaid foreign currency cards and credit cards.

Want To Exchange Foreign Currency? Know The Best Options

Or if you are back home from a trip overseas you may want to convert the cash remaining with you back into the domestic currency. In both cases it is best to have a basic understanding about foreign currency exchange. Here are a few things that you must know: Ways to Ramp up Your Airport Style. Whether you’re getting a bus, plane, train or boat when you’re traveling, it can be hard to look stylish because of lack of sleep, crumpled clothes and the many things you’ve got to lug with you.

Ways to Ramp up Your Airport Style

The key to traveling in style is to keep it simple and to choose classics that are primarily practical, but at the same time make you look smart and put together. First of all, it’s worth thinking carefully about your luggage and handbags and investing in quality pieces that you can rely on whenever you travel. Stick to simple classics for clothing that will work in different climates and ensure comfort. Whether it’s a pair of cat-eye sunglasses like Eva Chen’s or something more subtle, accessories are where you can add a bit of personality. Comfort and Naps: How to Pick Your Ideal Satin Robe. How to Put Together a Perfect Hangover Kit?

How to Put Together a Perfect Hangover Kit?

How to Put Together a Perfect Hangover Kit?

Hangovers can be stressful and if you have a few weddings to attend this season then it is intelligent to have few ideas intact in your head about dealing with those alcohol-driven blues. And owning a hangover kit is absolutely legit if you consider yourself a social butterfly. As expected to be, a hangover kit does not just consist of bitter tonics or lemonade shots. It is a perfect amalgam of goodies, few recipes, lovely quotes and some cutesy tidbits to bid adieu the hangover blues. Essence Of Corporate Gifting: 3 In Trend Gift Ideas For Healthy Business Relations. By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma The concept of gifting is not new to the corporate world.

Essence Of Corporate Gifting: 3 In Trend Gift Ideas For Healthy Business Relations

To maintain a better relationship with their patrons, business owners have always resorted to gift-giving. Meant for pronouncing rapports with the clients and customers alike, corporate gifting has taken over the corporate culture in numerous respects. Be it the festive season or holiday season, business owners look forward to gifting their clients the best of the gifts to take their association a notch-higher. While business owners are well-acquainted with the pertinence of corporate gift-giving, they majorly find themselves stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for their clients.

•Planners/Diaries. Things to Take into Consideration When Investing in Commercial Real Estate. Prerequisites for Effective Coal Storage. Articles by Akash Sharma Akash Sharma Although there are no predefined guidelines that one needs to adhere to for effective coal storage, sticking to certain rules can help channelize the entire process in the right direction.

Prerequisites for Effective Coal Storage

Taking adequate care of both the efficiency as well as the environmental factors is mandatory to maintain a coal stockpile. Improper stockpile storage can hamper the quality of coal to a great extent. This can directly impact the burning capacity of coal and reduce its BTU values. Coal storage is meant to fulfill two major goals i.e prevention of spontaneous combustion and minimizing coal loss. The most important step towards effective coal stockpile maintenance is packing it in horizontal layers. Another thing that needs consideration while maintaining a stockpile is monitoring its temperature.

While following all the rules might be difficult, they are mandatory to ensure the overall safety of coal stockpile and the people around. About Akash Sharma. Suhel Seth The Gift of Conversation. Suhel Seth. Suhel Seth Gently Into The Night. Here is How Technology is Changing Modern Education? How Sports Compliments the Modern-Day Education? By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma Gone are the days when a student's life was stress-free and the only problem involved was better performance in tests that would determine the student's learning criteria. Exam grades were given more importance, and far less priority was given to skill growth and extra-curricular activities.

But the concept of learning has changed dramatically over a period of time in which there is now more emphasis on a comprehensive student growth. These days, colleges, apart from academics, are also focused on extra-curricular activities and sports to make all-round students. Sports plays an important role in educating students as they are encouraged to become powerful from within and build a healthy and sound body as well. Nowadays, there is positive graph in favour of schools that lay equal emphasis on sports. About Akash Sharma Akash Sharma 0 connections, 0 recommendations, 19 honor points.

Created on 14 minutes ago. Comments. Jignesh Shah: Ustice Can Be Delayed But Not Denied. Within a decade, engineer-turned-innovator Jignesh Shah shook the exchange markets and revolutionized it under his strong leadership and in no time successfully rolled out a series of tech-based innovations. Jignesh Shah To Dedicate Himself To Start Up India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inaugurating the fifth Indian International Science Festival in Kolkata said that India has become the third biggest successful startup ecosystem in the world. Thousands of startups have been supported through various policies and financial aids by the government and because of these efforts India has jumped from 81st rank to 52nd rank in Global Innovation Index 2019 in the past three years.

A welcome development in the midst of this positivity is that ace innovator and Chairman Emeritus of 63 moons technologies Ltd. Jignesh Shah has whole-heartedly endorsed PM Narendra Modi in this venture and has even resolved to work as a mentor for Startup India. Jignesh Shah Shows Resolve To Work For Water Conversation. After more than a decade of battling rivals, star innovator and fintech maverick, Jignesh Shah, is shining again. Finally, it can be said that truth is prevailing and Jignesh shah and his flagship company, 63 moons tech, is getting justice.

As they say, true leaders are always committed to collective aspirations of the societies and nations they come from, and that’s exactly what is happening in Jignesh Shah’s case. Several vested interests tried to single him out Shah by plotting and conspiring against him and they did succeed in their nefarious designs to a large extent but truth has once again proved to be stronger than fiction.

In the changed scenario, when topmost courts of the land are quashing the unwarranted and misplaced actions forced at the behest of his rivals, Jignesh Shah is seen gearing up for his second innings. Jignesh Shah: A Symbol Of Unending Willpower. Jignesh Shah’s Much Awaited Midas Touch for Startup India. Fintech maverick and innovator Jignesh Shah, the Chairman emeritus of 63 moons technologies, strongly believes that the start-up ecosystem should not be just limited to exchange and marketplace, rather, it should be the majority of IP based field in the verticals of agriculture, genetics, robotics.

Jignesh Shah: The Iron-Willed Innovator From India. By Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi The Chairman Emeritus of 63 moons technologies, Jignesh Shah, is one of the top entrepreneurs of the Indian FinTech sector. His dreamt and achieved the next-generation requirements of India in the realm of financial market infrastructure, capacity building, product innovation, skill development, job creation and generation of sustainable incomes. Jignesh Shah’s Everlasting Spirit To Turn Start Up Fortunes Now.

Jignesh Shah To Help India Generate One Crore Jobs. Jignesh Shah- The Man Behind ‘Made In India’ Exchanges. A young entrepreneur, Jignesh Shah, established 63 moons technologies limited, earlier known as Financial Technologies, with his innovative zeal and entrepreneurial aggression. With firm passion and zeal, he turned the company into one of the finest examples of ‘Make in India’ ‘. The Tide Turns For Indian Innovator Jignesh Shah. Articles. This Time, Innovation For The Masses Not The Classes: Jignesh Shah. A Ray Of Hope For Innovator Jignesh Shah. The Rising Cases of PCOS in India. Cancer and It’s Most Common Types. Cancer means the uncontrolled growth of cells that leads to the development of the most lethal disease of the world.

How to Take Care of Your Neural Health? Pamper Your Winter Cravings With These Interesting Snacks. Vinod Goenka. Nabil Patel Director of DB Realty. Nabil Patel Director of DB Realty. Nabil Patel Director of DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Breast Cancer Symptoms One Must Never Ignore. Lifestyle Changes To Manage Obesity.

How to Respond to a Heart Attack Emergency? 4 Tips for Liver Care You Must Know. Health Issues That Women Can Get At Any Point in Time. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Nabil Patel DB Realty. Asif Balwa. Asif Balwa. Asif Balwa. Asif Balwa. Asif Balwa. DB Realty. DB Realty. DB Realty. DB Realty. Vinod Goenka. Vinod Goenka. Vinod Goenka. Vinod Goenka. Jignesh Shah Pehla Nasha Live in Concert. Jignesh Shah Kahu Chhu Jawani Ne(01) Live Videos. Jignesh Shah Beshak Mandir Live Show Video. Jignesh Shah Allah ke Bande Live Videos. Jignesh Shah Sajda Live Videos. Jignesh Shah Maara Ghat Ma Nayan Ne Bandh Live Videos. JIGNESH SHAH Teri Ore Live Videos. Reasons To Invest In Commercial Real Estate In India Now. Is Shrimp Business In India Headed In The Right Direction. Warning Signs You Have Iodine Deficiency. 3 Types of Heart Surgeries You Should be Aware of. Health Issues Women Must Never Overlook.

How to Prevent Hernia? Tips to Take Care of Your Liver. Golden Rules to Take Care of Your Kidneys. 5 Pregnancy Issues You Should Not Be Fretting About. JIGNESH SHAH ON NSEL. Jignesh Shah Appeals to Traders of NSEL Crisis to Join the Right Path of Recovery. Jignesh Shah Questions FMC’s Ill Motives in NSEL Case. Jignesh Shah Says Entire Money Trail to Defaulters. Jignesh Shah Questions FMC's ill Motives in NSEL Case. Jignesh Shah Exposes Conspiracy to Decimate 63 Moons. After exchanges, Jignesh Shah sees 100-times biggest potential in startup ecosystem.

Co-location 'Super White-collar Crime'; Probe Chidambaram's NSE Interest, Says Jignesh Shah. Exclusive: In conversation with NSEL scam accused Jignesh Shah. The NSEL Scam Stands Between Jignesh Shah And His Plans With Startups.