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#2 Avoid Burn-Out

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If you burn out, catch fire again. I've always associated burn-out with some kind of depression.

If you burn out, catch fire again

To me it represents the end of passion, some kind of death, void, and emptiness. Goal 2: Avoid Burnout : English Advantage. Goal 2:How to avoid Burnout – #30GoalsEdu « English - Batteries not included... Burnout?

Goal 2:How to avoid Burnout – #30GoalsEdu « English - Batteries not included...

Oh yes, I’ve been there. Unfortunately, it usually takes someone else to point out to me that something’s wrong and only then do I realise and react to it. How to Rewire Your Burned-Out Brain: Tips from a Neurologist. For many of you in the northern hemisphere, the school year is coming to a close, and with it comes a likely drop in the stressors that build up and promote teacher (and administrator) burnout.

How to Rewire Your Burned-Out Brain: Tips from a Neurologist

It therefore may not seem timely to suggest interventions to prevent or reduce burnout. However, it is often not until we are away from a high-stress situation for a while that the brain can move out of reactive survival mode and into a relaxed state where it can ponder the big picture. The burnout interventions I am about to suggest are likely to be ones that you already know. The problem is, when it comes to adding another activity to your schedule, past experiences may have left you with the expectation that there is not enough time -- or you've tried things like this before and didn't notice any change. So you stopped.

My belief is that when you understand what happened in your brain to build up the hopelessness and frustration of burnout, you'll connect with the logic of the interventions. Avoid Burn-Out #30GoalsEdu Goal 2. This is another post in relation to 30 Goals in 2013.

Avoid Burn-Out #30GoalsEdu Goal 2

30 Goals Challenge : Goal 2: How to avoid burnout #30GoalsEdu. Ways to Avoid Burn-Out as a Teacher. Goal 2 : Avoid Burnout#30goalsedu. Guest post 8 – Anita Kwiatkowska on ‘Teacher Burnout’ Today’s guest blogger is Anita Kwiatkowska, a Polish teacher of English working in Istanbul.

Guest post 8 – Anita Kwiatkowska on ‘Teacher Burnout’

I like her blog because she makes interesting cross-cultural connections, and, like her compatriot Agata Zgarda who lives in Brazil, Anita is very good at describing the culture-bumps that lie in wait when you live and work in a different country. Anita Kwiatkowska I’m a teacher of English, coming from a small village called Tuchom in the north of Poland. A true Sagittarian – optimistic, freedom loving and straightforward. Face painter, traveler and Pedro Almodóvar fan. My Teacher Burnout Tips #30GoalsEdu.

Jul July 1, 2013 | 2 Comments Before posting goal #1, I’m writing about goal#2 Avoid Burnout Cambridge Dictionary online defines burnout as extreme tiredness or a feeling of not being able to work any more, caused by working too hard.

My Teacher Burnout Tips #30GoalsEdu

Whether we realize or not, we suffer from burnout from time to time. ELT burnout revisited. A little more than two years ago, I talked about burnout, particularly the path towards it that I and probably you were on.

ELT burnout revisited

My ELT:Other ratio stared glaringly in my face, mocking my attempts at having a life outside of language teaching. It’s then that I realised I was definitely on the road to burnout. Now with Shelly Sanchez Terrell’s cycle 4 of the 30 Goals for Educators, and an upcoming Google Hangout I’ll be doing with her about them, it seems like an opportune time to revisit my path and see if things have changed. The gist of the ELT:Other ratio is looking at how you spend your time in language teaching areas vs all of your other interests. ELT ratio: your path to burnout. Experiencing our industry outside the classroom contributes to an expanded knowledge and understanding of so many aspects of ELT.

ELT ratio: your path to burnout

It can also help you to appreciate teaching itself when you feel less motivated. With Twittering educators, blogging resources and virtual workshops increasing at a fantastic rate, avoiding burnout from the stresses of the classroom and gaining inspiration and motivation from others has never been more accessible. Problems solved, right? I’ve found avoiding burnout isn’t so simple. When you look at how I spend my ELT time during the week, it looks as though I spread myself across a wide variety of aspects, with teaching and directly-related classroom hours at my day job (the University of Toronto) pretty much well balanced with the hours I spend collaborating with other teachers, blogging and at English Central (see previous post). Now, I also ask you: What are your interests outside of ELT and what is your ELT:Interests ratio?

Thanks for reading. How to avoid burnout – #30 Goals Edu – Goal Two. Here is my contribution towards goal two in this year’s 30 goal educational challenge by Shelly Terrell. Goal three is to find a theme song also, so I’m going to add a theme song to each goal as my colleague Vicky Loras has done. Surfing is the best way to avoid burnout Burnout can be defined as ” A psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work.” Wikipedia.

This is an ever-present phenomena in the teaching profession, as ‘over-caring’ or over-doing a job that’s more like a vocation is quite common. Yesterday, I was sitting on the beach watching my kids splashing about and swimming while I enjoyed the sounds of the waves gently lapping the shoreline. The first song is called ‘Stuck in the moment’ by U2.

Here are the disempowering feelings described in the song. Avoid Burn-Out #30GoalsEdu. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Saturday, June 29th 2013 Goal 2: Avoid Burn-Out of The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Click the link to find out more about the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”~ Mary Anne Radmacher This year with the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators, our 30 Goals Facebook community is voting on what some of the goals will be. My Take on the Goal. Teacher Burn-Out & Personal Theme Songs: Interview with @VickyLoras #30GoalsEDU. 30 Goals Challenge - 2. Avoid Burnout. Goal 2 – Avoid Burnout #30GoalsEdu. That woman speaks eighteen languages, and can’t say No in any of them.Alexander WoollcottWhile Rome Burns (1934),’Our Mrs Parker’. by Jazbeck on Flickr.

Goal 2 – Avoid Burnout #30GoalsEdu

#5 Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone