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Online Fleet Driver Training. We want to make training your staff an easy affair, so we offer a simple per user per month pricing structure.

Online Fleet Driver Training

Simply choose the course that fits your needs and go from there. SD101 Safe Driving Basics That's it. No hidden fees, no extra costs. Unlimited Course Access for you and your drivers Self service - invite and manage your own staff Full Reporting suite - track staff progress through the course Send e-mail reminders directly from the portal Annual Refresher Access for every driver you manage (shortened version of the course released on their 12-month anniversary of completion and annually thereafter to assist in ensuring your Health & Safety obligations are met and a positive driving culture is maintained) Extra/updated content automatically as it is released Minimum 12-month term per user. Driver Training Programme Solution. Youth are over-represented in road crash statistics, but in fact drivers of all ages will benefit enormously from SharpDrive’s excellent driver training.

SharpDrive is designed not just to sharpen trainees' defensive driving through heightened road safety awareness (with the added benefit of increasing the safety of their passengers, and other road users such as cyclists, pedestrians) but also teach more sustainable and economical driving practices via its innovative e-learning delivery system. While the financial cost of fatal crashes ($3.5 million per incident) and serious harm crashes ($500,000) can be quantified, the tragic and long-term effects on victims and their families and friends simply cannot be calculated. SharpDrive believes prevention is the only option. Online Driver Training Modules. Online Driver Training Modules. Focusing on the key issue Very few incidents occur due to drivers lacking skill.

Online Driver Training Modules

Studies prove that the majority of incidents are attitude and behaviour based (e.g. fatigue, inattention, auto-pilot, over-confidence etc.). It goes without saying then that an effective driver training program, whether online training or practical, must focus on attitude and behaviours to have impact. SharpDrive is deliberately focused toward's best outcomes - attitudes and behaviours. This is the reason our clients experience drastically improved outcomes from implementing SharpDrive training. Key benefits Practical driver training without question has a place, however online does provide some succinct advantages. Immediate - Drivers can be trained prior to receiving the car keys as opposed to waiting until the next practical course is available. A mixed approach? Online Truck Driver Training. Training for truck & heavy vehicle driver fleets online If keeping the drivers of your fleets' mid to heavy vehicles is important to you, then SharpDrive provides the answer.

Online Truck Driver Training

Occupational Health & Safety requirements which deem a "vehicle" as a place of work, see that organisations' have a duty of care to ensure their drivers are trained in that workplace. SharpDrive is the least cost, no fuss, most effective option for organisations wanted to reduce their fleet crash rates, and fulfill health & safety training requirements. attitudes & behaviours - the leading cause of crashes?

How can you learn to drive a truck online? Driver Training Business Case. Investing in SharpDrive driver training programmes can generate significant savings on insurance, fleet running costs and employee productivity.

Driver Training Business Case

Download our business case here, with all the details Insurance – Lowering your crash rate can create significant savings in your insurance premiums. Furthermore, studies show the true cost of vehicle crashes including indirect costs are up to five times the cost of a direct insurance claim. Fuel savings – The SharpDrive Economy Driving module developed by expert driver trainer Graham Sharp, is focused on fuel efficient driving techniques.

Graham’s career highlights include a 24 hour distance driving world record and winning the 2006 EECA Energywise Rally Driver Award. "I have absolutely no doubt that the insurance claims experience, of a light motor fleet in particular, would improve if all drivers had completed the SharpDrive course. " Ian Taylor, Commercial Motor Centre of Expertise Manager, Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Additional benefits. Corporate Driver Training. Effective Occupational and Health & Safety Compliance SharpDrive provides effective, low cost compliance with legislatory requirements.

Corporate Driver Training

As an employer or manager, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your people have been trained and informed of the hazards associated with their job. Under legislation, a vehicle is deemed a 'workplace' and therefore if vehicles are used, then driver training is a critical component to any health & safety policy. SharpDrive is a simple, cost-effective way to fulfill this training duty to your drivers, without paying for expensive classroom based courses or losing days of productivity. Fleet Safety & Risk Management. What is SharpDrive?

Fleet Safety & Risk Management

SharpDrive is an engaging online driver training system that will help improve your people’s knowledge of and attitude to driving. The short, interactive programme is a proactive way you can help keep your business and your drivers safe. SharpDrive is proven to drastically reduce crash rates. Since commercial drivers are on the road for twice as long as everyone else, it’s not surprising that 50% of all crashes are work related. By reducing the number of road incidents your people are involved in, you’ll be saving on legal costs and fines, sick pay, production delays, damage to your reputation and insurance costs. Driver Training Programme Solution. Online Fleet Driver Training.