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Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology Consulting Firm. The Client The Client is the largest independent Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards consulting organization in Australia and New Zealand as well as the largest Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Microsoft SQL Server support organization in Australia and New Zealand.

Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology Consulting Firm

The Client is a specialized technology consulting organization focused on building and supporting long-term relationships with enterprise and government customers. The Client is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, the highest level of partnership with Oracle, only achieved by a few companies globally. They provide a complete service continuum of Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and SQL Server including: sales, planning, design, implementation, project management and support.

Their offices are based in Australia and New Zealand and their support centre services a large diverse client-base located across five countries. The Challenges The Callbox Solution The Results. Make Better Business Decisions: A Guide for Struggling B2B Companies. Leading a company, particularly in the volatile grind of the B2B industry, executives need certain tools.

Make Better Business Decisions: A Guide for Struggling B2B Companies

And no, we are not talking about the usual, concrete tools defined by new marketing technologies such as lead nurturing and lead management software, which are effective by themselves. In this article, we are going to talk about the effective use of basic intuition and instinct to achieve exponential business growth. That last one sounds very much far-fetched, especially to the ears of SME executives who are new to the B2B field and to older companies that have yet to make significant strides. With limited resources at hand and with aggressive competition to face, how can they truly drive their businesses towards securing higher revenue and a large volume of clients?

The answer of course lies in good leadership. These are actually possible when business executives themselves execute sound decisions. Negative decisions are usually attributed to poor judgment, research and planning. Get Quality B2B Appointments with Effective Marketing Software. B2B appointment setting is perhaps one of many challenges facing the modern marketer.

Get Quality B2B Appointments with Effective Marketing Software

But it is still a very crucial component that makes business growth possible. It is thus a logical step to take to improve one’s marketing endeavors. But how exactly can one do that? Well, experienced marketers will tell you that it takes a lot of practice and patience in order to generate quality B2B appointments. Infographics_Planning to Outsource.jpg (JPEG Image, 2550 × 4680 pixels) - Scaled (21%) Better Lead Generation Through Better Content Marketing. Let us put it this way – content will always be king.

Better Lead Generation Through Better Content Marketing

This is especially true where lead generation is involved. I mean, if you do not have a compelling, informative, as well as attractive content, you will not be able to attract enough prospective sales leads. That is why creating the best content should be part of your lead generation efforts. Now here lies the challenge: how will you create better content? Why an Event Telemarketing Campaign Will Work For Your Business. By: Rona Gumban “You are invited to the 2015 Media Advertising Events in Sydney on the 31st of July 2015. “ I saw that subject line of an invite in my personal company email’s inbox yesterday, and I was glad to know that I am one of those considered as guests in the upcoming event – I felt privileged.

Why an Event Telemarketing Campaign Will Work For Your Business

So I clicked on the message and read through the content of the invitation. “Closing Advertising Deals in 3 Successful Calls” “Your Brand & the Social Media” “The Way to your Prospect’s Heart “ Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company. The Client The Client is a privately held corporation and is a premier provider of IT management solutions for businesses.

Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company

The firm’s diverse product line, offered in a wide variety of capacity and application-specific configurations, can be scaled to support virtually any corporate environment. The Client’s customers span a wide range of industries, and include Fortune 500 global enterprises. Their customer base is Medium to Large Enterprise businesses with complex, heterogeneous IT environments with stringent uptime and performance requirements. Today, over 40 customers with more than 5,000 total locations rely upon their products. Managing Customer Expectations? Then Use Telemarketing To Help You. When it comes to nurturing sales leads, one should not let your telemarketing efforts go to waste.

Managing Customer Expectations? Then Use Telemarketing To Help You

Indeed, every customer you win and keep is an extra dollar to your pocket. You see, getting new customers can be a very expensive B2B lead generation activity. If you can keep your business contacts, then why not do so? This is actually a very smart marketing move. Upstart Storage Company Beats Launching Turnout Target in a Flash. The Client The Client is a US-based all-flash enterprise storage company that enables broad deployment of flash in data centers.

Upstart Storage Company Beats Launching Turnout Target in a Flash

Founded in 2009, the company was named a silver winner in the Enterprise Product of the Year in Best in Biz Awards 2011, and the Wall Street Journal 2012 Technology Innovation Awards. It was also selected for the Red Herring Top 100 Americas Award in 2012, and was among the top 25 best places to work in Silicon Valley. Preparing for Appointments with B2B Prospects: A Checklist. As soon as telemarketers, email marketers and other online marketers have convinced their prospects to agree to an appointment – whether face-to-face or via phone call – it’s now the sales people’s turn at bat.

Preparing for Appointments with B2B Prospects: A Checklist

It’s only the beginning; there are still a lot of things that could happen after a business meeting. The sales presentation could go awry, the meeting could catch the prospect at a bad time, or there could be other factors that could bring the appointment to its demise. While these things are often unavoidable, it’s always wise to come to the meeting prepared.

Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle. Callbox Multi-touch Multi-Channel Approach: Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads With a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle A Callbox Multi-touch Multi-channel Campaign is essentially a Comprehensive Marketing Funnel designed to unearth opportunities from an initial list of prospects compiled from basic target demographics, and deliver them to a client as qualified, pitch-ready, warmed-up sales leads.

Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle

The Callbox method combines the efficacy of highly-personalized traditional marketing communication with the intelligent efficiency of automation. In our years of experience, we have found that touches via phone and email remain to be most effective at establishing connections in the B2B world. Data from various campaigns also clearly suggests the importance of timing. Australian Lead Generation Companies Helping Life Insurance Companies Gain Sales Leads. If it is not easy for anyone to buy traditional whole life insurance, universal life insurance or even term life insurance in Australia, then, it is not also easy and convenient for life insurance providers in the Land Down Under to find and promote and offer life insurance to people.

They can offer life insurance to anyone but that is not a guarantee that everyone will buy life insurance. And if everyone wants to buy life insurance, not everyone is qualified to buy traditional whole life insurance. In order to know who the people were who can be qualified to buy whole life insurance, it’s best that they should qualify marketing leads first. Lead Nurture Tool Demo. B2B Lead Generation Malaysia: Compete In B2B Lead Generation Better (Without Reducing Prices) In Malaysia. In any business transaction, especially where a sale is to be made, price will always be the top concern. One party does not want to pay too much, while the other group would want to earn as much profit as possible. This is where your skills in B2B lead generation and appointment setting enters the picture. You need to know how to counter price objections well. With the proliferation of cheaper imitation or versions of your products in Malaysia, you need to shore up all the potential B2B leads that you can possible get.

So, how will you compete without reducing prices? Read on and you will learn a few tricks of the marketing business:Work on the featuresWhile it may be true that your completion may have something cheaper, offering more features to sales leads prospects would be a very good marketing strategy. Email Marketing Campaign. We are bloody serious. You know why? It’s because around 70% of Australian internet users check their inboxes each morning.

Software Retailer Revamps Marketing Strategy, Improves Conversion. The Client The Client is a gold-certified Microsoft Partner based in Texas, USA. It specializes indistribution and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It also offers customized business software solutions and expert advice to medium-to-large companies particularly in the field of manufacturing, distribution, financial, field services, and logistics sectors. The Challenge Before contacting Callbox, the Client relied mainly on repeat business and word-of-mouth endorsements from its past and existing customers to generate sales leads. Seeing its success stalling, the Client reconsidered its growth strategy. Lead Generation for Healthcare Product and Services - Healthcare Leads - Callbox. Sales numbers looking a little pale?

You could probably use a shot of Callbox. Callbox designs and implements a solid healthcare lead generation platform to produce warm sales leads for healthcare products and services. We deploy professional telemarketers with extensive experience in appointment setting and lead generation for the healthcare industry to segment profitable markets, generate warm healthcare leads, and set appointments with qualified targets. We market to the healthcare industry targeting managers, directors, and other decision makers in various healthcare institutions such as doctors’ offices, health clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and medical centers. We customize and fine tune our lead generation and appointment setting strategies to match your goals, campaign preferences, and concurrent market trends. Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative.

Three Misconceptions Affecting Australia’s B2B Leads. When conducting a lead generation campaign in Australia, one of the first things you need to examine the health of the economy. This will help determine the methods you will use in generating sales leads. The 3 Bs of Approaching B2B Appointment Setting Engagements with the Right Kind of Attitude. Business functions are not entirely automated in that they are run by machines alone. Rather, the people behind the operation make possible the success of every B2B lead generation and appointment setting endeavor. The Three “Do’s” Of Successful B2B Appointment Setting In Singapore. The Anatomy Of Viral Content For Appointment Setting. We all want our content to go viral. The Power Of Lead Generation For Financial Services Providers. If there is one industry in Australia that can be said to be a bright spot in the market, it has got to be the financial services.

War Games: Strategies to Secure Social Media amid Tough Competition. B2B marketers will tell you it’s a jungle out there. Make Email Work Right In Your Appointment Setting. You may have a really good product or service to offer, but if there is anything marketing can teach you, it is that none of these matter if you fail to reach your business prospects. Reaching out to your sales leads prospects is an important, if not obvious, prerequisite of business.

How to Perform B2B Lead Generation Email Campaigns the smart way. The Singaporean Experience: How to Generate Leads for Less. It’s a still good time to invest in Singapore. Despite what analysts tell the local business councils, there is still enough positivity to go around. The-Anatomy-of-a-Top-Notch-B2B-Telemarketer.gif (GIF Image, 2550 × 4800 pixels) - Scaled (20%) Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle. B2B Prospecting at its Best: How to Find the Best Leads for your Pipeline. How To Send The Right Message To Millennial Sales Leads. Using Big Data To Power Lead Generation Campaigns. Four Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation. Stand Out With Your Lead Generation Campaign. Is Telemarketing Really A Smart Choice In Australia’s Market? How to Create Better and More Accurate Market Research Strategies In Asia.

Prepare for an Email Marketing Campaign the Right Way. Acquire B2B Financial Leads Better with these Web Tips. B2B Lead Generation Malaysia: The Four People You Need For B2B Lead Generation. Of Growing Your Business In Australia And Lead Generation. Outsourcing-IT-via-Managed-Services_9-Key-Benefits.jpg (JPEG Image, 3508 × 2717 pixels) - Scaled (29%) Understanding the B2B Buyer: 4 Rationales of a Purchase Decision. Telemarketing. Strengthen Core Lead Generation Processes with these Suggestions. Making it Big with Multi-Channel B2B Marketing. How Can You Get B2B Leads In Australia.

Three Keys For Effective Lead Generation In Australia. Benefits of Outsourcing your B2B Appointment Setting Campaign. Romantic Telemarketing: A Surefire Guide towards Effective B2B Courting. The Seven Deadly Sins Of Lead Generation. B2B Appointment Setting Done Right in Singapore. B2B Lead Generation Malaysia: What To Look For In Lead Generation Services. Callbox Packs Webinars for Software Company. How To Effectively Use Lead Generation Marketing For Business’ Success. Lead Nurture Tool Demo. The Myth about SMM for B2B Lead Generation. Have you identified your Lead Generation Target Market? Planning to Outsource Lead Generation? Consider these. B2B Telemarketing: How to make your Cold Calls Cause Conversions. How To Train Telemarketers To Sell Your Products And Services. Ensuring High Performance In Lead Generation. B2B Marketing in Australia: The 7 Rules to Stronger Appointment Setting Results.

To Use or Not to Use a Script? A Financial Lead Generation Question. Generate More B2B Leads Entering the Singaporean Market using TOFU. 5 Key Steps towards Engaging Sales Appointments for Singaporean Companies. Speeding Up Lead Flow for Leading Payment Processor. What To Do When Starting Lead Generation. Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation. Why Opting for B2B Outsourcing Matters. Appointment Setting Pointers to Live By. How to Nurture an Effective B2B Appointment Setting Team. Must-Have Marketing Skills and Pro-Tips for Australian B2B Companies. How To Check If Your B2B Appointment Setting Plan Will Succeed? B2B Marketing in Australia: The 7 Rules to Stronger Appointment Setting Results. Top Three Reasons Why Personalized Websites are your Best Bet for Acquiring B2B Leads.

The Understanding the Role of Singaporean-style Harmony in B2B. Improve Sales Through Lead Generation. B2B-Content-Marketing-Trends-Lessons-and-Insights.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 4134 pixels) - Scaled (24%) 3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation. Research & Consulting. The-Role-of-Content-in-B2B-Lead-Generation.gif (GIF Image, 600 × 3307 pixels) - Scaled (30%) Hospitality. A Brief Look on Australia Telemarketing Services. Underperforming Lead Generation? Here are the Suspects. Top Reasons why Lead Nurturing is a Pretty Big Deal for Singaporean B2B Companies. Sell Big In Australia Even If You Are Small: A B2B Lead Generation Perspective. B2B Lead Nurturing: Never Let Go of your Financial Leads Anymore.

Why Malaysian B2B Companies need Data Profiling. Ways Malaysian Companies can Reinforce their Events Telemarketing. Up your IT Event Attendances through Effective Profiling. The Checklist every B2B Singaporean Company Needs to Hold Smashing Events. Call to Invite. An-All-inclusive-Catalog-in-choosing-your-Social-Media-Weapon.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 6295 pixels) - Scaled (15%) Home - Appointment Setting. Commercial Cleaning. Infog01-a-day-in-the-life-of.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 2275 pixels) - Scaled (44%)

B2B Lead Generation Malaysia: Outsourcing Lead Generation Marketing Services. How To Get More Clicks and Conversions With Benefit-Focused Headlines. About Callbox Video. Optimize Content for your Landing Pages with these Lead Generation Tips. Data Cleansing and Verification Services.