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Ghanian Kente Cloth Kids Art Project. For the Multicultural Kid Blogger’s World Cup series, I am presenting on several different countries that are participating. Today’s country is Ghana! Ghana has a rich history of incredible textiles (check out these adinkra prints!). Today we’ll look at kente cloth and create an awesome multicultural art project inspired by kente cloth. With multicultural art projects, I believe it is important for kids to make a connection between the original art and their own art: whether it’s the materials, the process, the meaning. or the purpose. In this case, we will look at the history of kente cloth, discover how they create these woven cloths in Ghana, observe the colors and symbols used, and finally recreate our own version out of painted paper weaving.

Kente (kenten means “basket”) is a hand-woven cloth originally from the Ashanti Kingdom, in Ghana, West Africa. Kente is also made by the Akans in Cote d’Ivoire. Amazing Resources on Kente Cloth PBS Kente Cloth Interactive Activity.