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Online English Learning Communities

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Bilingua: Your Language Exchange App & Learning Companion. Learn and practice languages for free! 20 Websites to Practice and Learn the English Language. Some students need extra practice outside of class.

20 Websites to Practice and Learn the English Language

Fortunately, there are many different websites to practice and learn English online. Here are 20 free sites to recommend to your students: Learn English. MyEnglishClub - EnglishClub's social network. Busuu - Learn languages for free online. Untitled. 10 Learning Communities for ESL students ~ Sharing Learning. EnglishCentral. Fresh Education. Second Life Teens- English - British Council - Hong Kong. Second Life for learners and teachers of English. Teaching English in Second Life. Over the past few weeks I've been pretty busy teaching my first English students on a Business English course I have been developing for Second Life.

Teaching English in Second Life

The experience has been pretty daunting with myself and the students having to come to terms with the complexities of the user interface and I have felt at times that my fifteen years of 'real world' classroom experience and the subconscious habits and reflexes that I developed over that period have totally deserted me. The introduction of voice within SL has certainly made a huge difference, though there are still problems and bugs to be ironed out. (10) Learn English - Introduce yourself. Discussion Forums Directory. LearnEnglishTeens. The lantern (a Ramadan story) Dashboard.

10 Free Language Learning Communities. Search - #twinglish. Polyglot Club Official Website - Find a friend to exchange languages! Italki: Learn a language online. English Portal Community - Talk and Learn - Learn English Online. (81) How to Improve Your English? (81) How to Improve Your English? (81) Learn English. #Twinglish. LearnEnglishTeens. LearnEnglish Kids. Pumkin Online English Language Course for Children. Learn English online with Gapfillers. Learn English online with Gapfillers. Livemocha. The Mixxer - a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype.

Learn English. Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool.