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Most Bizarre Commercial Ever: Insane Nutrigrain Ad for 2006 - Feel Great. America's Got Talent - Team iLuminate Performance.‬‏ Father and Son Film Outer Space, Do-It-Yourself Style (Video) Photo: Screen capture from video.

Father and Son Film Outer Space, Do-It-Yourself Style (Video)

Like many youngsters, and those young at heart, seven-year-old Max Geissbuhler and his dad dreamed of visiting space -- and armed with just a weather balloon, video camera, and an iPhone, in a way they did just that. The father and son team from Brooklyn managed to send their homemade spacecraft up nearly 19 miles, high into the stratosphere, bringing back perhaps the most impressive amateur space footage ever. Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo. The duo housed the video camera, iPhone, and GPS equipment in a specially designed insulated casing, along with some hand-warmers and a note from Max requesting its safe return from whomever may find it after making it back to solid ground. All told, father and son spent eight months preparing for their homemade journey into space, in hopes of filming "the blackness beyond our earth". Then, one day in August, Max and his father headed out to a nearby park to see their dreams realized.

Don't Make Me Over. For some reason, my readers weren't completely appalled with the Facebook drawings I did a while back.

Don't Make Me Over

In fact, the requests came fast and hard (insert stupid sex joke here). Here's a selection of derpy drawings I did for your viewing pleasure. Pleasure for your eyeballs. Wifi Signal Strength Light Painting. Excellent Ads. Created: 05/13/2010 Visits: 1522868.

Excellent Ads

A Trippy illusion. Pepsi Max Job Interview Funny Commercial. Top Ten Dunks in Basketball. Banksy Graffiti Drawing. Great graffiti by Banksy, a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, whose identity is unconfirmed.

Banksy Graffiti Drawing

Vedische Mathematik - Rechentricks der alten Inder. Vedische Mathematik wurde "erfunden", oder besser gesagt entdeckt, von den Veden aus dem alten Indien.

Vedische Mathematik - Rechentricks der alten Inder

Im Gegensatz zu uns, die wir immer am Dezimalsystem orientiert sind und jede Multiplikation oder Division letztendlich in Additionen oder Subtraktionen umwandeln, habe Sie Regeln entdeckt, wie man bestimmte Rechenaufgaben ohne aufwändiges herumrechnen lösen kann. Das schafft manchmal für uns ziemlich verblüffende Ergebnisse zu Tage. Ein Beispiel zur Gegenüberstellung 998 x 991 Unsere Rechenweise Vedische "Rechenweise" Wie Sie sehen, ist die obere Rechenweise aufwändig, die Untere kann mit etwas Vorstellungsvermögen und Training im Kopf erstellt werden. The Offline Social Network (HUNGRY BEAST) Kid plays instrument awesomely EPIC MUST WATCH.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Hierarchische Konstruktionsdarstellung PN = Eigenname N = Substantiv V = Verb NP = Nominalphrase RC = Relativsatz VP = Verbalphrase S = Satz „Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.“ ist ein grammatikalisch korrekter englischsprachiger Satz.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Er ist ein Beispiel dafür, wie Homonyme komplizierte Sätze bilden können. Hintergrund[Bearbeiten] Ins Deutsche übersetzt bedeutet der Satz: Büffel aus Buffalo, die von Büffeln aus Buffalo eingeschüchtert werden, schüchtern Büffel aus Buffalo ein. Er verwendet „buffalo“ in den Bedeutungen „Büffel“ (Mehrzahl), der Stadt „Buffalo“ sowie als Verb to buffalo, „einschüchtern, anfahren; täuschen“. Konzepterklärung per Comic Siehe auch[Bearbeiten] Weblinks[Bearbeiten] Buffalostory (englisch) Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten] ADIDAS IS ALL IN au Pharo à Marseille. Amazing display of light - Shareables.


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20 Funny Sports Signs

Facts via 23,874 SubscribersEmail marketing powered by MailChimp Interesting Facts on Facebook Recent Posts Stay Off The Grass. Peter blaskovic. This is my experimental research in field of art, graphics, math, physics... I have fun to mix different subjects together and finding a new ways of expression. Some of them have great usage in new medias, production or simulations, some of them are just for fun. :) Experiments are created in Processing or Flash .

Processing is a great open source programming language for artists. It is simple and creative tool based on Java and has fantastic support. If Java applet is not running in a browser window try to: 1. reload page and wait a while, if it doesn't help, 2. delete browsers cache and restart browser, if this doesn't help, 3. download latest Java from here for Windows or manually from here for all operating systems and reload page.