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Coffee Packaging on Pinterest. Best. Coffee Packaging. Ever. We don’t just love coffee, we need coffee.

Best. Coffee Packaging. Ever.

That’s a whole lot bigger than love. Could we survive without it? Frankly, we just don’t know, and we’re not about to find out. While we’ve consumed cup after cup, we’ve noticed some pretty awesome packaging along the way. Here are some of our favorites to gawk at while you down your energy liquid. Black Goat Coffee Eight Thirty Iced Coffee. TEDxUIUC - Eric Benson - Sustainable Graphic Design. About Greenwashing. Everyone’s heard the expression “whitewashing” — it’s defined as “a coordinated attempt to hide unpleasant facts, especially in a political context.”

About Greenwashing

“Greenwashing” is the same premise, but in an environmental context. It’s greenwashing when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact. It’s whitewashing, but with a green brush. Michelle Wang. March 5, 2013 | 5 Comments Designed by Michelle Wang | Country: United States “This is an eco-friendly light bulb packaging for a single GE Energy Smart light bulb.

Michelle Wang

It is constructed from a single sheet of recycled chipboard using no glue and minimal ink. The idea was to find a way to use the least amount of material while still offering protection.” Puma New Shoe Box. Posted on April 20, 2010 by saya The ‘Clever Little Bag’, a collaborative work between yves behar / fuse project and Puma, was invented as a result of the idea to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

Puma New Shoe Box

The new packaging includes a cardboard sheet and a bag but has no tissue paper, therefore taking up less space and weighing much lighter than usual shoes boxes. CulDeSac-Olive-Oil-Recycled-Cardboard-Packaging-4.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 450 pixels) CulDeSac-Olive-Oil-Recycled-Cardboard-Packaging-2.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 450 pixels) Clever, Friendly Packaging. As long as we need to package our products, print design will never disappear.

Clever, Friendly Packaging

These innovative packaging ideas are fun to look at and would look good in anyone’s kitchen. (Source: Like this: Like Loading... 68 Clever Child-Targeted Products - From 8-Bit Cartoon Packaging to Nostalgic Ninja Journals. Marketing to children requires more than just providing a fun and playful item, which is why these clever child-targeted products are utilizing such aspects as color and cartoonish imagery to draw in that youthful audience.

68 Clever Child-Targeted Products - From 8-Bit Cartoon Packaging to Nostalgic Ninja Journals

Parents are often persuaded by their children to purchase specific items that catch their eye, and these cleverly designed products have all been outfitted with inventive marketing techniques that will surely capture a child's attention. Featuring such designs as adorable cartoon characters, nostalgic children's TV shows and vividly fluorescent colors, these child-targeted products will definitely serve to stand out amongst the more mundane and ordinary items.

31 Clever Packaging Ideas. Strong and clever branding is a mandatory in every product and material that will be in the public eye, and packaging is absolutely no exception.

31 Clever Packaging Ideas

When it comes to label printing or other ways of leaving your mark on your products, its packaging or shipping boxes, your brand should be not only clear and recognizable but also memorable. Here are some of the most interesting and creative packaging designs to inspire your own packages to greatness. I especially love the sustainable ones! Naked Absolut Bottle Askul Garbage Bag. Packaging: Single Serve Spaghetti. +25 Fresh Packaging Ideas: Advertising Art. A product doesn’t become a brand overnight! And in this competitive world where one has to compete with huge brands already in the competition since decades and their loyal customer base, it requires that special power for your product to lure new customers. Advertising meets art in the production phase now! Yes we are talking about the packaging of a product which can surely make an impact on sales. Well here are some fresh packaging designs wrapped with loads of creativity. Now tell me would you resist checking out this when you see them in a store next time?

Jooze Silver Spoon Cleanjet The Collective: Gourmet Probiotic Yoghurt Danes and Associate Architects Promo JAQKCellars Playing Cards Talcha Bite Me Project Sustain Ritual Ion PureProject Shoes Steven C. How to Make Glue that is Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly. Soy and vegetable inks, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Environmentally-Friendly Ink. Environmentally-Friendly Ink Dispelling the Myth Today’s print industry takes the environment seriously.

Environmentally-Friendly Ink

Most print businesses want to leave a smaller footprint. They care about their employee’s health and want to respond to their environmentally conscious customer’ wishes. Balancing your environmental commitments is a bit tricky because, even with lots of environmentally-friendly (EF) choices, there are tradeoffs to consider. Over the last couple of years, “green” inks have become a popular topic. 50+ Eco-friendly & Recyclable Packaging Inspiration.

Packaging design is one form of graphic design applications through product packaging design.

50+ Eco-friendly & Recyclable Packaging Inspiration

Some designers say that the key to a successful packaging design is a design that is able to attract attention and binding the eyes of consumers longer. If so, then that went by the designers is to create a more eye catching designs they can make. Then the alternative might be the colors are bright, dynamic form elements, or whatever it is that can shout loudly 'calling' the eyes of consumers. But sometimes some of us forget the function of the environmentally friendly in graphic design.

Packaging design will from this year see a growth in the use of biodegradable plastics and the use of sustainable ingredients Such as bamboo, According to Predictions from business information consultancy Datamonitor. Design Sustainably.