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Thinking about 13 Reasons Why: Teens, Mental Health and Media. 100 Must-Read LGBTQIA YA Books. Welcome to a list of 100 must-read LGBTQIA YA books!

100 Must-Read LGBTQIA YA Books

Yes, these are all must-reads, and no, this is definitely NOT all the queer YA books that exist. For transparency’s sake, on this list there are: 32 books with lesbian characters, 33 books with bisexual+ characters, 30 with gay characters, 17 with trans characters, 5 with intersex characters, and 4 with asexual characters (yes, I know that doesn’t add up to 100 because some of the books have more than one LGBTQIA character in them!). I’ve marked the books with the letter of the rainbow alphabet that correspond to the content so you can know which one is which. I’ve only included more than one book by the same author if they are really important and groundbreaking books. As far as I know, I’ve included all the YA books with intersex and asexual content that exist (in English, anyway).

Young Adult Novels That Teach a Growth Mindset. Heroes in books and movies captivate kids, many of whom could teach a master class on these characters. The fresh perspective teachers can offer is how students themselves can and should be heroes. As advocates of growth mindset, we can teach children that heroism does not require obsession with perfection or product. We should show students that we also value process and progress. Heroic stories can help: They teach students about mitigating mistakes, learning from loss, and overcoming adversity, all of which are key elements of growth mindset. The following books feature protagonists of diverse backgrounds and races, many of whom reappear in compelling sequels that reinforce the initial lessons and keep students hungry for more.

Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2016. Many thanks to our reviewers who helped develop the list: Hope Baugh, Marlyn Beebe, Amy Cheney, Georgia Christgau, Diane Colson, Gretchen Crowley, Rebecca Denham, Sarah Flowers, Cary Frostick, Suzanne Gordon, Tara Kehoe, Krystina Kelley, Sherry Mills, Ryan Paulsen, Jake Pettit, Ashley Prior, Lynn M.

Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2016

20 Indispensable High School Reads. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

20 Indispensable High School Reads

The final cut of our list of indispensable high school reads—culled from reader comments—is dominated by perennials like George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. The five most popular entries were all published within 15 years of each other, and none were published later than Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960. Only three of the works on the list could be considered recent, appearing within the last 20 years: Stephen Chbosky’s epistolary novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999); Marjane Satrapi’s graphic memoir Persepolis, about growing up during the Iranian Revolution (2000–03); and Cormac McCarthy’s brutal, dark novel The Road (2006).

37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind. The New York Public Library. Ten Contenders Make the 2016 National Book Awards Longlist for Young People’s Literature. The National Book Foundation has issued the longlist for the 2016 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature.

Ten Contenders Make the 2016 National Book Awards Longlist for Young People’s Literature

Finalists will be revealed on October 13, and the winners of the National Book Awards will be announced at a November 16 banquet in New York City. Here are the 10 longlist titles, with the corresponding SLJ reviews: Kwame Alexander, Booked (HMH) ALEXANDER, Kwame. Booked. 320p. ebook available. Gr 6-10 –Twelve-year-old Nick loves soccer, and he and his best friend Coby have big plans for winning the Dr. Kate DiCamillo, Raymie Nightingale (Candlewick) DICAMILLO, Kate. Gr 4-7 –Raymie Clarke has a plan. John Lewis, Andrew Aydin & Nate Powell (Artist),March: Book Three (Top Shelf) LEWIS, John & Andrew Aydin.

Gr 8 Up –In the final installment in the trilogy, Congressman Lewis concludes his firsthand account of the civil rights era. Funny Book Displays in a High School Library. I fully believe in the power of funny book displays.

Funny Book Displays in a High School Library

As a high school librarian, I rely heavily on book displays. They are great ways to attract both seasoned and reluctant readers alike. Initially, I created displays that simply advertised the books as-is. 10 Nonfiction/Historical Fiction Book Pairs. Attention history buffs!

10 Nonfiction/Historical Fiction Book Pairs

Want to learn the true stories behind your favorite historical novels? Check out these nonfiction/historical fiction book pairs! 1. The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell / The Age of the Vikings by Anders Winroth. 37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind. 17 Books You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking About - Bookish Buzz. These books are bound to invoke a reaction so impassioned, emotional, and human that you'll want to share what's between you and the page with everyone else1.

17 Books You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking About - Bookish Buzz

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi“No one knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal, but The Reestablishment has plans for her. They’re going to use her as a weapon.”Not only does this book have an intriguing premise, but Mafi’s writing is just incredible. Her turns of phrase left me reeling — I found myself rereading sentences just to experience them again. Anytime someone asks me for a book recommendation, I always start with this series because everyone should experience Mafi’s writing as it dances along the border between prose and poetry.

92 Percent of Students Prefer Paper Books Over E-Books: Survey. E-books may be convenient and cheap, but they aren't displacing paper just yet, at least in the hearts and minds of college kids.

92 Percent of Students Prefer Paper Books Over E-Books: Survey

The 25 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in September. The September issue of Vogue has nothing on this list of September YA releases.

The 25 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in September

Get ready to add these 25 upcoming young adult novels to your bookshelf! We scoured Goodreads to see which books our community is most excited to read and carefully crafted this list! Here are the top 25 most anticipated YA novels publishing next month: 1. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. This is the fourth novel in the Throne of Glass series! 2. This innovative, heartfelt debut novel tells the story of a girl who’s literally allergic to the outside world. 3.

This is a new series from Leigh Bardugo set in the same world as the Shadow and Bone series! 4. 5 Books of Badass Ladies in History and Today. I’ve often been inspired by fictional lady heroes I read about in books, but nothing beats the feeling of reading about a woman who existed and learning about the things she was able to achieve in her lifetime.

5 Books of Badass Ladies in History and Today

How to Grown-Up: Books That Will Teach You To Be An Adult. I’m 33 and I still don’t totally know how to laundry. Scarily accurate. For some people this is a weird area of pride, like being a helpless scatterbrain is somehow attractive. Not knowing how to boil water is the fainting onto a chaise longue of the 21st century, and I blame the Manic Pixie Dream Girl for this. Fantastic Feminist Books For Young Adults. This post is for Isabella, who wanted a book round up like the one I put together for younger readers but for a slightly older crowd. Isabella, we love readers like you – young, passionate, and vocal – and I’m so happy to be able to present you and all your fellow Rioters with this post of the best feminist books for young adults. Before we get started though, two things: 1) Never let recommended age ranges dictate your reading; many of those “younger reader” recommendations were ones I read for pleasure in my twenties!

And 2) Everyone should also check out the great articles that Kelly has written for more fabulous recommendations (we’re all rad feminists ’round here). 53 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down.