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The secrets to Apple’s success in marketing to teenagers. For some time now, Apple has been noted for its ability to sell products (even expensive ones) to teenagers and for its high brand recognition.

The secrets to Apple’s success in marketing to teenagers

The iPod has sold especially well to the younger crowd, and has caused many companies to try and emulate Apple in order to become more attractive to such a desirable age group. So why does Apple do so well with teens? For one thing, a lot of older teenagers were exposed to Apple products in elementary school, but a new article in BusinessWeek about Apple's teen marketing suggests that there might be a few other reasons, too.

Apple's target audience wiki. 1278 × 845 - 452 × 320 -

apple's target audience wiki

Apple Doesn't Target Markets. It Targets People. It’s fascinating to watch enterprise adoption of Apple technology given its apparent disdain for this market.

Apple Doesn't Target Markets. It Targets People

According to The Wall Street Journal, businesses are tripping over themselves to justify iPad purchases, just a few years after they resisted the rise of the Mac and rejected the iPhones in their midst. All without a penny spent by Apple on marketing to the enterprise. Well, that’s not quite true. Apple has never (to my knowledge) marketed Macs to enterprise customers, and only hired a skeleton sales crew to sell to such customers, but it has been advertising the iPhone and its business-related applications in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and other business-friendly publications.

It’s also added Microsoft Exchange compatibility to the iPhone, as well as advanced, CIO-pleasing security. However, these actions came well after the initial launch of the iPhone, and serve to fuel existing adoption rather than to kickstart new adoption. Is China The Main Target Market For The Apple Watch? In a recent article, we outlined the results of a study which showed that interest in the Apple Watch was highest in China, followed by the U.S. and then Europe.

Is China The Main Target Market For The Apple Watch?

At the time we chalked it up to the fact that some of the Apple Watch functions, such as Apple Pay and biometric ID, are already commonplace in Europe, and we concluded that interest in the Apple Watch will always be driven by the need for its particular applications. Well Kieren McCarthy has taken this concept to its logical conclusion in a very provocative piece in The Register. McCarthy argues that the functionality of Apple Watch was designed with the Chinese market in mind, and that Apple is really targeting China to the exclusion of others with the Apple Watch.

This radical idea is centered on the device’s “digital touch” function, where you can simply tap someone else on the wrist, or send them “pictures” that you can draw on the screen. The feature doesn’t wait until you have created a “picture” before it is sent. Target Market for iPad mini: Those Who Can Afford it. Apple’s understanding of the target market for the iPad mini has to be a complex process.

Target Market for iPad mini: Those Who Can Afford it

But it surely involves a keen understanding of the competitive environment and what strategies competitors will use. Now that we’ve seen how some tablets have failed against the iPad, new strategies are emerging. That, in turn, dictates Apple’s response. The current thinking amongst the Apple acolytes, as I understand it, is that the pure tablet metaphor is what makes the iPad so successful. The whole design philosophy of the iPad, its iOS, the gestures, dispensing with a physical keyboard and a need for a stylus, is that we want to move away from the encumbrances of the classic PC. Some companies have tried to take Apple on directly. So if you’re an Apple executive, it’s all about sizing up, like a chess player, where the threats are likely to come from and designing new product strategies to meet those threats.

Where does education come into all this? Tech New Debris. Who Exactly is the iPad's Target Market? I was debating with my friend David A.

Who Exactly is the iPad's Target Market?

Knopf on Twitter recently about the iPad's target market. He was sure that iPhone and Mac owners like himself were the key targets, while I argued that it was precisely the opposite, people who didn't own these devices already. We went back and forth as we often do, but what was really interesting, is that both of us made valid points with links for backup about whom we believed Apple was targeting with this device.

Marketing 101 When a company like Apple creates a device like the iPad, they must have a target market in mind. APPLES TARGET MARKET - APPLE INC.   CASE STUDY. Who are Apple's target market. Apple is marketing to people who have a few characteristics. 1) Middle/Upper income folks who are willing to pay a bit more for a better user experience. paying 500 more for a computer is not a huge deal if you have a decent income. 2) People who like to have fun with technology.

Who are Apple's target market

No other platform offers as many entry level tools (the whole iLife bunch and more). This includes people who like to shoot a lot of digital photos or video. It's the whole digital hub concept. 3) Music enthusiasts and fans ages 12-35. 4) Professionals in media and design.