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The True & Faithful Yahshua son of YHVH

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The Anti-Messiah Revealed. Virgin Births (Mythology) Miraculous births are a common element in historical literature and religious texts.

Virgin Births (Mythology)

Stories of miracle births often include miraculous conceptions and features such as intervention by a deity, supernatural elements, astronomical signs, hardship or in the case of some mythologies complex plots related to creation. Dharmic Mythology[edit] Hinduism[edit] In the story of Krishna the deity is the agent of conception and also the offspring. Because of his sympathy for the earth, the divine Vishnu himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as her son, Vaasudeva (i.e., Krishna). This is occasionally brought up as evidence for the hypothesis that "virgin birth" tales are a fairly common phenomenon in non-Christian religions around the world.[2][3][4] However, there is nothing in Hindu scriptures to suggest that it was a "virgin" birth.

In the Mahabharata epic, Karna was born to Queen Kunti by the deity Surya, before her marriage to King Pandu.[6][7] Buddhism[edit] Virgin Birth or Virgin Conception? Torah (Teachings) of Yahshua Messiah (Jesus, Yeshua) - rebuking. © Copyright 2001, Disclaimer: The issue of the "virgin birth" is not, in my opinion, of a redemptive (affecting our redemption) nature.

Torah (Teachings) of Yahshua Messiah (Jesus, Yeshua) - rebuking

I address it primarily because many utilize it as "proof" that Messiah is God. However, there are many sincere seekers of truth that realize Messiah is NOT God yet still believe in the virgin birth. I consider such people to be worshippers of the TRUE God (vs. those that promote a "God in the flesh" Messiah), and we enjoy full fellowship together even though we may disagree on this particular issue.

Nevertheless, I consider it my duty as I strive to serve the ONE and ONLY God to present my opinion since I feel the virgin birth concept is a pagan derived fabrication that was "edited" into the Messianic writings (New Testament) by scribes that were steeped in the mystery Babylon religion. IF Messiah was born of a "virgin" with no earthly father, why is it so rarely mentioned in the New Testament? Introduction Ok, be honest. Mithraic Mysteries. Double-faced Mithraic relief.

Mithraic Mysteries

Rome, 2nd to 3rd century AD (Louvre Museum) The Mithraic Mysteries were a mystery religion practised in the Roman Empire from about the 1st to 4th centuries AD. The name of the Persian god Mithra (proto-Indo-Iranian Mitra), adapted into Greek as Mithras, was linked to a new and distinctive imagery. Writers of the Roman Empire period referred to this mystery religion by phrases which can be anglicized as Mysteries of Mithras or Mysteries of the Persians;[1][2] modern historians refer to it as Mithraism,[1] or sometimes Roman Mithraism.[3][4] The mysteries were popular in the Roman military.[5] The Romans themselves regarded the mysteries as having Persian or Zoroastrian sources.

Rock-born Mithras and Mithraic artifacts. The name Mithras[edit] Related deity-names in other languages include Iranian "Mithra" and Sanskrit "Mitra" are believed to come from an Indo-Iranian word mitra meaning "contract, agreement, covenant".[24] Iconography[edit] Pagan Influence on Religion. {*style:<b>Clicking on any one of the thumbnails below will provide you with larger photos, related photos, and historic information concerning each photo.

</b>*} The Mother of All Cults. Inadvertent Admission of Guilt. The document, that is being scrutinized in this message, is an unintentional public admission of guilt by a Catholic church historian.

Inadvertent Admission of Guilt

This document was only made publicly available, because of the high levels of self-regard felt by its writer and his church, concerning the Greco-Roman Catholic victory over Arianism (not Aryanism). This (temporary) victory over YHVH's True Assembly has blinded and lulled them into openly, but mistakenly, professing themselves to be YHVH's church, and thereby, exposing (confessing) themselves as the religious instrument of Satan's Anti-Messiah and The Greco-Roman Beast government(s). This Catholic historian/writer, who truly represents the entire traditional Christian world, has unintentionally exposed the arguments used by the early supporters of Catholicism (Christianity), and the flaws of those arguments to the world. Note: (Explanation of Logic) An argument is a sequence of statements,1. Introduction: (TSN) - A bold faced lie. The Graduate Center, CUNY. The ChurchLink. The Sabbatarian Network.

Torah of Messiah combats the trinity and anti-law teachings whil. YHWH is El.