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8 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Creativity. Study Says Making Art Reduces Stress, Even If You Kind Of Suck At It. Flow Brainwaves Spike Between Daydreaming and Dreaming Dreaming. Flow.

Flow Brainwaves Spike Between Daydreaming and Dreaming Dreaming

It’s a brain state that fascinates scientists because it appears to be the well from which creativity flows. It was first identified by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi his 1988 book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Psychology Today describes it this way: Action and awareness merge. Our sense of self and our sense of self consciousness completely disappear. Julia Cameron on Creativity: There's No Age Limit - Motto. Ours is a youth-oriented culture.

Julia Cameron on Creativity: There's No Age Limit - Motto

A glance at the tabloids tells us of the exploits of the young. There is not as much of a platform for the artistic achievements and accomplishments of the older or even the middle aged. We falsely believe that creativity belongs to the young, and so, when we pass a certain age, we tell ourselves we are “over the hill.” We ignore the fact that many artists create well into what might be called their “dotage.” The idea that creativity fades with age is false. Twenty-five years ago, I wrote a book on creativity called The Artist’s Way. Follow Motto on Facebook. We are taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. 50 ways to take care of yourself in the arts. Image: As a sector, the arts is on the verge of burnout if not already teetering far beyond its edge.

50 ways to take care of yourself in the arts

Lack of support, the precarious nature of freelance and contract work, the emotional and physical toll of creative and community arts work, frequent requests to work for free, and the undervaluing of work in Australia is confounding. I Heart Intelligence 10 Things to keep in Mind When Loving a Highly Creative Person. It has been proven that highly creative people’s brains work quite differently than other brains.

I Heart Intelligence 10 Things to keep in Mind When Loving a Highly Creative Person

That special brain wiring that can create such wonderful art, music, and writing can often lead to strain in a relationship, because of those differences. If you’ve ever loved a highly creative person, you know that it can seem like they live in their own little word at times, and that thought isn’t far from the truth. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are in love with a highly creative person:Buy an “Intelligence is sexy” t-shirt 1. Their Minds Don’t Slow Down The highly creative mind is one that is running at full speed all the time.

The upside of insomnia: how sleep deprivation aids creativity. Last year, the musician and actor Matt Berry found he couldn't get to sleep.

The upside of insomnia: how sleep deprivation aids creativity

He had experienced insomnia before, but this time was the worst yet. It started, as usual, with anxiety about getting enough rest before an important appointment. Deadly conformity is killing our creativity. Let's mess about more. I began to notice the creativity of the manager of the Pret a Manger coffee shop, close to where I live, after he showed extraordinary kindness to a woman with Down's syndrome in her 20s.

Deadly conformity is killing our creativity. Let's mess about more

Well, maybe it wasn't that remarkable, but it was certainly natural and spontaneous and beautifully done. Having been asked by her carer, the woman cleared their tray and tipped the rubbish into the bin. Messy Desks Encourage Creative Thinking - Mindful Living. We’ve been trained to believe that a de-cluttered desk and office are the quickest routes to becoming better thinkers and more efficient workers.

Messy Desks Encourage Creative Thinking - Mindful Living

And while that may provide the ideal environment for getting work done, it may not be the best environment for coming up with new ideas, so says Kathleen Vohs of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. As Lea Winerman reports in Monitor on Psychology (Oct. 2013), Vohs and her team conducted three experiments involving a tidy workspace and messy workspace, and asked participants to complete a variety of tasks and make decisions in those rooms. When asked if they were interested in donating money to charity, those tested in the tidy workspace proved to be much more charitable (81 percent) than those in the messy workspace (47 percent). The tidy room participants also made healthier decisions (67 percent chose an apple over chocolate) compared to the messy-room participants (only 20 percent chose the apple).

The complete guide to listening to music at work - Quartz. If you’re reading this article at work, there’s a decent chance you’re wearing headphones.

The complete guide to listening to music at work - Quartz

It has never been easier to tune in to your own customized soundtrack—or more necessary to tune out your open-office coworkers, cubicle mates, and fellow coffee-shop denizens. But not all music is created equal, especially when there’s work to be done. How should you choose the best office soundtrack for a given task?

5 Psychological Traits of Creative People - Gregory Ciotti - Quora. Since creativity seems to thrive with individuals and sometimes collaboration rather than group work, what sort of traits are often found in especially creative people?

5 Psychological Traits of Creative People - Gregory Ciotti - Quora

5 False Beliefs that Are Holding You Back. Email by Benny Hsu Over the years you’ve created a set of beliefs in your mind that you hold to be true.

5 False Beliefs that Are Holding You Back

Some are indeed helpful and true, while others have completely fooled you. 36 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity For Free. Literary Review - Christopher Hart on the daily rituals of great minds. How to Have Great Ideas More Often, According to Science. Time Your Power Nap Naturally with Einstein and Dali's Key Method. How to Have Great Ideas More Often, According to Science. 33 ways to stay creative.

Living Out Loud - Kick-start your creativity. Why You Should have a Messy Desk — Busy Building Things. Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain. What is one thing these three visionaries have in common? They all had very messy workspaces. These three game-changers were never ones to follow the crowd, and always enjoyed doing things their own way. Is Music the Key to Success? The way to get over creative block is to simply. Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity! How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity. Pulling up a seat at your favorite coffee shop may be the most efficient way to write a paper or finish a work project.

But now a new Web site lets you bring the coffee shop to your cubicle. The site, called Coffitivity, was inspired by recent research showing that the whoosh of espresso machines and caffeinated chatter typical of most coffee shops creates just the right level of background noise to stimulate creativity. The Web site, which is free, plays an ambient coffee shop soundtrack that, according to researchers, helps people concentrate. In a series of experiments that looked at the effects of noise on creative thinking, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had participants brainstorm ideas for new products while they were exposed to varying levels of background noise.

Alan Watts - Creativity. Creativity Portal® Home / Explore & Express Your Creativity! / The Vital Link Between Emotions and Creativity in Photography. I love photography. Health - Hans Villarica - Study of the Day: Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity. Jonah Lehrer on How Creativity Works. By Maria Popova Inside the ‘seething cauldron of ideas,’ or what Bob Dylan has to do with the value of the synthesizer mind. In his 1878 book, Human, All Too Human: A Book for Free Spirits, Nietzsche observed:

Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity. David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence. John Cleese on Creativity. ‘Imagine - How Creativity Works,’ by Jonah Lehrer. Austin Kleon on Cultivating Creativity in the Digital Age. By Maria Popova. You Are A Mashup Of What You Let Into Your Life. 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE. About. Hey there. My name is Maria Popova and I’m a reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large. I’ve previously written for Wired UK, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, among others, and am an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.

Maria Popova.