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Spunt & Carin is a full service law firm, able to personally cater to the client’s needs. Our clients are able to benefit from Me Spunt's years of experience and passion for litigation, tailored to each client's needs.

Am I Responsible for My Child After They Turn 18. At what age can your children be home alone. Contemplating Divorce: Do This Things Before Proceeding. Divorce is a tough decision that should not be taken lightly.

Contemplating Divorce: Do This Things Before Proceeding

Many clients who come to our office are still processing their emotions and are often uncertain if they are truly ready to take the next step and file for divorce. Here are some questions you might want to think about while contemplating divorce: 1. What is the Impact of Remarriage on Spousal Support? Top Divorce Lawyers in Montreal - Sheri M Spunt Avocats. + Q1.

Top Divorce Lawyers in Montreal - Sheri M Spunt Avocats

Can I do the divorce or separation paperwork myself? There are tools online and links below to explain what proceedings you need. If you and your spouse agree on all aspects of your divorce or separation, for example: family patrimony, matrimonial regime, custody, child support and spousal support, then you can draft and sign a consent agreement based on the mutually agreeable terms. If you and your spouse do not agree, you would have to go through all the steps of litigation. One of you or both of you could represent yourself in court. . + Q2. How did you choose your divorce lawyer?

Things to Consider to Get Married in Abroad. Contemplating Divorce: A Step by Step Guide Before Proceeding. What should I know and look for when I want to hire a divorce lawyer? Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Family Legal Matters. Publications, Radio Appearances, Facebook Lives. What is the role of an immigration lawyer in Canada? The Legal Rights for Grandparents - Sheri M. Spunt Avocats. 1.

The Legal Rights for Grandparents - Sheri M. Spunt Avocats

Children have the right to have a relationship with their grandparents When discussing minor children, it is important to start off with Article 33 of the Civil Code of Quebec: “Every decision concerning a child shall be taken in light of the child’s interests and the respect of his/her rights”. The Effects of Social Media on Marriage & Divorce. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. Child Support Obligations During Covid-19 in Quebec. The most common questions we have received since the COVID-19 pandemic from our clients are those with respect to child support payments.

Child Support Obligations During Covid-19 in Quebec

Will child support change during the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada. We have received calls from parents on both sides of the spectrum. Some who are worried about paying child support and others who are worried that they will stop receiving payments. On April 9, 2020, Statistics Canada reported that the Canadian economy has lost one million jobs in March which is unprecedented — the worst recorded single-month. Statistics Canada has also warned that April could be even worse. In parallel with the issues tenants and landlords are facing, it is important for parents not to take advantage of the pandemic to skirt their child support obligations.

Although child support is on the list of the urgent cases the Quebec Superior court is currently hearing, the burden for urgency is very high. Alexander R. Carin - Partner at Sheri M. Spunt Avocats. Alexander Carin is a partner at Sheri M.

Alexander R. Carin - Partner at Sheri M. Spunt Avocats

Spunt Avocats, who joined the firm in 2020. Me Carin completed a Juris Doctor (J.D.) in 2010 at the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.B.) at Université Laval. Before studying in law, he completed a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at McGill University in Humanistic Studies with minors in History and Anthropology. He was admitted to the Québec Bar in 2010 and to the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) in 2012. Me Carin started his career in family law at Goldwater-Dubé, as an articling student, he then continued practising there for 10 years, and was named partner in 2019. Me Carin has appeared before the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec, and the Quebec Court of Appeal, and has conducted many successful settlement conferences (Conférences de règlement à l’amiable). Me Carin is known for his empathy, calm and effective approach, his ability to settle files, even some of the most complex and contentious files. How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Your Shared Custody?

During this period of social distancing due to COVID-19, parents are surely asking themselves: how does this impact my custody arrangement?

How Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Your Shared Custody?

Should I be shuffling my children between two homes when the government is mandating everyone to stay home? On March 25, 2020, François Legault, Premier of Quebec, announced that children in a shared custody arrangement should ideally be staying with one parent right now due to COVID-19. He added that the stricter parent is the one who should have custody of the children at this time. What do divorce lawyers know about relationships that most people don't know? Best Co-Parenting Tools for Single Parents. Co-Parenting Tips — Family Lawyers in Montreal. Below are important questions to consider before you criticize the other parent to the children[1]: What is my real reason for revealing this information to the children?

Co-Parenting Tips — Family Lawyers in Montreal

Are my children being harmed by the behaviour I am about to criticize? Or are they being harmed by not having the information I am about to reveal? How will it help the children to hear what I am about to tell them? Do the possible benefits of revealing this to the children outweigh the possible risks? Co-parenting tips for communication between the divorced/separated parties by email[2]: Keep it factual and about the children, not about each other;Keep it neutral-avoid emotion;Keep it polite and respectful and avoid sarcasm, derogatory comments, negative innuendo;Keep it non-judgmental (or evaluative)Don’t make assumptions – ask questions politely for clarityFocus on the presentKeep it brief and to the point; andComply with previously agreed response time. How does a family law attorney help in child support matters?

Luise Arrais Paiva Rodrigues - Immigration Lawyer Montreal. Luise Arrais Paiva Rodrigues is a lawyer at Sheri M.

Luise Arrais Paiva Rodrigues - Immigration Lawyer Montreal

Spunt Avocate Inc. since 2019. Luise was accepted into law school at 16 years old at Cesupa – Centro Universitário do Pará, in her home town of Brazil. She completed her bachelors of law in 2008 while working full-time at her mother’s law firm in the heart of the Amazon. She was called to the Brazilian Bar in 2009. At a young age, Luise developed a passion for family law. Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. Michele Rabinovitch at Sheri M.

Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc.

Spunt Avocate Inc. She is a member of the Law Society of Ontario. She completed her combined Bachelor of law and Juris doctor at Université de Montréal in May 2017. Prior to joining Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc., Michele, completed her national articling at a boutique law firm. Before beginning her studies in law, Michele graduated from McGill University with a bachelors in Political Science and Communication studies. Sherimspunt - Recherche Google. Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network.

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This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot. Sheri M. Spunt — Family Lawyers in Montreal. As my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and I get ready to start the entire “morning routine” with my son, I can’t help wonder how many other working parents are waking up with me and how mothers are expected to work as if they did not have children and to be mothers as if they did not have jobs. On a typical day, I make my coffee, get my son some milk, get ready, get him ready, and leave the house. I drop him off and I head to work. However, as any working mother out there knows, it does not always happen this way. It sounds great in theory, but in life, there are many variables that can interfere with the “perfect” morning routine. Some days his shoes are “too tight”, others “his sock feels weird” or he wants to take all his toys to school. One morning, as I tried to figure out which sock was the “right one” I was also feeding him cereal, getting my toge ready – it was a Court day – and double checking I had everything I needed for the full day ahead.

Most Recommended Immigration Lawyer in Canada. How to tell your children you are getting divorced? If you are reading this you are already ahead of the game: seeking information in order to be able to educate yourself on what is the easiest way to tell your children one of the hardest things they are about to hear. This is your first step to healthy co-parenting. This might seem like the most challenging step to tell your child/children what their new normal is going to be (even though you yourself might not know). I invite you to speak with a social worker, child psychologist in order for you and your spouse to hear the information from the same person, in the hopes of being able to agree on the best approach to take – they are your child/children and you both know them best. You want to ensure that your children are OKAY and that they know that you are there for them even though you are also going through something difficult.

The context in which you tell your child/children is the first decision: where and when. Children’s Lawyer in Montreal. Children Children are the ones who are most vulnerable during divorce proceedings. The goal is to shelter them from the conflict as they are just children and should not be burdened with adult issues. That being said, in certain cases, where the parents cannot agree on custody, a lawyer is appointed to the child and/or children in order to advocate for their rights. The role of the children’s lawyer is to act as the voice of the child before the court.

The children’s lawyer meets with the child to receive a mandate with the child’s wishes as to custody. We are turning 2! — Family Lawyers in Montreal. Walk for Friendship 2019 — Family Lawyers in Montreal. Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. Becky Etingin is a lawyer at Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. Since completing her combined Bachelor of law and Juris doctor at Université de Montréal in May 2017, she has successfully passed both the Quebec and the New York bar exams.

Family Law Related FAQs - Sheri M. Spunt Avocats Inc. 1. A mother is a mother, even when there are two! — Family Lawyers in Montreal. It is 2019, times have changed and the world is adapting but not fast enough. For example a software that we use to calculate child support, spousal support, called jurisfamille is behind on times. Why should one hire a family law attorney? Divorce and Infidelity — Family Lawyers in Montreal. Clients often ask us how infidelity might impact their divorce proceedings, may it be their own or their spouse’s infidelity. In the big scheme of things, the short answer is: it won’t. Unlike what we see in American Courts and TV shows, prenuptial agreements and adultery clauses do not exist in Quebec. Sheri M. Spunt - Canada’s best family law attorney. Who are the best immigration lawyers in Canada? Team building at SMS — Family Lawyers in Montreal. Last month, we enjoyed a sunny September afternoon outside and participated in a unique set of team-building activities.

Our Team - Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. How does a family law attorney help in child support matters? Marriage Contract Lawyer Montreal - Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. How do I get divorce in Canada? Succession Planning Lawyer in Montreal. Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. Separation Agreements & Settlement Lawyers. Child Custody Lawyers in Montreal. Real Estate Lawyer in Montreal.

Civil Lawyers in Montreal. Civil Liability Lawyers in Montreal. Elder Law Montreal Lawyers in Canada. Spousal Support Lawyers in Montreal. International Divorce Lawyer Montreal - Sheri M. Spunt Avocate Inc. Two Happy Homes vs. One Unhappy Home — Sheri M. Spunt Avocate. A common misconception that parents have is that, even though they are unhappy in their marriage, they should stay together for the sake of their children. In line with this, the assumption that children who grow up with two married parents tend to fare better than others is frequently cited. Another important line of research however, has demonstrated the negative effect of parental conflict on child outcomes. Children whose parents argue, often score worse on measures of academic achievement, they are more likely to have behavioural problems, and their psychological well-being is likely to suffer. The point of this post it not to encourage people to leave their marriages, however we cannot ignore the fact that there are countless problems associated with the decision parents in an unhappy marriage make by staying together for the so-called benefit of their children.

A study entitled “Are both parents always better than one? [1]Musick, Kelly, and Ann Meier.