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Work Etiquette in the Workplace

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Workplace etiquette can pay off. Etiquette is more than practicing good manners and remembering your “please” and “thank-you’s.” Professional workplace etiquette can improve a work environment, whether written in formal policies or as unspoken rules of conduct. If you are currently working, practicing good etiquette will help you be recognized as a professional employee, and if you are looking for a job, understanding etiquette will help you be prepared for future employment.

Etiquette expectations are unique in every workplace because of the industry, size of the company and overall business atmosphere. Research the company or organization’s current policies and procedures. Also, observe the workplace dynamics to pick up on the office atmosphere and behavior expectations of all employees. Even with differences from company to company, there are some common workplace etiquette guidelines and helpful tips.

Workplace manners are critical. In many offices, cubicle issues are critical to the work environment. Guide to Business Etiquette & Workplace Manners. Top workplace pet peeves and etiquette mistakes. By Steve Strauss for USA TODAY Posted 3/6/2011 6:00:08 PM | Q: I recently saw something you wrote about etiquette in the workplace. Can I add that I think that the biggest mistake people make when it comes to workplace etiquette is not respecting other people's work spaces? Hey, my cubicle may be open, and small, but it's mine! AP file AP file A: Boy, this certainly seems to be a topic ripe for intense feelings. And that's too bad. But not to me, and not to a lot of people apparently.

Here are the worst workplace etiquette mistakes I hear about and see most often: Cubicle claustrophobia: Like our friend Bill above, too many people feel like their space is not their space. Kitchen confidential: If you put something in the refrigerator, you need to eat it or remove it before it goes bad. Phone manners: Or I should say, lack thereof. Customer casualness: Your customers who come in or call are not a pain in the rear or a bother — they are your bread and butter and should be treated as such. Office Etiquette in the Workplace. Modern Etiquette: Minding your manners in the workplace. Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Etiquette. While we hope you are off on a summer adventure soon, for most, July is spent beating the heat on weekends and freezing in AC-overdrive during the weekdays.

Before tempers flare up, here are a few basic etiquette pointers to keep things cool and copasetic in the workplace. Do respect your coworker’s space. Offices, even if they are cubicles or open desks, should be respected as belonging to the ‘owner.’ Knock on the cubicle door or otherwise announce yourself and refrain from leaning on someone else’s desk. Don’t default ‘reply all’. Do make work-friends. Don’t kth*xba! Do ask before you put someone on speakerphone. Don’t forget that sound- and smells- travel. Office culture varies widely from place to place (here at Rue, yoga pants are a-okay!) Workplace Etiquette.