Facebook Twitter Digital technologies have moved from being a peripheral innovation to being part of the core services we offer learners. Today’s learners have grown up in a world of computers and the Internet and see such technologies as a key part of their learning toolset (Sharpe and Beetham 2010). Digital technologies enable learners to engage with rich multimedia, and social and participatory media enable learners to communicate and collaborate in a variety of different ways. Smart phones and tablets mean that mobile learning, anywhere, anytime is now a reality. Virtual worlds and gamification facilitate authentic learning and role play (Wills, Leight et al. 2010; Childs and Peachey 2011; Childs and Peachey 2013).


It is time for my yearly post about the technology I've purchased during the past year. You can view my previous posts for 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 Since I make presentations and facilitate workshops about all sorts of different technologies, I try to get my hands on devices and gadgets that I think might be helpful to teachers. Some of these items I highly recommend. Others are ones I wish I didn’t waste my money on. Some things are stupidly expensive while a few are pretty cheap. Home
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These are technologies that I actually use, they exclude web tools and services which I do a separate top ten for. They are generally tools that make my life easier, more efficient and more productive. Having changed jobs in 2013, this has made the list a little more interesting as the technologies I used over the year did change quite a bit. Missing from this list is BT Infinity FTTC which made the list for the last three years, not that it doesn’t exist anymore, I moved in 2012 and am now connected to the only cabinet on my exchange that won’t be upgraded to FTTC. As a result I am stuck on a very slow 1-2Mb ADSL connection.

e-Learning Stuff

e-Learning Stuff
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