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Shedline Instant Marquees

Shedline have a great range of instant marquee tents for sale. Extremely portable, these instant marquees are the ideal outdoor shelter & shade solution. They are used as promotional tents, branded pop up tents, branded pop up gazebo and camping shelters nz.

Slurryquip. Mountpanther NZ has been working alongside us here at SHEDLINE to produce a printed marquee for them to use at Field Days and promotional events, that will raise their public image and provide shelter.


They chose a 3x6 instant marquee with branded roof panels, valance panels, and back wall. Sidewalls are perfect for public events like Field Days as they offer protection from sun, wind and rain while also allowing wider coverage of your brand - theres no such thing as too much branding! As Richard says - "Our main supplier especially was impressed & he said we looked so professional!!!! " Richard first used the Slurryquip marquee at Hokitika, at a Friday and Saturday show.

MacKenzie Kindergarten. MacKenzie Kindergarten, part of the South Canterbury Free Kindergarten Association, purchased a branded Instant Marquee to use at fairs.

MacKenzie Kindergarten

The Promercial is a popular choice for fairs and trade exhibitions, as they are extremely tough yet lightweight. They are available in three sizes, 3.0 x 3.0m, 3.0 x 4.5m and 3.0 x 6.0m. Men's Health Trust NZ. Ingrid Park says 'We ordered a fully branded instant marquee from Shedline and are actually blown away by the product quality and customer service we received.

Men's Health Trust NZ

The materials are sturdy, the workmanship is precise, and the print quality and placement are perfect. It took two women only a few minutes to put the marquee up for the very first time. Motu Trails. Jim Robinson wanted a marquee that was robust without being expesive - a SHEDLINE 3x4.5m Marquee proved to be both of these.

Motu Trails

After using the marquee at a recent show, Jim says 'Very happy with it, it survived a gusty wind that caused problems to a couple of others.' Motu Trails had purchased a 3x4.5m Instant Marquee with custom branding and three fully branded sidewalls. Our range of instant marquee offers a variety of sizes, shapes and colours - browse our range now! Custom Branding transforms your marquee into a highly effective advertising tool, and ensures you will stand out from the crowd. Branding is available on both interior and/or exterior surfaces of the marquee.

Kerikeri Half Marathon. Branded Canopy - Shedline Instant Marquee. A branded pop up gazebo canopy offers exceptional marketing value.

Branded Canopy - Shedline Instant Marquee

By having the canopy of your gazebo pop up branded, where ever it is deployed means it is providing maximum brand exposure to all. That is why branded gazebos & E Z Up Canopies are such a common sight at community events, trade shows and business functions. The branding creates an eye-catching, visual tent that stands out from the crowd. With this in mind, many companies will use branded pop-up gazebo tents to lend out to the community for the likes of sporting events and fun days. Instant marquees- Shedline Instant Marquee. Crafted from high quality materials to ensure durable construction, our instant marquees are the best available for purchase on the NZ market.

instant marquees- Shedline Instant Marquee

Moreover, we’ve established a reputation for reliable event marquees that can cater for a variety of outdoor applications – from corporate events to social functions, we’ve got a wide range of marquees for you to purchase. If you're looking to purchase a marquee that can be deployed in an instant, we offer a wide variety of styles, colours and sizing option to select from.

A little about us. Custom pop up tents- Shedline Instant Marquee. SHEDLINE Instant Marquees are otherwise known as promotional tents and branded pop up tents.

Custom pop up tents- Shedline Instant Marquee

All of our models take only moments to erect, making them perfect for: busy promotional event venues, and other functions such as parties, weddings, and social activitiestradeshow and festival exhibitors who have a limited time period for site setup and pack down on completionback-up marquee tents for outdoor events should the temperamental New Zealand weather threaten the success of a special occasion Providing both protection from elements of weather and an attractive edge to any event, a pop up tent can be used for a variety of applications at an endless array of locations. Moreover, our products are designed to adhere to the highest standard of quality and are crafted for maximum durability. Our promotional tents and custom gazebo tents are functional and ideal for outdoor events that require a retreat for guests to utilise when the unpredictable New Zealand weather is apparent. Star marquees-Shedline Instant Marquee. Please click here to view more information on our star marquees which we sell under the model name of ‘Apex’ star marquees.

Star marquees-Shedline Instant Marquee

Apex star marquees produced by Shedline are becoming ever increasingly popular. They are a great alternative to EZ Up gazebos, especially where a larger area of cover is required. The Apex star marquee design can span as big as 16m diameter or as small as a 10m star diameter size. Star marquees provide great shade and shelter for a large area. Gazebo warehouse, warehouse gazebo - Shedline Instant Marquee. Yes, you can temporarily store supplies, furniture and equipment under a marquee as you would in an actual warehouse.

Gazebo warehouse, warehouse gazebo - Shedline Instant Marquee

Gazebos can protect these items from harsh weather elements, minimizing wear and tear and prolonging service life. You can save your outdoor furniture from discoloration and keep your metal tools free of rust with the help of a gazebo that effectively blocks UV rays and moisture. As a makeshift warehouse, gazebos can be used during the colder months, when most of your outdoor tools need to be kept in storage, or during summer, if you need a gazebo for your boat and other recreational equipment. Warehouse gazebos are often light duty structures, so when you come across a warehouse gazebo sale, make sure you consider the alternatives also and ensure to pick a design that’s sturdy, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. 3x6m pop up gazebo, 6m x 3m pop up gazebo- Shedline Instant Marquee. Probably the most common amongst all easy up gazebo sizes, the 6m x 3m Pop Up Gazebo is the ideal size for many applications including the likes of school events, corporate functions are larger trade expo stands.

3x6m pop up gazebo, 6m x 3m pop up gazebo- Shedline Instant Marquee

Our 6m x 3m Pop Up Gazebo size is also very commonly used as an ezup gazebo in the likes of motorsport, for hiring and catering and for backyard parties and weddings. Being 18 square meters, the 6m x 3m Pop Up Gazebo provides cover over a significant area and two or more can be adjoined with our Shedline rain gutter system to cover even larger areas. Although large in size when deployed, they still collapse down to a comparatively small cluster which means they can be stored with ease and transported from one venue to another relatively simply. 4.5 x 3 gazebo - Shedline Instant Marquee. The Shedline 4.5 x 3 gazebo size is the perfect medium size EZ Up gazebo, ideal for a multiple range of uses. Being this size, the 4.5 x 3 gazebo still only has four legs so is the maximum clear-span we offer before introducing a middle leg down the sides.

We offer this popular 4.5 x 3 gazebo size in all three models. 3x3 marquee, 3x3 gazebo- Shedline Instant Marquee. 2.4 x 2.4 gazebo- Shedline Instant Marquee. The Shedline 2.4 x 2.4 gazebo size is commonly used for the likes of street markets and farmers markets. This is because the 2.4 x 2.4 size is the ideal fit within a standard 2.4m carpark width. This 2.4 x 2.4 Gazebo in our ‘Titan’ range is very compact, making it simple to transport and easy to deploy. Therefore it is also ideal for the use as a roadside stall, for the likes of coffee vendors and as a mobile vending shelter.

Although it is ideal with two people, being relatively small and not overly heavy due to its quality aluminium construction, the ‘Titan’ 2.4 x 2.4 gazebo can be deployed with only one person if required. Easy Up & Emergency Shelters- Shedline Instant Marquee. SHEDLINE instant pop up shelters provide the ultimate in portable, pop up shelter and instant, emergency shelter. Take them wherever you need protection from the elements, whether it’s intermittent showers or harsh, all-day sun.

Both our instant easy up shelters and pole marquees can be erected within minutes, making them the best pop up shelter option available on the market, and perfect for emergency shelter. Simple to transportEasy to erect (easy up)Fast to pack down when finishedExtended frame warranties Should heavy clouds be threatening your special occasion, our marquees also work well as an emergency shelter. Event marquee for sale- Shedline Instant Marquee. Extra strong gazebos - Shedline Instant Marquee.

A commercial grade gazebo is constructed with quality materials throughout. To evaluate a commercial pop up gazebo you must evaluate things like the grade of components, the size of the extrusion (i.e. how large are the frame profiles), whether or not the struts have internal reinforcing ribs and assess the waterproof qualities of the canopy. Heavy duty waterproof gazebos are a must for use as corporate gazebos, commercial applications and large usage applications. Printed gazebos - Shedline Instant Marquee.

Portable gazebos, event gazebos, marquees and gazebos are versatile and easy to install which is why they are so popular with event organizers, especially for outdoor public exhibits as they have a special appeal to event-goers. By utilising a promo gazebo branded with your brand or logo or a printed pop up gazebo printing your message or slogan on it at public events, you will create an immediate stand-out feature that will set you apart from the crowd. SHEDLINE custom made gazebos and marquees now come in many different shapes, sizes, and even colours so you'll have a wide range of choices that you can base on your taste, preference, or event theme.

What's more, marquee gazebos, custom gazebos and heavy duty gazebos can be styled to suit any occasion, whether it's a formal fundraiser luncheon or an avant-garde art showcase. Marquees nz - Shedline Instant Marquee.