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Shanta Spine Hospital

Shanta spine hospital was started with the sole purpose of providing the highest level of patient care and satisfaction related to spinal disorders.

Prevention is better than cure – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. Thursday evening I get a call from my Emergency department that a 35y old gentleman had a fall from the nearby construction site and has sustained injuries on his head, back, hip and heel.

Prevention is better than cure – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

He is moving his legs but has not passed urine since fall. The patients vitals were normal and further investigations like X-rays, CT and MRI revealed that the patient has a L1 burst fracture in his spine indenting the spinal cord with severe myelomalacia at the conus, calcaneum fracture and pelvis fracture. The patient was lucky that inspite of this grievous injury he was able to move his legs but not able to pass urine, was conscious but unaware of his future, was alive but may be dependent partially physically and totally monetary on his family for the next few months till he is able to earn bread again.

Lots of questions comes to my mind when I see these traumatic and accidental young patients- 1. What are the safety rules at construction sites 2. Our ShelfLIFE – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. Dangal- A fight within…. – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. On 28th December at 2.45pm the entire team of Shanta Spine Hospital went for the movie Dangal.

Dangal- A fight within…. – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

This was the least I could do as a parting gift to my hard working staff in 2016. Aamir’s movie left me spellbound and rang a bell within me, we all are in a “Dangal” and fight many battles everyday. 0.Dangal with self– The real Dangal is about ones self, Aamir portrayed a wonderful character where he believed that only a boy can deliver goods. He tried every available trick defying science and destiny to produce a boy till he gets a realisation kick that Gold is Gold. Both boy or a girl are like two eyes of the same body, you can’t compromise one over the other. 0.Dangal with the society– we come across so many examples in our daily living where people love to take credit for every small thing.

The Best Reward – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. On the dawn of a beautiful chilly Sunday morning if someone tells you that, you are the reason for him to walk pain free today and that too not a normal walk, a walk which is a trail of 5.6 kms with 1.7km of hilly terrain and narrow lanes on small stones and uneven surface.

The Best Reward – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

We are talking about the famous Seminary Hills or Japanese Garden trail of Nagpur which each and every fitness enthusiast of the city is aware of. Such appraisal is what you need to begin your week. The Gentleman whom I’m talking about is Mr Arun Deshpande a pleasant soft spoken, kind hearted, hardworking person who is in his mid sixties, recently retired as a government employee working very hard on a systemic pattern for more than three and a half decades. His dreams were shattered when immediately after retirement he started having a small niggle in the back. Today when I was about to finish my run, I hear a familiar voice talking about how happy he was walking the trail. Train Ourselves to train our future- – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. Every generation keeps on blaming the future generation for their flaws.

Train Ourselves to train our future- – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

My grandfather complained about my father’s generation, my father complained about my generation and I do the same complain about my daughters generation. The real question is whom should we blame for the change or the deterioration that we feel it is. Small boys and girls are little individuals with their own personality and identity. They have a ever growing fertile brain which keeps on pushing the bony skull to expand and expand. They small the human brain grows more than 4-5 times in the first 5 years of our lives and that’s the reason The Superpower have left many openings called fontanelles to occupy the ever growing brain. My Sunday MBA – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. After returning from cycling, sipping my adrak tea in the early winter mornings of Nagpur which has a slight nip of chill in the air.

My Sunday MBA – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

It is a perfect blend of laziness and solace which we all deserve to say goodbye to the past week and welcome the future week. I love reading my Sunday Indian Express Eye. Eye always has something new, trying to cover topics of varied culture, groups, personalities, books, birds, or cuisines. This Sunday the article was on Sitaram Chole Bhature from Paharganj Delhi. VISHWAS AndhVISHWAS – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. There is a very thin line between faith and blind faith.

VISHWAS AndhVISHWAS – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

Faith is something which is in built, faith is due to repeated success which occurs by doing one thing again and again. Faith is the positive state of mind which brings results of your desire. SLAVERY IS STILL ON – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. Slavery is a term which we all feel is a big taboo to society.

SLAVERY IS STILL ON – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

Slavery led an entire continent into apartheid. Slavery brought down empires, colonies and humans to such a level where they feel ashamed of seeing themselves in the mirror again. Is slavery only restricted to colour, race, breed? Slavery is the way of life, slavery is inbuilt in us, slavery is the way we think, slavery is the way we conduct, slavery is the way we live, slavery is the way we behave. Slavery is not what we do to others, slavery is how low you feel about yourself. SENSES ABOUT MENSES… – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. The biggest enemy of Women in India is Women.

SENSES ABOUT MENSES… – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

This was true because of a few incidents that I was a party to occur in the last week. My wife and me are regulars at a posh Urban Talwalkar Gym in the winter capital of Maharashtra. A gym which propagate a high end “hygienic” sauna/ change room and who never bends it rules by giving a rupee on charity. Does Back Pain cause Acidity or Does Acidity cause Back Pain? – Dr Manoj Singrakhia. “Doctor, does back pain cause acidity?”

Does Back Pain cause Acidity or Does Acidity cause Back Pain? – Dr Manoj Singrakhia

This is a question I encounter every day in my out-patient department (OPD). Before getting into the causes of back pain, let me explain the normal physiology of our body. To have a healthy, pain-free body, the internal milieu of the body should have an alkaline pH that is more than 7.4. Our body is naturally designed with many organs or surfaces generating alkali – like the salivary glands which are 4 to 5 in number and the long tract (7m) of the intestines.

However, there is only one organ which generates acid. But, when the acid-alkali ratio is disturbed and the level of alkali falls below pH 7.4, making the body more acidic, pain arises and degeneration sets in. This brings us to the question: What causes increased acid secretion? Dr Manoj Singrakhia – A Spine Surgeon's Journal. Shanta Spine Hospital Nagpur.