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Great Blender tutorials and training. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Modeling a Simple Person. Your simple person will look like this.

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Modeling a Simple Person

In this module, you will model a simple human figure. Along the way, you will practice using extrusion and learn additional ways to select vertices, edges, and faces. Start a New Scene[edit] Start with the default cube (File → Load Factory Settings) and NumLock "on".Press Tab to edit the cube.Scale the cube down 50% by pressing S . 5KEY ENTER . Selection Methods[edit]


Useful Building tools and supplies. JASS Inventory. Your inventory (JohnathanMacBride_Resident): Jass-magic Primstar-2-dev Special: Free account on Blender Gooseberry.

JASS Inventory

Virtual Architecture 101. Metropolis City has a certain futuristic charm.

Virtual Architecture 101

Visit each of the four distinctly elemental areas, clubs, lounges, dance floors, towering neon skyscrapers and more. There's obviously been quite a bit of thought placed in this intricate location, not to mention live DJ's from across the globe, fight nights and other grand events. Fire, wind, water, earth, see how they all combine in the sprawling sci-fi Metropolis.

Happy Hippo Building School. How to Make SL Mesh Shoes With Blender 2.5 - Tutorial.