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No food is healthy. Not even kale. What Happened when I Went Vegan—Cold Turkey. Get elephant's newsletter Bonus: Editor’s Note: This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion or treatment to you or any other individual, and is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care and treatment.

What Happened when I Went Vegan—Cold Turkey.

Always consult a health professional before trying out new home therapies or changing your diet. 10 Proven Ways to Lose 3 Pounds a Week Without Dieting. You don’t have to go on a crash diet in order to lose weight at a fast pace.

10 Proven Ways to Lose 3 Pounds a Week Without Dieting

There are plenty of healthy methods to losing weight, and employing any of the strategies below should yield you an impressive amount of weight loss. There’s no need to do all ten at once, simply start with the one that resonates with you and implement those changes into your life until it seems effortless. It’s not about making the right choice, but making a choice and then making it right by sticking with it and not giving up if things don’t drastically change overnight.

So pick one out and get started! Natural News Blogs 18 Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides. What is a pesticide?

Natural News Blogs 18 Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides

A pesticide is a mixture of chemical substances used on farms to destroy or prevent pests, diseases and weeds from affecting crops. According to the USDA, 45 percent of the world’s crops are lost to damage or spoilage, so many farmers count on pesticides. If you’re eating non-organic celery today, you may be ingesting 67 pesticides with it, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group. The group, a nonprofit focused on public health, scoured nearly 100,000 produce pesticide reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. You Probably Didn't Know This But Your Poop Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health. When it comes to toileting habits, the topic is not exactly a favorite among Americans – at least for those above the age of four.

You Probably Didn't Know This But Your Poop Can Tell You A Lot About Your Health

Mention poop and you can easily clear a room – or at the least, generate some unusual facial expressions, nervous laughter, and wisecracks about "too much information. " But your bodily emissions are an important health topic that deserves serious attention, regardless of the "ick factor. " Porridge could be key to a long and healthy life, says Harvard University. Oats are already the breakfast of choice for many athletes and also for dieters, who find the high fibre levels give them energy for longer.

Porridge could be key to a long and healthy life, says Harvard University

But scientists found that for each ounce (28g) of whole grains eaten a day – the equivalent of a small bowl of porridge – the risk of all death was reduced by five per cent and heart deaths by 9 per cent. “These findings further support current dietary guidelines that recommend increasing whole-grain consumption,” said lead author Dr Hongyu Wu of Harvard School of Public Health. “They also provide promising evidence that suggests a diet enriched with whole grains may confer benefits towards extended life expectancy.” The findings remained even when allowing for different ages, smoking, body mass index and physical activity.

Whole grains, where the bran and germ remain, contain 25 per cent more protein than refined grains, such as those that make white flour, pasta and white rice. After reading this, you’ll never look at a banana in the same way again. The Non-Diet Diet: Eat Whatever You Want. Eat like a caveman.

The Non-Diet Diet: Eat Whatever You Want

Never mind — actually, don’t eat animal products at all. Or, okay, eat them, but only fish, and only sometimes. But don’t eat anything for two whole days out of the week. 5 shocking reasons why Americans are getting fatter. Americans have become huge.

5 shocking reasons why Americans are getting fatter

Between the 1960s and the 2000s, Americans grew, on the average, an inch taller and 24 pounds heavier. The average American man today weights 194 pounds and the average woman 165 pounds. The growing girth has led to the creation of special-sized ambulances, operating tables and coffins as well as bigger seats on planes and trains. Almost a third of American children and teens are overweight, but 84 percent of parents believe their children are at a healthy weight in one study. High-protein diet 'as bad for health as smoking' What's Wrong With The Modern Diet [CHARTS] The modern diet is the main reason why people all over the world are fatter and sicker than ever before.

What's Wrong With The Modern Diet [CHARTS]

Everywhere modern processed foods go, chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease soon follow. The studies are clear on this… when people abandon their traditional foods in favor of modern processed foods high in sugar, refined flour and vegetable oils, they get sick (1, 2, 3). Vegetarians and Their Superior Blood - James Hamblin. A plant-based diet can lower your blood pressure, according to research released today in a major medical journal.

Vegetarians and Their Superior Blood - James Hamblin

Should we really stop eating meat before starting medication? Frozen oranges in California, December 2013 (Gary Kazanjian/AP) "Let me be clear about this. A low carbohydrate diet is quackery," Dr. Neal Barnard told me over the phone. Note to self: Don't ask Dr. Got Milk? Throw it away. Don't swallow it: Six health myths you should ignore. Cookies on the New Scientist website close Our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are widely used in order to make websites work more effectively. To continue using our website and consent to the use of cookies, click away from this box or click 'Close'

31 Satisfying 100-Calorie Snacks. Healthy eating isn’t all about calorie counting.

31 Satisfying 100-Calorie Snacks

Nutritious foods are key, but sometimes it’s nice to know you can grab a quick snack that doesn't deliver an entire meal's worth of calories. How fruit juice went from health food to junk food. This week, it looked as if fruit juice might finally lose its claim to healthiness and be put into the same category as fizzy drinks. It emerged that a headteacher, Elizabeth Chaplin, who runs Valence primary school in Dagenham, wrote to parents about a new rule to confiscate juice cartons from children's lunch boxes. Instead, pupils would only be allowed to drink water. Days earlier, Susan Jebb, a government advisor and head of the diet and obesity research group at the Medical Research Council's Human Nutrition Research unit at Cambridge University, told the Sunday Times that the government's official advice that a glass counts towards your recommended minimum five-a-day servings of fruit and vegetables should be changed.

"Fruit juice isn't the same as intact fruit and it has as much sugar as many classical sugar drinks," said Jebb, who has stopped drinking juice. This comes on top of a year or so of stories about the high sugar content of fruit juice. Does she drink juice? Drink two espressos to enhance long-term memory - health - 12 January 2014.

Coffee has long been a friend of students working through the night, but it does more than just keep us awake. A study provides the first convincing evidence that caffeine enhances long-term memory in people – provided the dose is right. The effects mirror similar results seen in honeybees, where a boost to memory from caffeine-laden nectar may help bees return to certain plants. Researchers strongly suspected that caffeine enhances memory, but studies that tried to show this in people weren't conclusive, as any apparent benefits in memory could have been due to increased attention, a known benefit of caffeine. Dieting makes you fatter. In recent years there has been a considerable backlash against the diet industry. The fact that we pour around £2bn into its coffers each year, while our waistlines continue to swell, has not gone unnoticed.

Nor has the fact that many of those who profit from the industry are also peddling the very foods blamed for causing obesity. Eat Until You’re Full, Ignore Calories, and Lose Weight. Wheat Threatens All Humans, New Research Shows. Juice cleanses: Not healthy, not virtuous, just expensive. Product shots via manufacturers. Remember when juice was just juice? What Can We Learn From How Grandma and Grandpa Used To Eat? Every successive generation seems to be getting sicker, with more illness and disability.

This despite government claims that the science of diet has mostly improved from just 50 years ago. Our 'War' On Fat Was A Huge Mistake [GRAPHS] The “war” on saturated fat is the biggest mistake in the history of nutrition. As people have reduced their intake of animal fat and cholesterol, many serious diseases have gone up. The 12 hardest-to-avoid chemicals that mess with our hormones. Top 10 Myths of Heart Health. 8 Foods Even The Experts Won’t Eat. Food scientists are shedding light on items loaded with toxins and chemicals–and simple swaps for a cleaner diet and supersized health.

Experts from different areas of specialty explain why they won’t eat these eight foods. Clean eating means choosing fruits, vegetables, and meats that are raised, grown, and sold with minimal processing. 13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat. Eating Dessert with Breakfast Helps Low-Calorie Dieters. Low-Carb and Low-Glycemic Index Diets Best for Keeping Weight Off. People following a Mediterranean-style diet may have the best chance of keeping weight off — and doing it without causing negative side effects — according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers led by Cara Ebbeling at Boston Children’s Hospital compared three different diets in people who had already lost weight.

Knowing that dieters often struggle to maintain their slimmer bodies, the researchers sought to study the impact of the diets on energy expenditure — that is, which diet helps people burn the most calories a day and would, therefore, help keep them from regaining the weight. The researchers measured the participants’ levels of hormones, enzymes, blood fats and insulin sensitivity, and other markers of heart health and diabetes risk. The Fat Trap.