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Student Choice Menus

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Word Study Program and Freebie - That Teaching Spark. Interactive Learning Menus (Choice Boards) Using Google Docs. Novel Study Tic-Tac-Toe Menu Choice Board by Kasey Bell. 4 C's Digital Learning Menu by Shake Up Learning - Google Slides. Student Choice Menu- Central Message of a Story by FunLovingTeacher. Camouflage Bloom's Choice Menu by A Choice in Learning. Empower Your Students with The 4 C's Learning Menu. Persuasive Argument Tic-Tac-Toe Menu Choice Board.

Pinterest. Student Choice Menu Teaching Resources. Genre Choice Menu 1 by Learning-Laughing-Leading. Book Club Choice Menu by Faithful. Mission to Mars Writing Project Choice Menu. Design Your Own Digital Choice Board. This week I had the pleasure of training a group of elementary teachers on blended learning strategies. As a group, they wanted to focus on: DifferentiationStudent choiceAssessment One of the strategies we discussed with the potential to weave these three areas of focus together is a choice board.

There are several different approaches to designing a choice board, but the goal is to allow students an opportunity to select the activities they will complete to practice a skill or demonstrate understanding. The example above is a digital choice board I created using a Google Document. Organizing a Choice Board The classic 9 square model is ideal for a tic-tac-toe approach to a choice board that requires students complete any three activities in a row across the board. As teachers consider what types of activities to design, it’s important to keep differentiation in mind.

Some teachers choose to color code the squares and encourage stronger students to tackle more challenging activities. Gingerbread Man Choice Menu: Based on Bloom's Taxonomy and CCSS by Amy Pearce.