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Diversifying Your Classroom Book Collections? Avoid these 7 Pitfalls - MindShift. Middle grade: Farah Rocks Fifth Grade by Susan Muaddi Darraj, Clean Getaway by Nic Stone, Ways to Make Sunshine by Renée Watson Young adult: A Phoenix First Must Burn edited by Patrice Caldwell, Wicked Fox by Kat Cho, With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo Surface-level Diversity In February, Barnes & Noble canceled a plan to release twelve classic novels with covers featuring protagonists of color after critics called the promotion “literary blackface.”

Diversifying Your Classroom Book Collections? Avoid these 7 Pitfalls - MindShift

In a live episode of the “Book Friends Forever” podcast, author-illustrator Grace Lin said it is tempting for picture book creators to make a similar mistake. 5 Tips For Being Great at Recommending Books. This post is sponsored by Reco.

5 Tips For Being Great at Recommending Books

The best book recommendations come from people you trust. Reco is your reading companion to discover personal book recommendations, manage that ever-growing reading list and share your favourite reads with friends and family. Built on the idea that person to person recos are far more powerful than any algorithmic suggestion, Reco connects you with people like you. Find books that are truly relevant. Follow trending themes and titles to stay in tune with what people are actually reading. The Positive Impact of Author Visits on Students. I’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of author visits over the past seven years at Glenthorne High School where I manage the library.

The Positive Impact of Author Visits on Students

At first, I found the idea of bringing in an author intimidating. There were too many things that could go wrong—I was really paranoid that I’d forget something, or I may have given them the wrong date. On and on it went. However, over time, I learned that author visits are not only nothing to get too stressed about, they have a really lasting impact on the students, which is the entire point. I went to a school that never had an author, both elementary and high school.

Bringing in authors to meet students humanizes them, it tells the students that they can aspire to be creative and successful and put something great into the world. On a base level, the author’s books will be borrowed at a higher level than before. Mirrors, windows and sliding doors. 50 best books 11 12 yr olds. The Best Wordless Picture Books for the Classroom. One of our favorite parts about wordless picture books is that they can be used at almost any grade level.

The Best Wordless Picture Books for the Classroom

Favorite Chanukkah Books for Kids. Every Teacher Should Read This Book - Here is Why. I have been teaching high school English for nearly two decades.

Every Teacher Should Read This Book - Here is Why

I love what I do. I still have lots of days when I watch a student get lost in a book, or watch her reaction when I hand back a paper she has revised four times as she cautiously glances down to see the A. These are the days I find myself diving into my planning book like Clark Kent would dive into a phone booth. Still, there are days I wonder whether or not I have made some terrible mistake with teaching. There are days when my students have not completed the reading I have assigned, or when their personal lives block my access to their intellect, curiosity, or even civility.

One of my favorite books to quote is The Humans by Matt Haig. Every human should read this book. 50 Books All Kids Should Read Before They're 12. Best Picture Books of 2017. UnderstandingOurWorld 2. Best Winter Picture Books for the Classroom. Whether or not the temperature drops below freezing where you live, there’s something magical about reading winter picture books.

Best Winter Picture Books for the Classroom

From hushed, poetic odes to snow, to lively tales of outdoor fun, to informative nonfiction, here are our favorite winter-themed picture books to share with students. Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves! 1. Rainbows in the Stacks: Many Ways to Meet the Needs of LGBTQ Library Patrons — Articles. Editor’s Note: This commentary by librarian Anna Call is part of our special focus on LGBTQ issues for the month of June.

Rainbows in the Stacks: Many Ways to Meet the Needs of LGBTQ Library Patrons — Articles

22 YA Novels You’ll Want To Read From Cover To Cover This Fall. Booklists - Social Justice Books. The Grit Guide for Teens: A Workbook to Help You Build Perseverance, Self-Control, and a Growth Mindset. Listening Isn’t Cheating: How Audio Books Can Help Us Learn. Audio books have surged in popularity in recent years, enabled by their ease of use and advancements in smart phones.

Listening Isn’t Cheating: How Audio Books Can Help Us Learn

Gone are the days of numbered cassettes and bulky players. Technology has created more opportunities to listen to good books. But not everyone believes listening to books is a good thing — biases in favor of reading run deep, and those who listen are often accused of “cheating.” There’s a common perception that listening doesn’t require the same amount of work to reach understanding as reading does. The debate can come to the fore of the classroom, where audio books can be a valuable tool for learning. Listening to an audio book might be considered cheating if the act of decoding were the point; audio books allow you to seem to have decoded without doing so. “I was not really successful in reading James until I slowed down my reading speed to almost-speaking speed,” he says. Ki Sung Ki Sung is the senior editor of MindShift. Humor Story by Chris MacKinnon.

Janet strained to open her eyes.

Humor Story by Chris MacKinnon

She couldn’t tell where the blood was coming from—was it hers? Dizzy, close to falling unconscious, fear rose in her throat amid unbearable pain. Every bone and muscle burned and throbbed as she lay crumpled in a corner of a dark room filled with smoke. The flickering amber glow of a fire burning nearby was the only light she could see by. Books My Students Most Frequently Stole From the Classroom. Why Jen Storm wrote a graphic novel about reconciliation. Engaging Teens with Story by Janice M. Del Negro and Melanie A. Kimball, Editors - Libraries Unlimited - ABC-CLIO.

June 2017 Libraries Unlimited New!

Engaging Teens with Story by Janice M. Del Negro and Melanie A. Kimball, Editors - Libraries Unlimited - ABC-CLIO

Paperback 978-1-4408-4508-6 $55.00 Add to Cart eBook 978-1-4408-4509-3 eBook Available from ABC-CLIOEmail ABC-CLIOorCall Your Preferred eBook Vendor for Pricing International Pricing Paperback: £43.00/50,00€/A$74.00 Based on proven theory and real-life experience, this guidebook provides a one-stop resource for educators, librarians, and storytellers looking to introduce storytelling programs for young adults. Storytelling is often associated with storytime and library services to young children, but effective storytelling speaks to all ages—including teens. Readers will learn how to find stories for teens, apply proven techniques for successful telling of tales to teens, use traditional literature as a basis for creative writing, and establish a teen storytelling club or troupe.

Features Author Info Janice M. Melanie A. Look Inside. Thinking about 13 Reasons Why: Teens, Mental Health and Media. 100 Must-Read LGBTQIA YA Books. Welcome to a list of 100 must-read LGBTQIA YA books! Yes, these are all must-reads, and no, this is definitely NOT all the queer YA books that exist. For transparency’s sake, on this list there are: 32 books with lesbian characters, 33 books with bisexual+ characters, 30 with gay characters, 17 with trans characters, 5 with intersex characters, and 4 with asexual characters (yes, I know that doesn’t add up to 100 because some of the books have more than one LGBTQIA character in them!). I’ve marked the books with the letter of the rainbow alphabet that correspond to the content so you can know which one is which.

I’ve only included more than one book by the same author if they are really important and groundbreaking books. Young Adult Novels That Teach a Growth Mindset. Heroes in books and movies captivate kids, many of whom could teach a master class on these characters. The fresh perspective teachers can offer is how students themselves can and should be heroes. As advocates of growth mindset, we can teach children that heroism does not require obsession with perfection or product. We should show students that we also value process and progress. Heroic stories can help: They teach students about mitigating mistakes, learning from loss, and overcoming adversity, all of which are key elements of growth mindset.

The following books feature protagonists of diverse backgrounds and races, many of whom reappear in compelling sequels that reinforce the initial lessons and keep students hungry for more. Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2016. Many thanks to our reviewers who helped develop the list: Hope Baugh, Marlyn Beebe, Amy Cheney, Georgia Christgau, Diane Colson, Gretchen Crowley, Rebecca Denham, Sarah Flowers, Cary Frostick, Suzanne Gordon, Tara Kehoe, Krystina Kelley, Sherry Mills, Ryan Paulsen, Jake Pettit, Ashley Prior, Lynn M. Rashid, Jane Ritter, Jennifer Rothschild, Erinn Salge, Tamara Saarinen, April Sanders, Pamela Schembri, Carrie Shaurette, Karlan Sick, Jamie Watson, and Connie Williams. It’s that time of year again. Recently the Adult Books 4 Teens reviewers nominated titles for our annual best list and read tirelessly to narrow it down.

The following 19 amazing titles are the result. Fiction. 20 Indispensable High School Reads. The specter of World War II, with its themes of totalitarianism, social fragmentation, mass surveillance, and the decline of individual freedom, looms over many of the novels. Dystopian novels form a major category: Orwell’s Animal Farm, William Golding’s allegory The Lord of the Flies, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Kurt Vonnegut’s absurdist comedy Slaughterhouse-Five, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and McCarthy’s The Road join Nineteen Eighty-Four here.

Thinking back on my days as a high school English teacher, it feels like I missed an opportunity to teach dystopia as a theme. There’s a wealth of material to draw from—and it’s both high quality and accessible to a broad range of high school readers. A recurring pedagogical issue emerged as teachers joined the conversation: How should educators balance challenging books—works by Shakespeare, for example—with the students’ desire for choice? The List of Indispensable Books 1. 2. 37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind. The New York Public Library. Ten Contenders Make the 2016 National Book Awards Longlist for Young People’s Literature. The National Book Foundation has issued the longlist for the 2016 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. Finalists will be revealed on October 13, and the winners of the National Book Awards will be announced at a November 16 banquet in New York City.

Here are the 10 longlist titles, with the corresponding SLJ reviews: Kwame Alexander, Booked (HMH) ALEXANDER, Kwame. Booked. 320p. ebook available. Gr 6-10 –Twelve-year-old Nick loves soccer, and he and his best friend Coby have big plans for winning the Dr. Funny Book Displays in a High School Library. I fully believe in the power of funny book displays. 10 Nonfiction/Historical Fiction Book Pairs. Attention history buffs!

Want to learn the true stories behind your favorite historical novels? Check out these nonfiction/historical fiction book pairs! 1. The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell / The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Tales books are a grand Viking epic set in the 9th and 10th centuries. 37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind. 17 Books You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking About - Bookish Buzz. 92 Percent of Students Prefer Paper Books Over E-Books: Survey. E-books may be convenient and cheap, but they aren't displacing paper just yet, at least in the hearts and minds of college kids. The 25 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in September.

The September issue of Vogue has nothing on this list of September YA releases. Get ready to add these 25 upcoming young adult novels to your bookshelf! 5 Books of Badass Ladies in History and Today. I’ve often been inspired by fictional lady heroes I read about in books, but nothing beats the feeling of reading about a woman who existed and learning about the things she was able to achieve in her lifetime. How to Grown-Up: Books That Will Teach You To Be An Adult. I’m 33 and I still don’t totally know how to laundry. Scarily accurate. For some people this is a weird area of pride, like being a helpless scatterbrain is somehow attractive.

Not knowing how to boil water is the fainting onto a chaise longue of the 21st century, and I blame the Manic Pixie Dream Girl for this. Fantastic Feminist Books For Young Adults. 53 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down.