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Cherry Blossom Crafts

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Craft-gami easy paper crafts: cherry blossoms. Easy Foam Crafts: Cherry Blossom Bookmark. - All About PaperCrafts and Origami. January 6th, 2010 | Posted in Vase This origami vase, Cherry Blossom Dish, is folded using a total of 5 square sheets paper and each sheet is folded into a single petal of the cherry blossom flower. After finishing folding the 5 petals, they are joined together by using a glue. The finished craft is a dish were you can store small things in each petal.

Below are the pictures with different views of the Cherry Blossom Dish origami vase. Origami Vase - Cherry Blossom Dish. Sew a fabric cherry blossom.