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Shantis food is India's top leading manufacturers and exporters of healthy breakfast cereal products. Such as Corn Flakes, Choco Flakes, Wheat Crispy, Wheat Flakes, Honey Corn Flakes, Oats, Oats Rings, Rice Crispy, etc. We are manufacturing cereal products for high quality grain. Our products are healthy and best for diet. Our Products are fat free and it's contains lots of vitamins and mineral. Contact Us for healthy, low calorie breakfast cereal products from India.

How To Select The Right Snacks For A Healthy Body And Mind? While the world is having fried meals everywhere, wheat crunch exporter brings wisest healthy snack options for all.

How To Select The Right Snacks For A Healthy Body And Mind?

People are eating unhealthy snacks because they are on the move and want something on their way- they choose food vans to get something to eat. Most of the time, these vans prepare oily, fried, and unhygienic food which may harm your health. So, it’s better to move on to healthier snack food options such as wheat crunch, oat flakes, rice crunch, muesli, etc. Choose the right healthy diet food for weight gaining. Nobody wants to get obese and it’s never there in their wishlist unless they are underweight.

Choose the right healthy diet food for weight gaining

If you are among them and desperately looking for weight gaining tips, read this article further. Weight gain or weight loss is the result of the food you intake in your regular diet. In this article, a diet food manufacturer in India will tell you how you can increase your weight fast without compromising your health. 1. Eat more calories Foods rich in calories and have balanced nutrients will help you gain weight faster. Why is puffed rice considered baby-friendly and tasty diet food?

Diet food manufacturers knows the value of premium quality diet snacks and thus, they are promoting their best quality range of puffed rice and other products to give people healthy options to munch on.

Why is puffed rice considered baby-friendly and tasty diet food?

Here, they are explaining the major health benefits of eating puffed rice in all age groups. There are lesser snack options available in the market that are great in taste and provide low amount of calories. Puffed rice is among such diet cereals that are lower in calories. For instance, a cup of puffed rice has 56 calories. So, if you are looking for weight loss, and crave for something crunchy, you can have these rice puffs instantly. Puffed rice are made from white rice and don’t provide any major health benefit. However, there are manufacturing units that add iron and other vitamins and minerals to their puffed rice to make them somewhat nutritious food. How to choose energy bars for better health by knowing the ingredients? Pick the best suitable energy bars by knowing the ingredients for better health Energy bars are tasty and nutritious snack bars built up of different nutritious components like whole-grain cereals, granola, seeds, oats, quinoa, almonds & nuts, dried fruits, and nuts.

How to choose energy bars for better health by knowing the ingredients?

If we call energy bars as “space food bars”, there is nothing wrong with it. Long back in the 1960s, energy bars were the non-frozen snacks taken to the space by astronauts since it provided both energy and nutrition. These slim bars were easy to carry and astronauts could fit them in their helmets. Today, these bars are much evolved and used as fuel for athletes. Like all other healthy food options, energy bars are made to boost energy, nourishment, and protein level along with fats, carbs, minerals and vitamins. Now don’t mix energy bars with energy drinks. In the 70’s, the makers of space energy bars decided to remove “space” from the name of these bars and bring them in the commercial market. Can your daily diet food help raise and lower your cholesterol? Americans are celebrating February as Heart Month and they focus on heart health more this month.

Can your daily diet food help raise and lower your cholesterol?

One thing that vastly affect the heart health is your cholesterol levels. Diet food exporter Shanti knows the risk of high cholesterol. They want you to know how high blood cholesterol levels can result in the development of heart disease and a person may also get a heart attack. There is no such specific symptom that tells your cholesterol level.

People with high cholesterol don’t even realize they have it. Be careful at picking the right meal choices for dog. No, Your Healthy Cereals Are Not At All Healthy For Your Dog As it is written above, you cannot give your crunchy chocolaty cereals to your pet.

Be careful at picking the right meal choices for dog

Period. The healthy cereals contain a chocolate ingredient which makes cereals sweet to taste. It doesn’t matter if you are enjoying some sweet crunchy meal with a dash of milk, your dog doesn’t need such fancy munching. No doubt, we find instant cereals nutritious and healthy, but as a responsible pet owner, you must be careful at picking the right meal choices for him. Why Granola is not a right choice for breakfast? A local granola cereal exporter sells his entire product range by labeling it as a healthy breakfast diet.

Why Granola is not a right choice for breakfast?

Health experts are not denying that granola is a healthy food option, but having it on a regular basis in your breakfast is going to affect your health in a bad way. Granola is commonly considered as best healthy breakfast food but this approach could make you more ill. You can rather have it as a dessert since it usually has enough sugar that you can eat in place of chocolate pudding. Granola is a sugary product that can cause diabetes if not consumed in the right proportion. It hardly matters if you eat packaged granola or homemade granola, the use of sugar is still there. Factors Affecting Sugar Content in Granola- • Dried fruit • Chocolate • Apple • Cranberry • Red Berries • Maple Syrup If the product has dried fruits as ingredients, it is understood that it contains natural sugar which is present in the fruit.

Now, check the fat facts! Granolas are made with oil. . – Type 2 Diabetes. Is healthy cereal really not healthy for you? High Protein Cereals for Losing Weight. It’s a wakeup call!

High Protein Cereals for Losing Weight

If you are on a diet, finding the best suitable cereals is just as hard as losing weight. Most of the protein cereal products have more ingredients than shown in the picture on the box. Why muesli super food for weight loss? Diet Food Manufacturer in India offering best quality diet muesli range for weightless!

Why muesli super food for weight loss?

Muesli is a fiber and protein-rich morning breakfast and early lunch alternative dependent on raw, rolled oats and additional differing breakfast fixings. Healthy diet habits can give you a better and healthy life. While it becomes challenging to get fresh and organic food, diet food manufacturer in India is making a vast range of diet muesli, crunchy muesli, corn flakes, oat rings, wheat flakes, strawberry muesli, and similar products to give you instant healthy food options. In this article, we will share some of the great benefits of having a bowl of muesli. Processed foods are unhealthy and affect a person’s health.