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Automatic Control Engineering by Raven, ISBN No. 9789332901926, Buy Online. MBCN Annual Day 2017 - Rain dance performance. 3 Years Of The Modi Government: Impressive Words Or Effective Actions – KAPIL GUPTA. ​Let me begin by congratulating Narendra Modi and the NDA government for successfully completing 3 years.

3 Years Of The Modi Government: Impressive Words Or Effective Actions – KAPIL GUPTA

I am extremely glad that things in India are much better in 3 years than the 3 months of the newly elected US government. Even the staunchest opposition to Narendra Modi and the current government will agree that his ability to connect with the masses is strong and effective. The working of the government is a miracle at best and a very well run marketing machine at the worst. NGO for unprivileged people of society – The Ponty Chadha Group. Teaching with Love and Laughter - “A day without laughter is a day wasted”- Charlie Chaplin A good sense of humour brightens up the day and makes life fun.

Teaching with Love and Laughter -

Laughing together is a way to connect, and a good sense of humor can also make kids smarter, healthier, and can help them cope with challenges in a better way. Laughter has the rare ability to soften hardened hearts, open shuttered minds, and endear students to one another. This allows to reach the difficult, the unmotivated, the awkward, and the unhappy. MBCN Annual Day 2017 - Dream Fairy performance. Yoga. Handmade Gift Items by MBCN Students. Buy NCERT Books Online. Sensory Play and its benefits for autistic children - Children use their senses to explore the world as soon as they are born.

Sensory Play and its benefits for autistic children -

This is the reason we usually find toddlers putting almost everything in their mouth trying to discover the taste and texture of different objects. However, not all children find it easy to understand the messages they receive from their senses. Hence, sensory play is what comes into light for those children that helps them in adapting to their surroundings easily. Sensory play is any activity that stimulates the senses. This includes the five main senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound, as well as the two not-as-frequently-mentioned senses: vestibular (sense of balance) and proprioceptive (sense of where each body part is in relation to the rest).

Sensory activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Sensory play offers immense benefits in the development of a child. Vaakya – Innovation for the special ones! Ordering food- just tap and it’s delivered in an hour… Want to go shopping?

Vaakya – Innovation for the special ones!

Open the app and buy anything and everything. Technology has made our lives so easy that everything is just a click away. Our country is developing with technology and so are our people. 5 tools everyone in the online reputation management industry should use by Hexaware Technologies. Vaakya - A New Voice for the Voiceless. A picture-based application "Vaakya" has been launched by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN)charitable school, to help differently-abled and speech impaired children and enable them to learn alternative and augmentative communication.

Vaakya - A New Voice for the Voiceless

Vaakya GREATER NOIDA, India - May 16, 2017 - PRLog -- A picture-based application "Vaakya" has been launched by Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) charitable school, to help differently-abled and speech impaired children and enable them to learn alternative and augmentative communication. Introducing the main features of the app to the press representatives at a press briefing, Ms.

Vandana Sharma, Director of the School told that, "The app is extremely helpful for the persons who have lost their power to speak or read. Decoding Narendra Modi 2.0 – KAPIL GUPTA. He must be the most unique personality of the post independent India.

Decoding Narendra Modi 2.0 – KAPIL GUPTA

Nobody has gained as much popularity during this time, much bigger than Anna and AK, perhaps bigger than JP Narayan, perhaps as big as Indira Gandhi. He has become the symbol of non-corrupt, developing Indian, a true statesman. Even his biggest critics can’t take this away from him. The only true statesman of significance I can think of in the last 20 years. Vaakya – Innovation for the special ones!

Introductory Macroeconomics for Class 12 by Sandeep Garg, ISBN No. 9789383182282, Buy Online. 10 best seo companies in india by Hexaware Technologies. Social Media World: A Weekly Round-Up. World Food India 2017 Tickets, Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:00 AM. Vivek Bindra Books Online at Discounted Price - Buy Books India. Buy Books India Online Bookstore. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Include... Search Results No terms available Load Annotations Select an annotations set to edit Select annotations for review. A New Story Is Unfolding in the Global IT Landscape – An article on Hexaware in Corporate America Magazine. Home > Technology > A New Story Is Unfolding in the Global IT Landscape – An article on Hexaware in Corporate America Magazine The IT industry has grown on the back of labor arbitrage for a whopping 20 years.

A New Story Is Unfolding in the Global IT Landscape – An article on Hexaware in Corporate America Magazine

Organizations, in the past two decades, have matured with a DNA, a culture of creating labor at scale, high quality, low cost and in the right places at a fast pace. The future, however, would not be the same. The era of eliminating people through automation is approaching. Programming with JAVA - ksourav. Tackling Depression: Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs - Depression: It might not have a significant presence in our lives, but it is possible that someone around us, near us, has been suffering from depression for long enough without us even noticing.

Tackling Depression: Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs -

Surprising, yes, but it could happen! The questions we all have in mind: What is depression? Online Penguin Books Books at Low Price - Buy Books India. Know the Signs of Autism - In order to cure any problem, it is important to first actually know that there is a problem.

Know the Signs of Autism -

Unlike most other mental problems, Autism is not a disease that could be easily treated with medicine. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by social impairments, cognitive impairments, communication difficulties and repetitive behaviour. As a parent, nobody wishes for their little one to have any problem but sometimes, in the rush of our lives we often miss out many important things that could actually mean a lot. Such happens in the case of Autism and catching it ideally by the age of eighteen months can make a huge difference and starting early treatment can reduce the disorder’s effects and help your child learn, grow, and thrive. Autism appears in infancy or early childhood, but can only be diagnosed by a professional until the child is over twenty four months or two years. Hexaware Featured in Everest Group’s ‘IT Service Provider of the Year Awards 2017’

Hexaware Technologies Limited, a leading global provider of application, infrastructure, BPS and digital services announced that Everest Group has ranked it among the top 20 IT services (ITS) providers, as part of its PEAK Matrix Service Provider of the Year™ awards for 2017.

Hexaware Featured in Everest Group’s ‘IT Service Provider of the Year Awards 2017’

Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ evaluations were designed to serve as a valuable source for IT services’ buyers to evaluate, compare and contrast key service providers in the global services market space. These assessments offer service provider selection guidance, as well as nuanced insights into those providers’ strategies for key business lines, geographies, and technologies. Know the Signs of Autism - Educational And Professional Books. Role of Business Transition as a PMO in Automation Projects – Hexaware Blogs.

BPS outsourcing industry has always been heavily dependent on IT, to enable its services and make it more efficient. Automation of voice and back office processes have been around for a long time, be it IVRs, web services for voice or OCR, add on applications for back office, macros creation to automate steps of a process (this is the closest we had to the current RPA platform structures), etc. With the introduction of RPA platforms, a new focus area has been introduced to the field, non-invasive automations, which results in lower cost of implementation and faster lead times. And still delivers some serious savings to the business, in a robust manner. These non-invasive automations are more business focussed, operations dependent, do not have a huge IT capex investment and usually fall under the operations budgets and savings in most organisations.

This, however would need flexibility from the team and rethinking of approach, evaluation of areas where contribution can be made. About - World Food India, Global Event by MoFPI, GoI. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan - Charitable School for Disabled Children. Corporate Social Responsibility Program – The Ponty Chadha Foundation. The WAVE Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Ever since its inception in 1963, the WAVE Group has been spreading its wings to almost all domains of business starting from sugar manufacturing, distilleries, paper manufacturing, real estate, malls & multiplexes to spirits, liquor retail & distribution, sports and entertainment.

Its CSR arm, The Ponty Chadha Foundation, endeavors to give back to the communities that are directly or indirectly connected to the WAVE Group by implementing social initiatives that in the long term will empower them. Quality Assurance & Testing services-Hexaware. Hexaware’s Digital Assurance practice empowers enterprises to be digital disruptors in their market place. Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy.

So, your social media marketing includes a post or two on Facebook, few conversations on Twitter and some campaigns on Instagram. This used to work few years ago but today the digital world demands more than just some (random) creatively led campaigns. Digital marketing needs to start with what message are you looking to promote in digital, who are you looking at promoting your message to and the most important one – why will those people care about your message?! What are the various segments of people you talk to? What is the message you want to communicate? Why should they listen to you? Once the answers for the above questions are clear, we build the strategy platform by platform.

Partnering with MoFPI for World Food India 2017. Register for WFI 2017. World Food India – A MoFPI, GoI initiative to boost Food Processing Industry. Application Management Services, Value ASM. Application Management Services Enabling Exceptional Digital Experiences. Online Marketing Company, Social Media Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Firm Delhi, India. Digital Consulting and Advisory Services. Digital Consulting and Advisory Services A business cannot be profitable unless it creates value for customers. Life Of A CS In An Agency. Life Of A CS In An Agency. Buy Books Online India. Online Navneet Publications Books at Low Price - Buy Books India.

Depression: Let’s Talk. Hexaware Positioned as a ’Leader’ in NelsonHall NEAT 2017 for RPA and AI in Banking. 10 Smart Choices You Can Make to Save the Earth. Every small action sets into motion a series of reactions that impact not just our lives, but also the environment we live in. 5 factors to consider before searching a school for deaf children. In the present day Indian education system, schools have become business-places rather than knowledge imparting institutions.

MBCN Launches e-Cart Facility to Support Efforts of Special Children. Being the Other Half At TEDxDelhi. Director of MBCN School receives Global Education Summit Award. Digital Customer Services, Digital Transformation, Customer Engagement Solutions. Digital Customer Weaving the Digital Customer magic The world has gone digital and so have businesses, which strive to provide a seamless customer experience across different customer touch points.

From focusing on customer-centricity to being customer-driven, businesses have realized the need to realign their objectives to uncover opportunities and drive growth. To be relevant and competitive in the Digital world, businesses should be working on real-time insights and understand customer expectations and behaviour right from the need to fulfilment and post-purchase moments. The emerging business need is to be on top of the digital game and respond to the ever-changing consumer lifestyle patterns in digitally relevant ways, thereby enabling business transformation. Ksourav. Hexaware Speaks at COLLABORATE17 – The Techoholic Blog. Initiatives by The Ponty Chadha Foundation. Stoichiometry - Tata Mcgraw Hill on imgfave.

Events Organized by The Ponty Chadha Foundation. HT-NEXT 2017. Case Studies - The Ponty Chadha Foundation. 4-Window Beads Chocolate Box- Set of 3 by specially abled children of MBCN. Mulesoft Summit 2017. Mind Over Matter - Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) Colour Me Right - The Ponty Chadha Foundation. - create Infographics online.

Business Process Services, Business Process Transformation. Social Search Campaigns, Paid Media Campaigns, SEO Services - Digital Execution. IT Infrastructure Management Services. Operational Excellence in Financial Services. Infrastructure Management Services. HandCrafted and Eco-Friendly products by MBCN Students. Strategic Marketing and Consulting - OMLogic. Hexaware Ranks Number One Among the Top Service Providers in Overall Customer Satisfaction in Whitelane’s IT Outsourcing Study. Let’s Pledge to Keep Each Other Safe. Teacher Training Program for Children with Special Needs. Special Education, School for Children with Multiple Disabilities on imgfave. Corporate Social Responsibility Program – The Ponty Chadha Foundation.

Blog - The Ponty Chadha Foundation. De-stigmatize, Connect, Educate - The Ponty Chadha Foundation. Social Media Marketing. Radha – A Child Prodigy Who Challenged the World. Epique's Social Experiment, Beauty Not A Number - My Epique. Kids Get Upset When I Don’t Meet Them: Dr. Vandana Sharma, Director – MBCN.

Blood Donation: Things to Remember as you Donate Blood. Epique's Social Experiment #BeautyNotANumber. 5 Ways MBCN is Empowering the Differently-Abled. My Epique - It took a lot of courage to ask this question!... NGO for unprivileged people of society – The Ponty Chadha Group. School for Children with Special Needs. Six Ways To Help Prevent Hepatitis A & E. Health Camps in India. Rights of Persons With Disabilities Bill: More power to PwD - Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) - A charitable trust for Disabled children, Noida.

Early Intervention Program for Autistic Children- MBCN. Health Camp in Usmangari Ghaziabad. Promises to make and keep in 2017. Changing Lives at Skills Academy. Surabhi Sharma-Motherly Figure at MBCN. PCF Health Check-Up Camps in Rural Areas. NGO for girl child in Delhi NCR. Win Over Disabilities: Turn Weakness into Strength.