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Shawn Davison

Shawn Davison is co-owner of Level One Game Shop and Level Up Events. Level One is a small game store devoted to board, tabletop, and card games located in Kansas City’s historic City Market. Level Up Events is dedicated to creating great chances for people to get together, be social, and share their passions for gaming, culture, and more. Shawn’s background is in business analysis and operations with Kansas City start-ups. He is a graduate of William Jewell College in Liberty, MO with degrees in Entrepreneurship & Japanese, and Critical Thought & Inquiry. He and his wife Ai happily reside in the River Market area of Kansas City, Missouri.

4 Board Games To Make Learning Money Management Easier. 4 Major Factors to Consider While Buying Board Games. 5 Best Eco-Friendly Board Games for Kids. We have listed the top eco-friendly board games that teach kids to be green in a fun way.

5 Best Eco-Friendly Board Games for Kids

It would be great if your kids could learn while they play. In schools, there are several concepts which make learning fun. However, it can be challenging to keep learning fun and creative at home. There are plenty of video games and mobile games to introduce your children to the basics like math and spelling. The same thing can be said about the eco-friendly board games. These games are based on gardening, global climates, and recycling, thereby raising awareness about environment. We have listed some of our favorite eco-friendly games. Xeko: This is an award winning game which makes your kids aware about ecology and endangered species. Harvest Time: It is a 2-4 player’s game in which you roll the dice to handle the harvesting job that should be done before winter arrives. 3 Factors Behind The Success of Board Games. 5 Positive Effects of Board Games for Adults. Top 6 Benefits of Board Games for Kids.

Board games are important for a child’s mental and social development.

Top 6 Benefits of Board Games for Kids

From improved concentration to creative development, children are enriched with various skills while playing board games. Board games or table top games are both entertaining and educational. These games help develop skills like decision making, social interaction, and critical thinking. Needless to say these skills are vital for your kid’s “real world” survival and overcoming challenges. Enjoy Fun In-Shop Events at Level One Game Shop. In addition to our events out and around Kansas City, we also host events inside the comfortable environment of our game shop.

Enjoy Fun In-Shop Events at Level One Game Shop

Star Wars Destiny Swap Meet! 3:00pm - 7:00pm Level One Game Shop400 Grand Suite 418Kansas City, MO 64106 Map Looking for those last few cards for your deck? Or looking to build a new deck from the ground up? Swap Meet is free for everyone! Star Wars X-Wing League! 3:00pm - 8:00pm Level One's first Star Wars X-Wing Minis league continues! League entry is only $5. Tabletop RPG Night 5:30pm - 8:00pm. 6 Board Games to Increase Memory - Try Them in 2017. Retaining a strong memory is essential part of living a healthy life.

6 Board Games to Increase Memory - Try Them in 2017

Did you know one of the best ways to boost memory power is playing fun games? Here is a list of board games you can count on to increase your child’s brain power. Find out the details here. Believe it or not, board games turn out to be the most wonderful way to spend quality time with your children. These games act as a strong learning tool, which teaches many skills like sharing, counting, and color identification and also helps them learn to be a team player.

Level One Game Shop — Upcoming Board Games in Feb 2017 That We Are... 5 Board Games Worth Trying For Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the beautiful moments of Valentine’s Day, you might be looking for some unique ideas.

5 Board Games Worth Trying For Valentine’s Day!

Right? Why not spend some quality time playing a quality board game? Valentine’s Day is one of the most special times of the year. Especially for those couples who are immersed in their love of each other. For many people, it is a perfect time to put in a little more effort to let the person you love know just how much you love and care for them. While you are making plans for the special day; remember that the day has to be fun. Buying a board game for Valentine's becomes a wonderful gift if you buy the right one. Punk Sucht Lady: In this game, you will get the role of a manager at a marriage bureau. While it incorporates bluffing, pattern recognition, and negotiation, you can involve around 4-6 players. Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest Have you ever played the famous Tanto Cuore deck-building card game?

Forbidden Island: Best Board Games for Your Children — Make a Wise Choice! While there are so many board games available these days, choosing the best one for your kid might become a big challenge for you.

Best Board Games for Your Children — Make a Wise Choice!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best board games for kids pertaining to the specific age groups. Gone are the days when the family would gather around the kitchen table, just in order to play a board game. Things have changed, and from elders to toddlers, people are spending most of their time on screens. Are you among the parents who want to keep their kids away from gadgets, at least for some time? Well, here is the list of best board games to bring the good family days back. Best Board Games to Make Your Holidays a Pure Fun. Board games are an interesting way to spend time with your near and dear ones on holidays.

Best Board Games to Make Your Holidays a Pure Fun

They are portable and easily fit into your travel bag. Here we have listed the best board games giving you pure fun in company of your near and dear ones. Bananagrams Bananagrams is the favorite game of thousands of children, thanks to its strategic ways requiring you make decisions quickly. You can take it on every holiday as it is portable and comes in a cool banana shaped bag. This game is exciting because of its crossword involving all of the letters. You can “dump” one and put it back in the pile (but you have to pick three back up), and when someone has done with their crossword, everyone has to pick up one more until the counters get finished.

And the game tests your patience and ability at the end when you have to place a Q into your crossword. Carcassonne Carcassonne is counted among the best Eurogames out there. You score as you get control on the roads and cities. Donkey Dobble Dominion.