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‘Kindness is contagious too’: The neighbours living in close confines spreading love, not germs. Neighbours in apartment buildings are coming together like never before, offering to do shopping for older residents, pick up prescriptions, deliver mail and groceries for those self-isolating and phoning people who live alone to check they’re OK.

‘Kindness is contagious too’: The neighbours living in close confines spreading love, not germs

While many are keeping a physical distance as per the coronavirus crisis guidelines, they say the pandemic is helping create much closer social and community bonds, with high-rise neighbours now often connecting for the first time. “It’s all about coming together in a time of need,” says Cass Spong, who’s been running errands for more vulnerable owners or tenants in her Melbourne complex in Abbotsford, and letting them know there’s always a friendly voice available on the phone.

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Aussie Chef Clothing Company. HERITAGE PLUMBING GROUP PTY. LTD. Our Body Corp. A1Skin. MCES Melbourne. Fixed Price Cremations. Auswalk Walking Holidays Pty Ltd. Kilby Park Tree Farm. Australian Gourmet Gifts. Melbourne Quantity Surveyors. Carollo Horton & Associates. Sharp Instincts. Re. Plastic Surgery. Online permit solutions. Peak Equities Pty Ltd. Estore Logistics. Everyday Pest Control. Keble's Trading. SK Designer Living. Dawson Moving & Storage. Australian Treated Pine. Brice Australia. Anco Turf. VIP Pest Control. Dr Bryan Mendelson. Foilboard. Vertical Blinds Melbourne – As Popular as Ever. In Melbourne, Vertical blinds have made a come-back!

Vertical Blinds Melbourne – As Popular as Ever

Whether it is due to their key features; being easy to clean, slimline and neat appearance, offering the ultimate light and privacy control, or simply because they are an affordable furnishing solution, vertical blinds for windows are in high demand. Why Melbourne Removals Require Expertise. Welcoming 2017 with Coloured Roller Blinds in Melbourne. With the New Year having just rolled around, and home building and renovation projects either beginning or resuming; people are evaluating their options for how to decorate and fit out their homes.

Welcoming 2017 with Coloured Roller Blinds in Melbourne

When it comes to window furnishings, there are a variety of choices available for you to select from. Vertical Blinds For Windows Melbourne, Victoria. Vertical Blinds are also called as Vertical Drapes.

Vertical Blinds For Windows Melbourne, Victoria

They offer a fantastic, cost-effective solution for covering sliding doors and all windows. They help you maintain your privacy whilst allowing you to adjust the amount of light getting through. They are also designed to minimise the amount of dust it collects in contrast to Venetian Blinds where dust collects on the slats. Venetian Blinds For Windows Melbourne, Victoria. Offering a great value for money, they are easy to maintain with the brush of your vacuum.

Venetian Blinds For Windows Melbourne, Victoria

Venetian Blinds are great for the bedroom, lounge or kitchen. Venetian Blinds blades open and close to any position, giving perfect control over light and privacy. Vehicle Transport, Ancillary Services & Removalist Experts. Did you know we also offer a full range of ancillary services?

Vehicle Transport, Ancillary Services & Removalist Experts

To ensure a trouble free transition to your new home please take a moment to read the following. Vehicle Transport (Cars, Trucks, Trailers & Motor Bikes) Boat TransportPet Transport and boarding (If required) Pet CareFish Tank CareSupply of quality packing goods PRICES Piano & Billiard Table specialists Full valet packing\ unpacking of all goods and effects House cleaning (basic, comprehensive & executive)Secure patrolled storage facility including Warehouse or self store available short or long term Antique specialist All services available upon request Should you require any additional information on any of these services please do not hesitate to call us, email or simply fill in the online Quick Quote. FAST CONNECT : Offers a FREE service that manages your connection and disconnection of Home and Business utilities and communication services when moving NO CHARGE!

Upper Eyelid Surgery: survey into patient happiness - Plastic, Facial Surgeon & Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne - Dr Bryan Mendelson. September 16 2016 It’s a sad reality that many people with high hopes for their upper eyelid surgery end up disappointed.

Upper Eyelid Surgery: survey into patient happiness - Plastic, Facial Surgeon & Cosmetic Surgery Melbourne - Dr Bryan Mendelson

We know this because so many patients visit us to have a ‘secondary blepharoplasty’ (repeat eyelid surgery), because they are so disappointed with the first surgery performed elsewhere. To analyse this further, Dr Bryan Mendelson instigated a study that has now become the definitive series on secondary blepharoplasty, with results published in the prestigious journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in March 2015. The research, on 100 consecutive patients, has created greater understanding and answered the questions: Why did these patients feel so unhappy with their first result? It found that it took only eight years (on average) for patient unhappiness to reach the point where they sought surgery to overcome the result of their first surgery.

Let’s explain this. The deterioration in result happens because the technique was never correct in the first place. Upper Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) in Melbourne. Laxity around the eyes, Sagging, drooping eyelids Looking tired,Eyes that were once lively and bright, now dull and flat Upper eyelid ageing is probably the most common problem of middle age.

Upper Eyelid Surgery (blepharoplasty) in Melbourne

It’s certainly the main contributor to that much disliked look of tiredness that comes with ageing. Eyes that once added liveliness to the face now appear flat and dull, having lost their expression under a layer of droopy skin. The cause of the problem is laxity of the internal structure of the eyelid, which sags with age and causes the skin to droop rather than sit, neatly tucked away in the fold above the eye. Internal Fixation – The Lasting, Natural Technique.