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Shellye Archambeau: Shellye is an experienced CEO and Board Director with a track record of accomplishments building brands, high performance teams, and organizations. Shellye has over 30 years of experience in technology leading organizations focused on business to business as well as business to consumer. Since 2020 Shellye Archambeau has been passionately creating spaces to help others to achieve their goals and ambitions in life. Her book Unapologetically Ambitious was the first step towards that. She has been working closely with HBCU as well as communities and individuals to inspire young professionals from diverse backgrounds. Her community has been growing ever since. Numerous requests from her community for mentoring and advice led her to create online spaces to share her resources, advice, and insight.

Why Do You Perform Better When You Suffer From Impostor Syndrome? "Impostor syndrome is the province of the successful, of the high achievers, of the perfectionists.

Why Do You Perform Better When You Suffer From Impostor Syndrome?

That's the irony. " – Kate Hilton. Impostor syndrome is the feeling of negativity that constantly tells you that you are not good enough, should do better, and are incompetent. Career Advancement While Working From Home. No doubt, remote working took time to make sense, but employees have nearly adapted to it.

Career Advancement While Working From Home

Some of the millennials have already claimed convenience and job satisfaction from the comforts of their homes. While this could be a good thing, we still cannot hide the pragmatic problems in remote working. Not everyone can afford a quiet corner at their homes to deal with daily targets, meetings, filling timesheets, and other responsibilities. The challenge is real, and we all pause at the question of how to ensure career advancement working remotely. Remote working came with its perks where employees discovered they could get work done quickly without commuting to work.

Why Should You Be A Good Boss To Yourself? In the past year, we have seen the world stumble and come back to its feet.

Why Should You Be A Good Boss To Yourself?

We learned the importance of time like never before. The lockdown and job layoffs made many people drift to embark on their journeys as entrepreneurs. With many dreams to unfold, they took a plunge into this choice to give their careers a forward push. An Overachievers Guide to Hybrid Work. The rise of the remote workers saved the falling economy of the world when the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic hit it.

An Overachievers Guide to Hybrid Work

At the same time, it created massive opportunities for individuals and businesses, both big and small, to sustain themselves financially. Such was the impact of remote work that it became the new way of work worldwide. However, now that the vaccination drive is in full swing, the world is clamoring to get back to its old self. It includes employees getting back to their workplaces. Why Do Interviewers Ask, "What are your Career Aspirations?" If you have ever applied for a job, you know how and why interviewers ask about your career aspirations!

Why Do Interviewers Ask, "What are your Career Aspirations?"

It's a trick question to track your interest in the company; it can be tweaked to, "How do you see yourself in five years? " or "What are your long-term career goals? " Well, the answer must be genuine. How to Address Depression Symptoms During COVID-19? The covid-19 pandemic has unceremoniously forced us into a situation we were unprepared for entirely.

How to Address Depression Symptoms During COVID-19?

It is like our childhood nightmares have finally become a reality. Many of us have to deal with the loss of a job, business, and worst of them all, the loss of a loved one. What made the situation worse is that we were boxed due to the COVID-19 lockdown for the most part. Humans were never conditioned to live in such a manner. What are the 5 Types of Impostor Syndrome and How to Stop them? Impostor syndrome makes you question your self-worth and experience a feeling of inadequacy in whatever you accomplish.

What are the 5 Types of Impostor Syndrome and How to Stop them?

A feeling of instability affects almost 70 percent of people, yet when it creeps on to us, it feels like we are the only one struggling with it. So common, yet hardly talked about, you must never take Impostor syndrome lightly. Not just questions your capabilities, it leaves an imprint in your head that you have always been and will be undeserving. Leadership Challenges to Conquer Every Time. The role of leadership will forever remain filled with all sorts of challenges.

Leadership Challenges to Conquer Every Time

More importantly, people expect leaders to conquer every challenge they may come across. Especially in a workplace, leaders serve as a source of motivation, authenticity, and opportunity. The company depends on its leaders to guide through rough times safely and help it achieve success consistently and grow their business. Employees and team members look at their leader to guide them well towards a successful career. Why are Leadership Challenges Important? Don't let this virus define you. It’s been three months since I wrote my last blog post about my husband passing away.

Don't let this virus define you

I’ve been grieving. I’ve experienced many strong emotions: disbelief, profound sadness, loneliness, depression, etc… I couldn’t sleep, found it hard to concentrate on work, and lost the energy and motivation to work out. I just hurt so much. Time helps. Many people told me that it just takes time and that I should be patient with myself. Adopt a mentor approach better than direct ask. Aspiring young professionals sometimes become overly aggressive in seeking mentors.

Adopt a mentor approach better than direct ask

Last week, I received an email from someone I had never met asking if I would serve as her mentor. Despite being a mentor to many, I don’t recall anyone ever asking in such a direct, impersonal manner. The best mentoring relationships just happen. 3 Ways To Avoid Failure In Your Business Transformation Efforts. Groundbreaking changes are the most troublesome yet compensating endeavors that a leader can handle. Some rare opportunities include introducing new technologies or supporting the new product launch.

These opportunities are also challenging for the leaders to endeavor, and somewhere they tend to fail in the business transformations. So we have listed three ways through which you can avoid failure in your business transformation efforts. Tips to Mediate Conflict Resolution at Workplace. It might be rare, but workplace conflict happens. Also, at times the workplace conflict can hurt the entire organization or the company's reputation. So, suppose you are a leader or a manager of the conflicted employees.

Why is Impostor Syndrome Prevalent in High Achievers

What Are The Actions Transformational Leaders Take? "Transformational Leaders don't start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a future they'd like to create instead". – Seth Godin. With many transformations to adapt to, leaders who keep an optimistic attitude while strategizing business expansion plans in the future are transformational. They delegate tasks effectively and combine their passion for driving people to greatness with knowledge of business functions.

Why Can’t Millennials Grow Up? There is an uncertain disposition in the way millennials have come to terms with life. As we witness the generations flourishing, we also can’t deny the accompaniments of each generation. Though young adults started appreciating the many wonders of life and freedom, the fast transition also confused them. So in this article, we will analyze the paradigm of unequal experiences within the same generation and understand why millennials are on the verge of outsourcing their adulthood? What are Some Overlooked Essentials for a Job Promotion? The only risk of failure is promotion – Scott Adams.

Every aspirant professional stays true to his work commitments. It can either be a reason for his learning curve or his passion for crossing levels with the upper management, i.e., getting promoted. In either case, he should have a command over his work and excellent rapport with his teammates. However, being proactive and having support from your mentors is not enough to get you promoted. Here are Some of the Overlooked Essentials For a Job Promotion. 6 Personality Types That Never Get Promoted. Why Imposter Syndrome Goes Deep for Multiracial People? 5 Ways to Maintain your Mental Health in a High-Stress Job. How to Tell the Difference Between Anxiety and Depression? Being intentional in our work hope is not a strategy. How to Make Your Boss A Better Communicator? What Leads to Renegotiation? Must-Read Books for Impostor Syndrome.

Ways to Manage Up at the Office. Your Guide to Career Goals Statements. How to Future-Proof Your Career Path in 2021. How to Build a Team That's True to Your Values? How to Build a Team That's True to Your Values? How to Cope with Impostor Syndrome During a Crisis? The 5 Best Mood-Tracking Apps for 2021. How to Build a Team That's True to Your Values? Essential Negotiation Skills For A Successful Business Career. Perfectionism and Impostor Syndrome. Tips to Start a Consulting Business. Challenges of E-Negotiation.

Top negotiation skills you must learn to succeed. How to ensure your CV reaches the hiring manager. Why Impostor Syndrome Can Be a Competitive Advantage. Important Negotiation skills for workplace success. What is Mentoring Software? How to Deal with a Difficult Boss? Managing Up: The Ability To Make Life Easier For Your Boss. How to ensure your CV reaches the hiring manager. How successful people plan their day. How Mentoring Empowers Women in their Careers. Major mentoring trends. Reflect and reassess. How to prevent impostor syndrome in your child. How can I Support Someone with Impostor Syndrome? Impostor Syndrome Will Kill Your Business. The Art of Negotiating with the Reagan method. Can Chatbots negotiate better than Human Employees. Examples of career goals and how to achieve them.

Setting Up the Ideal Home Office. Things You Can Negotiate (Other Than Salary) When You Take A Job. How to build a culture of innovation. 3 Leadership Lessons for Times of Crisis. Importance of Team Training learned From The Miracle on the Hudson. How to Succeed at Work When Your Boss Doesn't Respect You. Managing a Virtual Boss. 12 Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Impostor Syndrome. How Impostor syndrome affects health and how to overcome them. Why Do We Fail at Leadership? How Women Manage the Gendered Norms of Leadership. Online mentorship a worthwhile investment. Ways to be a netter mentor and get a return on your investment. Art of Negotiating. Importance of the Rule of Reciprocation in Negotiation. Prioritize ruthlessly to get what you want. What is Luck. Manage Your Boss's Calendar. How is your relationship with your Boss.

Simple ways to manage your Boss. How to make you boss listen to you. How to deal with Impostor syndrome using Gamification. 3 Yoga Power Poses to Alleviate Impostor Syndrome. How Creative People Can Overcome Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome – How Yoga Can Help You Cure It. How Impostor Syndrome Affects Your Work? Difference between distributive negotiation and integrative negotiation. 7 Leadership Negotiation Skills To Make The Breakthrough. How to Use Mirroring as a Negotiation Tactic? Is Negotiation a Leadership Skill? How to Become an Empathic Leader? How Great Leaders Solve Problems? Six Items for Your Leadership Team Meeting Agenda. Examples of career foals for self improvement. Career goal examples for an interview for job advancement. How to Set Ambitious & Realistic Career Goals.

Mentoring During Social Distancing. What Does an Efficient Mentorship Look Like? What a Mentor is and How You Can Find the Best One? Sales Negotiation Training Skills. Impostor Syndrome: The Secret Fears of High Achievers. Risk and opportunity. How To Handle Multiple Bosses & Not Lose Your Sanity. Structuring Your Startup around Your Family Life. What is Leadership, and How Can I Lead? Thoughtful Planning.