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Bloomin' Apps. This page gathers all of the Bloomin' Apps projects in one place.Each image has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, Google, Android, and Web 2.0 applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.I have created a page to allow you to share your favorite Web 2.0, iOS, or Android app with others.

Bloomin' Apps

Cogs of the Cognitive Processes Option 1 I was recently reflecting on the triangular shape the Bloom's taxonomies utilize. Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used when necessary, and any learner goes up and down the categories as they create new knowledge, I was thinking another type of image might be more explanatory.Here is my draft of the idea of the "interlocking of the cognitive processes" or the "Cogs of Cognition". Bloom's and SAMR: My thoughts Bloom's and TECH: My thoughts A classroom bulletin board based on the Cogs of the Cognitive Processes!

iPad Curriculum. Best Educational Apps for Kids. Downtime in the busy summer months probably consists of the kids playing some sort of game like Smurfs Village or Angry Birds on your smartphone.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

But did you know there are fantastic educational apps for kids out there as well? The apps listed below earn high marks when it comes to combining learning with fun. Unless noted otherwise, all apps are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Best Apps for Kids: Best Reading Apps abc PocketPhonics ($2.99) - This app feels much like a private tutoring session for early readers with emphasis on letter sounds and writing. Cinderella - Magic Ink Books (Free) - Classic fairytale storybook with the "magic ink" twist--swipe over black & white pages to magically reveal the next page in full colour. Shake-a-Phrase ($1.99) - Cleverly disguised app that encourages older children to read by way of silly sentences that will help teach vocabulary and parts of speech. The Cat in the Hat ($3.99) - Beloved Dr. Using iPads in Education: Resources for teachers using iPads in the classroom. I found this great video over at iPads in Education, and I really love how well it shows the uses of iPads (or tablet computers) in the classroom.

Using iPads in Education: Resources for teachers using iPads in the classroom

You can get some great tips about how to actually utilize the devices in your lessons. Watch how this teacher uses the iPads for so many different subject areas and classroom tasks. He uses the iPad for projects, class communication, collecting work, student exploration, and play. The kids are clearly engaged and empowered by their iPads, and it seems to make this classroom a fun and enriching place for these students. The 5 must have apps for a class set of iP@ds. In the next few days, I will be rolling out a class set of iPads.

The 5 must have apps for a class set of iP@ds

Below are 5 apps that will be essential to making this pilot work. Dropbox Dropbox is going to be key in having a class set of iPads. I had all of my students set up Dropbox accounts using their school email addresses at the very start of the school year. I created a shared folder that all students have access to. Evernote As students do research for various projects and essays, Evernote will be a great tool for them to store websites they want for later. Although a separate app, I will add Evernote Peek here as well. Twitter My students will be engaged in the back channel on a regular basis. Prezi Viewer I have banned Power Points in my classroom and have encouraged students to use other presentation tools. Google It might seem simple, but it is a must have.

These are just 5 of the apps I intend to have my students actively using in class. Quixey - The Search Engine for Apps. iPad Resources. iPad Resources Open all links in new window More Sharing Services 0.

iPad Resources

Bloom's Apps - 21nnovate. iPad. Appy Hours 4 U: Spring 2012. "Appy Hours 4 U": Spring 2012 We’re back for Spring 2012!

Appy Hours 4 U: Spring 2012

Check out our Spring “Appy Hours 4 U” schedule. We air live Thursdays @ 3:30 pm. Notable Apps 4 Note-taking (1/12)Marvelous Music with Michael (1/19)Surprisingly Educational 3 (1/26)Hot Apps 4 HOTS (2/2)iTools 4 Admin (2/16)Exceptional Ebook Creators (2/23)The 1 iPad Classroom (3/1)Surprisingly Educational 4 (3/8)Podcasting & Podcasts (3/22)Great Apps 4 Government (4/5)Sizzlin’ Apps 4 Science (4/12)Surprisingly Educational 5 (5/3) Also stay tuned for some additional featured shows with special guests! Check us out at TCEA 2012.

iPads in Education - Exploring the use of iPads and mobile devices in education. iPad in education. APPitic - 1,300+ EDUapps.