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B2B Lead Generation

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Demand Generation Solutions for Startups. SMEs are at the bottom of the B2B food chain.

Demand Generation Solutions for Startups

The obvious reason is that they only possess limited financial resources to mobilize their lead generation and appointment setting arm. More importantly, they struggle with increasing brand visibility and market awareness. Indeed, small-scale B2B businesses confront a plethora of difficulties in their demand generation efforts, not involving campaign finances alone. A business manager also needs to consider choosing the best marketing channels that offer advantages in terms of generating qualified lead traffic and ensuring a steady flow of revenue. And while it is easy to use social media as a primary lead generation tool, B2B marketers should consider other content channels as well.

For better growth possibilities, take into account the following strategies for better brand awareness. Trade shows. Webinars. Slide presentations and infographics. 3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation. Branding practically means everything in business.

3 Branding Mistakes In Lead Generation

This is the face and soul of your company. Your brand will also influence your effectiveness in lead generation campaigns. It is the first thing that prospective B2B leads will hear from you, and it has to be one that will stick to their minds the most. Of course, in the quest for creating memorable brands, many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of producing catchy names. Later, these turn out to be huge headaches, reducing their ability to effectively generate sales leads from the market. Research – you might have come up with a catchy brand, but you may not be the first one.

Understanding the Basic Pillars of Proper B2B Lead Prospecting. Lead prospecting is about searching for the right people to fill your pipeline.

Understanding the Basic Pillars of Proper B2B Lead Prospecting

Numerous factors are involved in this aspect and conforming to these basic tenets can benefit your B2B lead generation strategy. The processes are simple enough. You will only need to locate your prospects. Also, you will need to prepare a profiling scheme which can serve as your reference. But try as you may in doing these tasks, finding high quality B2B leads still poses as a big challenge. How To Create A Positive Business Image In Lead Generation. A good business image is everything, let no one say otherwise.

How To Create A Positive Business Image In Lead Generation

Think about the companies we know today, like Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Ford, Pfizer, and even Gucci. When you hear their names, you recognize them immediately, right? To Use or Not to Use a Script? A Financial Lead Generation Question. Anyone who has an interest in English literature would easily declare Hamlet’s existential query as one of the most celebrated passages in Shakespeare’s collection of proto-“emo” tragedies.

To Use or Not to Use a Script? A Financial Lead Generation Question

“To be or not to be?” Establishes the dilemma of life in such an intriguing way that we simply couldn’t resist tackling it subjectively. Meanwhile, financial service providers are also facing dilemmas of a similar magnitude in their B2B lead generation, one of which is the use of a telemarketing call script. As far as efficiency is concerned, there prevails a divide between marketers who use call scripts and those who don’t. There are numerous reasons, and (as a marketer who is as confused about call scripts as Hamlet is about human destiny) you might want to review these and determine what you think would work for the financial services market.

Year End Marketing Trend Report in Asia 2015. ‘A bow, handshake, smile, eye to eye contact are just as important as the business itself’ said Judy Caroll in an article Expanding Business in Asia 2016.

Year End Marketing Trend Report in Asia 2015

Asia has always been known for their rich culture and tradition that never get carried away by trends even in business they are very particular in their beliefs and they value real relationship more than ever but this does not necessarily mean that they would disregard changes that will improve their business. According to, B2C marketers in China are increasingly investing in social marketing and expect great returns but face the challenge of determining the right social marketing strategies and tactics. Read more.. Hubspot survey, State of the Inbound 2015 Asia, also find out that, Top Reasons why Singapore Businesses should invest in Lead Generation Campaigns. The Digital Age Ever since early 2014, smartphone purchases in Singapore have experienced a spike to 35%.

Top Reasons why Singapore Businesses should invest in Lead Generation Campaigns

According to the DigitasLBi’s Global Survey conducted in April 2014, social media heavily influences purchases and 80% of such consumers are from Singapore. This phenomenon is now witnessed globally, where 9 out of 10 people in 11 of 12 countries are using the internet to improve their shopping experience.

The 5 Perks of an Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign. How much work are you able to do under five minutes?

The 5 Perks of an Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign

How much food are you going to buy with that five dollar bill? And how many high fives are you willing to take if you successfully do all these challenges? In the context of B2B marketing: How many qualified sales leads are you going to produce in a span of five months? Apparently, not much can be achieved within that microscopic time frame. The 5 Perks of an Outsourced Lead Generation Campaign. Software Products - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. The software buying process has a minimum of six stages.

Software Products - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Generating leads for software products requires a profound understanding of the software buying process. When the goal is to generate software leads, sales professionals know to choose Callbox to speed up lead generation. We set appointments with top corporate decision makers including Chief Executive Officers, IT Managers, Chief Financial Officers, and Controllers. We generate software sales leads and set appointments for companies providing mid-level and enterprise level software solutions including: Accounting and Financial SoftwareERP SoftwareBusiness Intelligence SoftwareCRM SoftwareWorkforce Management SoftwareHR and Payroll SoftwareContent and Document Management SoftwareIndustry-specific Applications.

Struggling with AdWords? Tips for better B2B Lead Generation. With the availability of digital platforms, businesses are harnessing new ways in order to generate more and better quality B2B leads.

Struggling with AdWords? Tips for better B2B Lead Generation

Especially now that competition within the online landscape has intensified, these companies are now considering digital means to achieve a better B2B lead generation campaign. Google’s AdWords service has become one of many online tools that revolutionized the way companies promote their products and services. Now, companies are spending heftily for ad space in a bid to rake in prospects based on the words they search on Google. But from the perspective of experienced online marketers, it is not always easy setting up an effective search marketing campaign via AdWords. Email Lead Generation: How to Fashion Messages with High Response Rates.

According to statistics by Forrester Research, at least 89% of marketers use email as their primary lead generation channel. This goes to show that direct mail marketing is still a relevant tool, both for B2C and B2B purposes. And with the introduction of new conveniences in digital marketing, we can all say it would take long before email marketing fades away. Acquiring new clientele is still possible through this channel – only if you have nurtured and streamlined your email components. While email continues to be a widely used lead generation platform, there are still many marketers (mostly SMEs) that struggle with attaining higher response rates from cold leads. We can blame this on several factors, but this ultimately boils down to proper planning and execution.

Indeed, many businesses often wonder they are not getting enough traffic despite a high send out volume. Give a sense of urgency. Why Opting for B2B Outsourcing Matters - - B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. B2B Telemarketing Rules and How to Break Them (For the Best) Within the B2B telemarketing world, there are rules to follow. And often, we are made to believe that such rules constitute the straight path towards attaining short-term and long-term business goals. They should be regarded as Gospel truth; otherwise, expansion and increased revenue generation are rendered impossible.

Especially in B2B lead generation, rules are needed to steer a business towards the right path. But it has become evident that, with drastic changes in the marketing landscape, newer techniques have begun to supersede or revise these rules. B2B telemarketing has changed a lot since the digital revolution. Today’s decision makers are tricky to begin with, considering that most of them have already adapted to new marketing innovations. So, if you’re still dedicated to the following rules in your B2B telemarketing, consider breaking out of your comfort zone.

Apologize for the call Apologizing for calling your prospect on such an inconvenient time is passé. Give complete details.