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La leche frita de Raquel. Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once. Vineela from Vineela's Cusine is hosting this month's Jihva for Ingredient and the theme is Milk & Milk Products.

Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once

With so many products to choose from I decided to stay with the source and focus on milk and use it in the traditional Spanish dessert of Leche Frita. Leche Frita, or "Fried Milk" is basically made from milk, flour and sugar - this forms a thick custard which is then spread out on a tray to harden. It's cut into rectangles, crumbed and shallow fried. The result is a delicious bite sized treat of warm custard encased in a crisp shell. This recipe has been adapted from "A little taste of Spain" by Vicky Harris. Leche Frita (Fried Milk) 500ml milk1 cinnamon stick1 vanilla bean, split1 teaspoon cardamom seeds140 grams unsalted butter250 grams plain flour145 grams caster sugar4 eggs, separated125 grams dry breadcrumbsvegetable oil, for shallow frying Line the base of a shallow rectangular tin with baking paper.

Take it from the heat and add the egg yolks, one at a time. Durian Ile Flottante. "Durian Never Fails" Light dollop of fluffy meringue floating on creamy durian soup.

Durian Ile Flottante

I never had the classic French dessert ile flottante (floating islands) until a visit to Luxembourg last year when I was invited to dinner by French Chef William Mahi. William's ile flottante was so good that I unbashedly had a second helping and would've had a third if I didn't control myself. I've been wanting to make this dessert ever since but was intimidated by its "Frenchness".

Now that I've done it, I must tell you: it's darn easy to make! Durians have just come into season here in KK, about 2 months late this year. I've adapted the ile flottante recipe from here, reduced the sugar, omitted the salt and replaced the vanilla with durian. For such a simple, elegant and delicious dessert, the creme must be light, to go with the delicate frothy 'islands'. For the whole month of October, I will be using the Nick Munro moulds for RSP's Jellyrific! Check here for a durian that grows only on Borneo Island.

Michael's Mango Fool - Summer desserts. Return to listing I happen to love the taste of fresh mangoes on their own (a combination of peaches and cream all in one fruit, I think).

Michael's Mango Fool - Summer desserts

But as my husband rightly points out, you very often find the mango has ripened beyond the point where it can be decently served as a fruit. So, on those occasions, this is what he does with them. Serves 1 This recipe is taken from One is Fun! Slice the mango in half lengthways around the stone and pull the two halves apart. With mangoes the flesh does tend to cling hard to the stone, but the beauty of this recipe is that is doesn't matter. Then scrape off any flesh left clinging to the stone, too.

Butterscotch Bananas - English. Return to listing This is a lovely sticky sauce – just made for bananas, especially if you serve it hot, poured over bananas and ice-cream.

Butterscotch Bananas - English

Place the butter, sugar and syrup in a heavy-based saucepan, then over a very low heat simply allow the ingredients slowly to dissolve and liquefy – this can take about 10-15 minutes. Then stir to make sure all the sugar is dissolved and, when it is, turn off the heat and add the cream. Then arrange the ice-cream and sliced banana in a serving dish, and pour the hot sauce over. A few chopped nuts would be a nice addition. Return to HomepageVisit the Delia Online Cookery School with WaitroseClick here to go to Copyright © 2009 Delia Smith/New Crane Internet Limited, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Related recipes Serves 8-10 (Makes 2½ pints/1.5 litres)

Apple, Mincemeat and Nut Strudel - Mincemeat. This is a Christmas party pud which will serve 8 people very generously; perfect for a buffet lunch.

Apple, Mincemeat and Nut Strudel - Mincemeat

Filo or strudel pastry is wonderful for storing in the freezer as you can just take out a few sheets as and when you need them (remember they take about 3 hours to thaw), and because there's no fat in it, you can happily re-freeze what you don't use. If you hate making pastry and want something very simple to make – this is it!

Begin by peeling and coring the apples and slicing them very thinly into a large bowl, sprinkling in the sugar as you slice. Then add the mincemeat, orange and lemon zest, spices and toasted pecan nuts and mix thoroughly. In a small bowl combine the toasted almonds and breadcrumbs together. Now you are ready for the pastry, so remove your first sheet from the pack and arrange it over the baking sheet; it will overlap it but that doesn't matter. Put the second sheet directly over the first and repeat exactly. Food - Recipes : Summer pudding.