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The Mumford method - Stephen Mumford. Networking at conferences – breaking the ice, without being a sleazebag? | Conversations with AUSCCER. Last week we posted on tips and tricks for presenting your work at conferences – especially for postgraduates and early-career researchers. Another benefit of conferences is networking. With conference season upon us, in AUSCCER discussion has turned to how to network at conferences – especially for postgraduate students and early-career researchers. We absorbed some terrific advice from the geography postgrads at Manchester University: I recommend reading their comprehensive list of suggestions. Another key dilemma we discussed is: how to make the most of networking at a conference, without coming across as an opportunistic sleazebag? Dinner and cocktails, IAG conference 2011, UOW Attend pre-conference workshops wherever possible You’ll meet a smaller group of people with similar interests to yours. IAG 2011: Subterranean geographies field trip Ditto official field trips.

Wallflowers anonymous AUSCCER's Natascha Klocker and Kate Roggeveen at IAG 2011 Quality over quantity Business cards? Free reference manager and PDF organizer | Mendeley. PhD2Published. The Royal Literary Fund. Mission Possible: The Study Skills Pack What is 'Mission Possible' all about? Why use this material? Many students, at some point in their study, find themselves apparently powerless to improve. They may get stuck in the same old problems. Their grades refuse to budge. Coursework becomes a chore.

Other students might actually be doing very well, yet seem thwarted in their attempts to hit the very top notes of achievement. The Pack is already tried and tested, and has proved invaluable to students in the preparation of essays, dissertations, talks and presentations, as well as for anyone attempting to survive exams. Student Version Tutor/Teacher Version Who can benefit from this Pack ? Mature students and sixth-formers preparing for the independent regime of university study, along with its various and demanding tasks (essays, exams, presentations, vivas, etc). What kinds of topic are included? Please ensure each sheet or excerpt retains the copyright notation: © Mario Petrucci 2005; The World's Largest Library Catalog. DOAJ -- Directory of Open Access Journals. BEI : British Education Index. HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency - Home.

Ariadne: Web Magazine for Information Professionals. ERIC – World’s largest digital library of education literature.