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24/7Helpline 855-980-5757 For Texas Drug Addiction Treatment. 24/7Helpline 855-980-5757 For Texas Drug Addiction Treatment. Effects of drugs on the brain. Drug addiction is a complex brain disease. It is a general misconception that some people abuse drugs because they don’t have the willpower or strong moral values to shake off the devastating habit. Many people don’t understand the criticalities involved when someone decides to stop using drugs and change his or her behavior. It needs more than a strong will or intention to stop using drugs and live a gratifying life. Drug abuse can be a huge impediment to the development of individuals and to the progress of the society and the nation. Scientific advancements have ascertained a strong association between drug abuse and its drastic effects on brain functions, but the problem is treatable and there are studies that provide sufficient evidence on successful treatment of addictions. How does drug addiction develop? People usually take drugs to escape from the realities of life without realizing that by doing this they are inadvertently aggravating the problem instead of finding a solution.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Texas. To understand the why’s and how’s of treatment and eventually make the right treatment choices, therapists need to know the extent of addiction in an addict and his or her perseverance to give up the habit in entirety. A drug rehab center can help an individual with customized treatment programs that can get their addiction problem under control. In the rehab, patients are offered both outpatient and inpatient treatment. While the outpatient treatment is good for those who drink occasionally and do not indulge in heavy drinking or drug abuse too often, the inpatient treatment facility is best suited for those who have developed a physical addiction to alcohol or drugs. Outpatient Treatment Programs: There are a plenty of outpatient facilities that help people overcome drug and alcohol addictions, although they may vary in the types and intensity of services offered.

Behavioral therapy and its types Behavioral treatments are aimed at changing addiction behavior through counseling. Cdc Projects Annual Opioid Epidemic Cost to US at $78.5 Billion. Prescription opioid abuse is threatening to cripple the country as it has reached the level of an epidemic in the United States. “More than 40 Americans die each day from involving prescription opioids. Families and communities continue to be devastated by the epidemic of prescription opioid overdoses,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director, Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. Moreover, its tentacles have spread so much that it is posing a huge burden on the national treasury. “The rising cost of the epidemic is also a tremendous burden for the health care system,” says Frieden. According to a recent study, published in the Medical Care in October 2016, prescription opioid abuse costs the U.S. economy approximately $78.5 billion annually.

As per a research by the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, health care accounted for about one-third of the costs linked to prescription opioid abuse in 2013. 2 million Americans abused opioids in 2013. World’s Top Drug Addicted Countries – Shenoah Lyone – Medium. Drug addiction is a global pandemic with some countries grappling with widespread and rampant drug abuse by their people. Even the United States is experiencing the burns of a prescription drug abuse which has reached the level of an epidemic. Here is a list of countries which are worst affected by drug addiction: 1. Mexico: Mexico’s methamphetamine addiction is the highest in the world.

Meth usage here has reached 3.9 percent per capita. No wonder, the notorious drug cartels of Mexico have motivated a number of movies in Hollywood and other film industries across the globe. The country is also infamous for being a powerhouse of meth production and the seizures of methamphetamine over the years have increased manifold. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dealing with drug addiction Drug addiction may be a scourge, but it is not the end of the road. Smoking Marijuana Dampens Motivation to Work for Money: Study – Medium. Marijuana dampens the motivation in users making them less enthusiastic to go out and work.

Smoking marijuana makes people less motivated to work for money while “high,” says a recent study by the University College London (UCL). The study was the first to delve into short-term effects of cannabis on motivation in humans. “Although cannabis is commonly thought to reduce motivation, this is the first time it has been reliably tested and quantified using an appropriate sample size and methodology,” lead author Dr. Will Lawn (UCL Clinical Psychopharmacology) said. The research, published in the journal Psychopharmacology in September 2016, successfully demonstrated how marijuana deflates the inner motivation in people, though for a brief period. “It has also been proposed that long-term cannabis users might also have problems with motivation even when they are not high. People on cannabis were less likely to choose high-effort option Seeking recovery from addiction.

Performance Enhancing Drugs Find Space on Teens’ Must-have List – Medium. One thing that never misses to create a buzz during a sports extravaganza, like the recently concluded Rio de Janeiro Olympics, is the use of performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) by athletes. The embargo on Russian athletes to participate in the 2016 Olympics took the matter to the next level. PEDs are substances used to improve any form of activity and athletes use them to improve their performance on the field. But most of the substances used by athletes are banned substances, notorious as doping in the sports world. However, the use of PEDs is not limited to sportspersons or those who participate in physical activity, as there are many users who are not athletes. The use of PEDs is also common among teenagers which is a matter of concern.

Many teenagers seem to use PEDs to improve their performance during sports competitions. Use not limited to improvement in sports Experts are worried by the fact that many teens are using PEDs every day and this can turn into a national problem soon. Opioid Users Might Be Abusing Seizure Drugs As Well: Study – Medium.

Opioid Users Might Be Abusing Seizure Drugs As Well: Study People who use pain medication without a prescription or a need for the drug seem to go for medicines that are easily available and can give the desired effect. Amid all the hullabaloo over prescription drug abuse in the United States, the growing trend of the misuse of seizure drugs is a matter of grave concern. According to a recent study, 20 percent opioid users might also be abusing drugs like gabapentin, commonly prescribed for seizures and nerve pain.

According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network, emergency room visits in metropolitan areas have increased manifold due to misuse of gabapentin during the past several years. Emergency visits by gabapentin users grew five times during 2008–2011. One in five opioid users tested positive for gabapentin misuse Combination of gabapentin and other opioids can be risky The findings should act as a deterrent and doctors should exercise a caution before prescribing gabapentin arbitrarily.